"Nyx, Luna" by Lukewarm_Yeti

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I like to play with formatting, so I hope this one is easy to read.
The moon bade me welcome, though the stars were resentful. I visited the kingdom of heaven, and the silver moon smiled. The glimmer and glow made dull the stars above, and the whisper and the flow made jealous the sea below. We danced peacefully, in an ocean of the clouds, the only music in our hearts, the rhythm in our souls. It asked where I'd come from, but I simply didn't know, and it asked me where I was going, I had to ask where there was to go.

_ A patient smile broke the silence.

The moon began to set, drifting away from me. Small feet and thin limbs, it knew it had to go. We could only meet so often, when its heart was strong and full; but I did wait there in the sky - the kingdom of heaven - for soon it would return, in but the blink of an eye. And though our time was short each moment, we knew how to stretch them through the night, and when we finally rejoined one another, the dance began again.

_ And bright eyes drew attention.

Its silver, shining smile so brilliant and forthcoming, we knew naught of one another, but caressed each other's hands; each moment was so precious, a reflection of our souls.

_ A careful touch led the way.

We continued to dance; above us, the sea reflected the starry sky beneath, the clouds acted as a backdrop and stage for the intricacies of our motions, a platform made for us, upon which we danced. Its hand held mine, our fingers intertwined, and its arm rested on my shoulder. I held the moon by the hip, as I brought it on a journey - a waltz through the sky between the stars and the sea, a brilliant display for the universe to see, and with the way our bodies moved I thought it was a dream - and just like that, the moon once again was torn away from me.

_ To a meeting in the heavens.

I had to let the moon go, else ruin things for everyone else, but I again waited and waited for the moon to come around, and waiting once again brought me the moon's hands. The way its silver dress flowed about its feet, and the way the stars shone highlighted its gorgeous hair.

_ Now there's nothing.

The moon in its silver glow seemed brighter than the sun, though more subdued and tentative, I knew that there was for me no other. I wanted so badly for the moon to be mine, but I knew also within me that it was not mine to have, and so I had to content myself with seeing the moon in such fleeting moments. The ephemeral layer of shadow that accompanied it made it glow all the brighter. Once again it asked me from where had I come, and once again I told it that I simply didn't know, it asked me where I was going, and I asked where there was to go, but this time it asked me where I went when it was gone, and I told it I stopped existing.

_ Except the moon and me.

It smiled at me and nodded, knowing it was the truth, for with the moon leaving me, the sun returned to the sky. Each time the sun returned, I vanished - alone each time the sun set - until the moon came full again. The silver moon asked me if it had complimented my dress, and I told it that it hadn't, but I didn't mind in the least; the moon said to me that it loved the way my dress blanketed the world as if to forget the place, and to set the stage for the dance in the heavens, so I told the moon that it was glorious and the moon offered a smile. Again we would meet, but for now the moon had to leave.
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