"Tsuna Life" by SweetDeath

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Aaa~ finally, my first series on Luna! And my first fanfic revolving around Tsuna!

I'm trying a new POV, where I focus more on characters other than the reader than I do on the reader... I've read some really cute stuff where the main character falls in love with the reader and describes the journey of that! Usually I'm reader-centric, but I'm going to try my hand at this! Wish me luck!

All the chapters will be inspired by the song Tsuna Life sung by Tsuna's VA! That's my favorite song sung by Tsuna, I think, but I really love Katekyo Ondo too!

As usual for me, I'm using gender neutral pronouns for the reader~ I'll make this story as inclusive as I possibly can!

~Comments and reviews keep me motivated~ Please leave your thoughts~
Hey, wait for me!
Though I’m not good at running, though I’m not good in my studies
The most important thing is to not rush and enjoy life

Tsuna’s chest heaved and his legs burned with the effort of running in the hot sun.
“Sawada-kun! One more lap then you can go home.” His gym teacher yelled from the side of the bleachers. Tsuna grunted in reply, grateful that his suffering would soon be over. All the other boys already finished their laps for the day and school was over– Tsuna was only still running laps because the coach saw him trying to sneak out of class.

His teacher made a startled noise and Tsuna turned his head.
“Don’t slack off, Sawada-kun! I have a meeting to get to now– keep going!” And his feet pounded on the concrete in the direction of the main school building.

As soon as the coach was out of sight, Tsuna dropped to the ground, ignoring the burn of the track on his skin.

“Ah,” Tsuna heaved, “finally~ I can rest…” As soon as those words left Tsuna’s mouth, a black shadow cast over him and he opened a tired eye to see what was shading him from the merciless sunlight.

“Geez,” you sighed, “Tsuna, you can’t slack off like this!”

You stood above Tsuna, hands on your hips, and shaking your head in theatrical disappointment. Your exercise clothes clung to your body with sweat, face was nearly as red as Tsuna’s, and the orange water bottle in your hands sloshed noisily. The tired boy’s face only reddened when he realized how close you were and he scrambled to sit up so he wouldn’t be looking directly up your pants.

“If you give up now, it’s just going to be harder to get up and finish!”

“B-But [Name]-san! It’s too hot, and the teacher already left! Let’s just go home, okay?” he begged. Deep down, Tsuna already knew what your answer would be. Hell, just from hearing what your reputation was around school, he knew what it would be– your motto, shouted every morning from the school roof before the bell rung, was–

“Go big or go home, Tsuna!”

Tsuna collapsed backwards and wailed, “I do want to go home!”

You only laughed and brought your water bottle up to your lips to take a sip. Pretty chocolate eyes couldn’t help but to follow your movement– Tsuna was so thirsty! He was almost sure that every drop of sweat that fell off him sizzled on the track. Tsuna felt the atmosphere around him change and he looked up just in time to see you looking down at him, eyes wickedly gleaming, and the unscrewed top of your bottle spilling ice-cold water over his head.


“Haha, that’s the spirit, Tsuna!”

“Don’t talk to me like you know me!” Tsuna shouted, running from you as you cheered him on to finish his last lap around the track. He wouldn’t admit it to you, but he was glad that you were there to cheer him on… even if cheering him on included him getting drowned in freezing water… It was nice to have someone on his side for once.

“Good job, Tsuna!” You clapped him on the back when he finished his lap, nearly knocking the poor kid over.

“I told you,” Tsuna hissed out between gasps, “don’t speak to me so familiarly!”

Deep in thought, you hummed and cocked your hand on your hip. Tsuna was worried. Then, your eyes snapped open and a wild grin grew on your face. ‘Oh, boy…’ Tsuna thought.

“Can I call you Tsu-chan?”

“Hell no!”

Tsuna bristled. What in the world were you thinking? If he didn’t want you calling him Tsuna, why would he like a pet name any better?!

“Fine,” you pouted. “How about...Tsu-kun?”

“No! Sawada-san is fine!”


“No! Definitely not!” Tsuna couldn’t believe what was happening! Who did you think you were? Basil?

No,’ Tsuna shook his head. ‘This person wouldn’t know Basil… They’re just a weirdo…

“How about Tsuna-kun?” You asked, tilting your head to the side like a puppy. Tsuna had to admit, you caught him off guard… A small voice in his head chimed its two cents, saying how cute you looked in that moment, and Tsuna shook his head violently to get rid of that thought.

You took his silence as an ‘Okay’ from Tsuna and you took his arm and lugged him up to standing. You brushed the dust off of the both of you. Tsuna was still in awe of you– sure, he was light, but not only had you nearly bowled him over just from a pat on the back, you had picked him up like it was nothing! What a strange person you were…

“U-Um, [Name]-san, we don’t know each other… I think we should stick to addressing each other formally…” Tsuna murmured, as non-confrontational as ever. His eyes avoided yours and stuck to the spongy, red pavement. When you didn’t answer, nervous sweat started to bead at his temples. It was hot enough, he didn’t need to deal with this pressure from you!

Tsuna shyly met your eyes and knew at once he had made a grievous mistake. Your mouth split in a wide grin. He could even see the beginnings of your gums from how wide you were smiling. Geez. His stomach sank.

“Ah, Tsuna-kun!” He winced at you addressing him by his first name, even though he already told you not to. “If you were worried about me using your name so informally, there’s no need to worry! I plan on spending lots of time with you!”

Tsuna tripped over his own feet at your explanation. ‘They completely misunderstood what I meant!’ He was already exhausted from talking to you. You grabbed him by the shoulder to stop him from falling and picked him up, once again.

“Be careful! You don’t want to skin your knees on the track– it really hurts!” When Tsuna’s feet touched the ground again, his attention was drawn to your hand pointing towards your knees.

Your skin was mangled and pink, dirt and rocks stuck in the skin, and blood trickled down the length of your shin. Tsuna nearly fainted. How did that not hurt?!

“Oh!” You said. “Look, Tsuna-kun, you’re so much taller than you were last year! Haha, you’ll be popular with the ladies if you keep growing like this! You’re taller than me now, wow! You’ll just get more handsome as you age, huh?”

Tsuna was already pulling you to the nurse’s office, your feet kicking up clouds of dust behind you.

“What are you saying?! Do you have heat-stroke too?! Your knee looks terrible, [Name]-san! Hurry, let’s put a bandage on it.”

“I’m fine! Don’t worry so much, Tsuna-kun. Let me treat you to a snack for running so well today! I know a great coffee shop nearby! Come with me?”

Tsuna’s wild hair shook as he whipped his head in fervent denial. What type of monster were you? Did your knee not hurt anymore? But it was still bleeding... You must’ve hit your head when you fell down too.

“Don’t be ridiculous! Your health is the most important thing!”

“Aah, I think having fun is the most important thing in life!”

Tsuna stayed silent at that. He couldn’t argue that having fun wasn’t important… But you were hurt and most likely delirious, and your health was more important at the moment!

You laughed as Tsuna tried to pull you in the direction of the nurse’s office and a cool breeze buffeted your hair. You looked up at the clear blue sky and sighed happily.

“Aah, what a nice day!”

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