"Annoying" by pr0zi

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This was such a whim story I don't know what to say! I've been catching up to Daiya season 2 and every time I see Ryosuke my heart dies. I'm still in the process of writing it, I don't know where it's going to go exactly but I'll let you know if there's any spoilers. The title was something I thought of like just as I went to submit this. It's easy.

Also, this Reader will have some defined traits, such as a background, a defined gender, and specifically the type of hair she has. I may characterize her further as the story progresses.

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading this story!

Disclaimer- None of the characters in this story are my own, excluding the character of the reader. I do not own Ace of the Diamond.
It was the start of the second week of school. Ryosuke was walking to class with Isashiki, who still hadn’t shaved his beard, and Masuko, who was finishing a third helping of breakfast with the excuse that he had a smaller dinner the night before. Ryosuke held his school bag on his shoulder while his hands were in his pockets.

Isashiki gave Ryosuke’s swagger a hard look. “It’s only been a week and you’re already acting so confident?” He nudged Masuko beside him and looked at Ryosuke again. “Look at this, Masuko.” Masuko grunted, but said nothing.

Ryosuke’s pink head turned to look at Isashiki with a sly smile. “Why can’t I walk like this? We’re third years now, after all.”

An obnoxious and deeply annoyed “Hmph!” escaped Jun’s mouth, and he crossed his arms to add to affect. “Well, nothing has changed,” he pointed to all three of them, “we’re still playing baseball.”

“This year is different,” Ryosuke interjected. “We’re going to nationals this year.” None of the three could deny that, so they smiled to themselves instead, thinking of the year to come, and walked into class.

Isashiki and Masuko found their seats and went about their own business. Masuko put away the empty container of what was once breakfast while Isashiki read a manga under the guise of a textbook.

On the other hand, Ryosuke frowned when he saw his seat. There was nothing actually wrong with the seat itself, however, it was the desk in front of Ryosuke that caused him to pause in his steps. As far as he could remember, since he’d been sitting there, the seat in front of him was always empty. Without being too conspicuous, he walked over, slowly enough to catch the face of whoever was sitting there.

What he was disappointed about was that he couldn’t prop his feet up on the chair in front of him any longer, but at the same time he was quite curious as to who this mystery person was, and why she hadn’t been going to school. He noted that she had light hair, possibly a little lighter than Isashiki’s. She had her head down on the desk, but she wasn’t asleep.

He took a few seconds to think before he grabbed a book from his desk and tapped her with it once. She turned around immediately, but she didn’t appear to be agitated at all with him, although he was expecting her to.

“Hi, was there something you needed?” Her eyes bore into his face, but Ryosuke did a fair job at not getting too distracted as he introduced himself and asked for her name, which she gave without another thought. Before he could finish speaking with her however, the bell rang, and with that the teacher began class. He would have to find another opportunity to learn more. At least he knew her name.

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