"The Butterfly Effect" by UneAmieImaginaire

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So I've been playing a bit of Until Dawn (fantastic game by the way), and I was really inspired by their emphasis on the butterfly effect, where one decision can greatly affect an outcome. So, this was born! I've always had interest in writing a CYOA, but never the inspiration until now.

This will most likely focus mostly on the more cliche aspects of every horror movie out there, but I may try to make things actually a bit scary while still keeping with my general (attempts at) humor.

So! My beginning goal is to put out at least a few chapters a day, since the chapters will most likely be fairly short and I plan for the story to branch out so much. Hopefully you guys enjoy, and obviously feel free to give lots of feedback!

”Wow, this place is HUGE!!!”

Luffy’s enthusiastic shouts echoed across the mountaintops that surrounded you. While you too were in awe of this grandiose (and frankly ostentatious) castle that loomed before you, you remained skeptical. The strange woman that supposedly owned the place was very quick to offer sanctuary upon hearing that you were passing through. Luffy, as was his nature, had taken the key from her excitedly without so much as asking her name. She immediately vanished, as if from thin air, leaving an unfazed Luffy and a reasonably dubious everyone else.

You pulled your coat tighter around you as ice kissed your bones. The wind up here was cold and unforgiving, like that old sushi in the fridge that you had forgotten about a few weeks ago.

”To be clear,” you said aloud, to no one in particular, “we are unquestioningly climbing a mountain in damn-near subzero temperatures so we can spend a night in some weird lady’s creepy mansion.”

”Seems that way.” Zoro stated, quite matter-of-factly. Usopp was the only one who seemed to share your reservations. However, his violent shaking (both from fear and the cold) rendered him unable to voice his concerns. Nami had shared your opinion as well, until she saw the size of the estate and figured there was a good amount to steal in there. Everyone else, despite an initial disinclination, followed habit of blindly following their dear captain to their possible dooms.

Sanji materialized before you. “My sweet seraphim, you need not fear, as your unworthy prince will not allow harm to befall your flawless personage~”

Too cold and done to respond in any way to Sanji’s advances, you continued your endless trudge up the mountain begrudgingly. “This place better have a nice, warm bathtub.”

This only delighted Sanji further.

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