"Armistice" by Penguiduck

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One disclaimer I have to make is that I don't read the manga. I started watching Attack on Titan a few weeks ago, and I am so in love with it -- I feel like I'm slowly suffering just waiting for the second season. I tend to prefer to sticking to the anime because anime and manga don't always line up with one another, and I don't want to confuse myself, especially while the anime isn't finished yet. Besides, if I give in and read the manga, all this waiting for season two will be for naught! Thus, everything I write will be based purely off of information attained from the first season of the anime.

I'm also reluctant to do research because I tried on several occasions, and there are so many spoilers from the manga. ;_____; So I'm very sorry, but I might fabricate some stuff as I see fit to keep the story going, though I'll try to refrain from doing that as much as I can. I figure that a lot of readers are probably in the same boat as me, though, so I don't think it should hurt too much.

I'm going to try to keep this between five to ten chapters, depending on how my muse is. lol. Muse.

ANYWAY. Let's get started before I change my mind.
The Scout Regiment had come a long way from its first missions. Because of the Scout Corp's devotion to defending the front lines and meeting Titans in battle fearlessly, it suffers a disproportionately high number of casualties, compared with that of the Garrison and Military Police. However, because so few soldiers choose enter such a dangerous domain, only those most dedicated to saving humanity elect to join the Scout Regiment's noble cause. Over the years, through an unfortunate number of trials involving countless deaths, Commander Erwin Smith had developed the long-range scouting formation, which had consistently reduced casualties by up to thirty percent.

Even so, when Commander Erwin first took his post, he was still experimenting, and it was during this time that you served as an unintentional guinea pig.

Of course, you were among the best and brightest. Against your family's wishes, you had chosen to be a part of humanity's last line of defense. At first, your father had refrained from saying anything -- it was your mother who had cried tears of desperation when she learned that you had signed up as a trainee. He must have thought that you had your head on straight, that you would excel in your squad and then show favor toward the prestigious Military Police as your line of work, where you would not only be able to climb the ranks into a powerful position, but also maintain a safe distance away from the feral lands upon which the Titans ravaged.

However, you had another idea in mind. Upon graduation, you selected the Scout Regiment, much to your father's horror, and without bidding your family so much as a farewell, you joined the ranks with the other soldiers who were as stupid as you to choose the Scout Regiment.

You were introduced to your horse almost immediately. He was a calm gelding by the name of Anteros, a black beast with a coat that shined in the sun. Like all of the other horses utilized by the Scouts, he was finely bred, fast and strong, with a temperament that even a court lady could tame.

You were good enough with the 3DMG, and you had grown up riding horses, so you were quite confident that, if anything, you'd be able to maneuver on the battlefield.

Anteros was quite the character, and you had already taken a liking to him. As you groomed him from head to toe, taking note of every joint, bone, and hair, you began to learn about your new companion. You would have to trust all of the Scouts outside of the walls, but Anteros would be the one who bore you from one destination to another. You would have to trust him most of all.

You were so busy with Anteros that you did not notice someone else approach you in the stables.

"So you're the 'delicate hummingbird' that has a certain nobleman flailing about."

You continued what you were doing, not bothering to turn around; you were already annoyed. "I am neither delicate, nor a hummingbird, so I'm going to assume you have the wrong person."

"His words, not mine."

"Look, I'm sorry he bothered you about me, but I really don't care what he thinks--" You had turned around, and the man you saw standing there made your jaw drop. "O-oh, Captain Levi!"

"Glad to finally have your attention, _____," he said, his expression stoic. He stepped toward you, and despite the fact that he was hardly taller than you, his mere presence made you nervous. "The Scout Regiment is a dangerous occupation, and we have the highest body count out of any branch in the Military. Hundreds die each year, and each step toward our victories are only made possible by the lives of fellow comrades. This isn't a place for daddy's little princess to prove that she's better than what her mother raised her to be -- this is war, _____, and you are here to be a soldier. Nothing else. If you have some other motive or incentive to be here, then I suggest you go home."

What did he think you were doing here? You were among the best in your graduating squad -- you could have chosen to be a member of the elite Military Police, if you wanted to! You weren't here to prove a point; you were here to make a difference. His assumptions were insulting, and while you knew that he was a commanding officer, you could not hold your tongue.

You took a sharp breath, deciding to go the more civil route. "With all due respect, Captain Levi, I am a soldier." Your voice did not falter. "I may not have the same background as many of your fellow scouts, but rest assured that I am here to eradicate the Titans and to put an end to the people's suffering. Unfortunately, I don't have any control over what my father chooses to do or say, but I'm not here to prove a stupid point; I'm here to win the war against the Titans. I expect you to treat me as you would any new recruit and not judge my capabilities and intentions off of what someone else told you about me. If you're going to judge me, then please do so out on the battlefield."

Levi gaze was steely, though your words did not seem to faze him. You didn't think that they would, but at least he was quiet and not refuting your small speech right as it came out of your mouth.

"I'll be watching your every move, _____. Incompetence is not something I tolerate."

"You won't have to," you said as you watched him leave. You kind of hated him and his presumptuous attitude toward you. Who had the right to make assumptions about you before knowing you personally? Your family might have had a name for itself, but you had nothing to do with that -- you were here to observe your own beliefs and fight for what you thought was most important. Still, as much as you could despise Captain Levi, you wanted nothing more than to prove him wrong.

And you would. You would make sure of it.

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