"Appellation" by Tsula

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All ten chapters were written and published in a little under five hours... with a mega ton of distractions during that time. So these might not be my best work, but I really wanted to get this challenge done. D:

Voorpret: pre-fun, the sense of enjoyment felt before a party or event takes place.
It was a silly thing to be so giddy at just the idea of a feast, at lest for anyone other than Luffy. Yet the anticipation of the event made you feel like bouncing off the walls. Regardless of the fact that you were not in any shape for running, let alone bouncing after the injuries you’d suffered during the battle. True, Chopper’s healing prowess had greatly shorted your required recovery time, but you still weren’t entirely up to par.

If not for him you’d be in bed for months most likely. As it were, you simply just needed to take it easy and not strain yourself. A feat that was easier said than done when you were feeling stir crazy and all excited over the pending celebration. Everyone was just so thrilled with you and your crew for saving their home and they were intent on showing it in spades.

Sadly, you could not show just how excited you were about all of this, because Chopper had demanded you stay in bed until the feast. He wanted you fully rested before any sort of excitement, because he was a giant worrywart apparently. However, telling him as much didn’t change his mind in the least.

Which was why you were laying in bed staring at the ceiling not sleeping. It wasn’t that you hadn’t tried, but you were still so pumped up with adrenaline from the fight and also anxious for kicking back and enjoying several free meals. There really hadn’t been a lot of relaxation time at all since your group landed on the island and now there was a perfect excuse for it lingering a few hours away.

You tried to pass the time by thinking about how the others might be going about their day. Zoro would probably be sleeping, Sanji would be fawning over the ladies since he wasn’t having to cook, Usopp would probably be getting into trouble with Luffy and Chopper…

The creaking of your bedroom door drew you out of your thoughts as someone popped their head into the room.

“Luffy?” You were more than a little surprised that Luffy was still on the ship, let alone coming for a visit when there was still so much exploring to be done. After all, it had been a given that he wouldn’t listen when Chopper told him to rest.

He flashed you a big smile before holding a finger to his lips and creeping into your room in a very suspect manner. The type of ‘creeping’ that was majorly overdone. He crouched down by your bed pointing to you and then to his back as he turned.

You smiled as you realized just what he was up to.

He helped you up onto his back, leaning forward enough for you to be comfortable and looping his arms under your legs for support. Then he began the stealthy, overly dramatic escape routine. Creeping passed doorways, darting through the halls, and crawling across the floor with you riding on his back. He didn’t even seem to notice that Robin had spotted the two of you just then either. You’d waved back to her and everything–probably looking as mortified as you felt-as he slid across the floor on his belly like a snake. In fact you could have sworn his tongue had even darted out a couple of times.

Somehow the two of you made it onto the deck without being stopped, though Sanji had certainly looked like he wanted to try. Luffy had already darted away before the cook could get a word in edgewise.

As Luffy sailed off the ship with a massive leap both Sanji and Chopper burst up from below with as a pair of angry voices that Luffy just laughed off.



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