"Adventures in Babysitting" by Meloxique

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Not gonna lie, I found Oikawa kind of creepy at first but his interactions with Iwaizumi give me life. I'm kind of obsessed with him now.

I like to think he’s got an adult sister or something but I have a feeling that if we ever get introduced to Takeru’s parent, it’s gonna be an older brother. Either way, Oikawa being a younger sibling is adorable!

This was just a oneshot but I broke it up because I write better when I trick myself into thinking I’m writing drabbles, haha.

Major fluff (well, in my opinion...) ahead! I highly suggest listening to "Some" by Soyu and Junggigo because it's so adorable and it's the type of tone I want this story to have. If you can be bothered, go read the English lyrics because it's cute. =3=
Your ringtone cut through the haze of dreamless sleep you had been enjoying and your eyes snapped open at its shrill cry. Grumpy, you rolled over to the edge of your bed and snatched the device off your side table. Your eyes stang with fatigue as you peered at the lit up screen. It was an unknown number and, being the type of person who didn’t enjoy phone calls even from friends, you had half a mind to ignore it, but something told you it was important so with a sigh you slid a thumb across the screen and lifted the phone to your ear. “What,” you muttered, voice croaky.

“Oh, did I wake you, [Name]-chan?” Toru’s chirpy tone had you clenching the phone tighter than necessary.

“How did you get my number?”

“Iwa-chan gave it to me!”

You scoffed. “Like hell he would.”

“Whatever happens, [Name], I’ll make sure to protect you from him,” Hajime said with a resolved nod.

That had probably been around the time Toru started to get insanely popular with the girls; mid-to-late junior high. Alas, he had always had an abnormal power over the opposite sex that most people called ‘charm,’ even since elementary school. You liked to call it ‘black magic.’

“Fine, I got it from Aiko-chan.”

You sighed, sitting up. You should have known. The brunette would do anything for her beloved Oikawa-san. One way or another, he always ended up finding out your number. You changed it often because you grew sick of phones often and you never bothered to tell anyone except Hajime so those who wanted to contact you did it mostly through him unless they asked you and you deemed them worthy of the knowledge. “Well, whatever you want, I’m busy,” you grunted.

“Eh? But I’ve been cornered into looking after Takeru the whole day since I don’t have club activities. You can’t leave me alone.” You could hear his pout through the phone.

“Takeru?” You brightened and flung the blankets off. “Okay, I’ll be at your house soon!”

Cue the waterworks. “[Name]-chan, I know you’re only agreeing because of Takeru but that doesn’t mean you have to be so obvious about it.”


He sighed when he realised you had already hung up.

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