"Keeper of the Gate" by Chevalier

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Just a little experiment I'm undertaking, mostly cuz the idea won't leave me alone. And RCP will be finished soon so I need another distraction. Not really sure what it is with me and gates/portals leading to other places lol...

I'm planning to have each chapter only be around drabble or ficlet length. I feel like I write so much more when the chapters are shorter haha.

Hope you enjoy it. Reviews are alwaysss welcome!
Rough stone scraped against your palms and nails as you tried to heave yourself over the brick wall that separated Hadleton manor from the rest of the world. It was called a manor but a more appropriate term for it would perhaps be “small castle.” It rose up out of the middle of Hadleton Woods, named for the ancient family the area belonged to. The forest was now a national park, but the manor had not been lived in for nigh on ten years, and had become one of the most exciting places for kids to try to sneak into.

Which was exactly what you were trying to do right now.

Perhaps you were a little bit old for this. Really, just the fact that it would be considered trespassing, not to mention breaking and entering if you could manage to get inside the house, should have been enough to dissuade you from trying. But it was a challenge in the eyes of all urbexers, that is, urban explorers, and you wanted to be one of the lucky ones to get inside.

Never mind that if you were caught, you’d probably have your visa taken away and be kicked out of this country, bags of souvenirs and pictures and all.

It was a challenge, however, and you weren’t about to leave the place without seeing the inside.

Plus, it was said to be haunted.

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