"Always" by SilverStrings

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You sat on a tree stump, covered in cuts and bruises. A confident smirk was plastered on your face despite the discomfort that your black eye was causing. You winced as Switzerland roughly grabbed your arm and began bandaging it.

A light blush settled on his face as he berated you. "What is wrong with you? You were supposed to hold the front until I came back, not go off and attack!"

You blushed lightly and rolled your eyes as you retorted, "Well, you were taking too long. Besides, I had him on the ropes. I even gained some territory out of it."

He narrowed his eyes. "It doesn't matter that you pushed him back! Look at yourself, Arcadia, you were really hurt in the war. This happens every time you fight Prussia!"

You pouted and looked away as you grumbled, "Yeah? Well, it's not like that matters anyway. I still beat him."

"Not without a cost!" he scolded as he let go of your arm. "You're too reckless. If you keep this up you'll die one day!"

You crossed your arms and scoffed at his suggestion. "Oh, please. We're countries, Switzy–we can't just die like humans do."

"Oh, we can't, can we?" Anger and sarcasm laced his voice. "So Rome never existed, then, and neither did any of Prussia's brothers, or Germania, or the Byzantine Empire. The list goes on and on, Arcadia! You have to be more careful."

He had a point, but you just looked down at your feet in a huff and grumbled, "Whatever. I'm not them."

You heard Switzerland snort. After a few moments of silence, you heard his footsteps as he walked away–likely toward the nearest Swiss Army camp.

"I'm not Rome," you mumbled to yourself. "I'll be even better than him. I'll show him. I'll show everyone just how strong I am."

After several minutes, you heard footsteps approaching. When they stopped, you looked up to see Switzerland standing in front of you. He was looking to the side, his cheeks a rosy red as he outstretched his arm, package in hand.


You scrutinized him with a befuddled look on your face as you grabbed the package. Upon unwrapping the gift, you found a small portrait by your favorite artist. Your eyes widened as you gawked at the piece.

"Happy birthday." His voice turned to a mumble as he added your human name.

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