"Give Your Heart A Break" by SacredTear

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Well here it is, my lovelies! For those of you who had missed it, I originally had a quick teaser about this story just to see if I could do it. And after some wonderful and heartfelt messages, I decided to go through with it! :) Thank you soooo so much to Calypti, Honey and Milk, Minaea, ihatesasuke889, Nyuu, dragonfly, HoshiNeko, and KageMaster for the wonderful and sweet reviews from the teaser that gave me the confidence to continue this story! Or at least work on it, not really continue. Well you get what I mean ^^; SO MANY OF YOUUUU~! Thank you again for your kind words of encouragement. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

And for those of you who DIDN'T see/read the teaser, welcome to the (apparently) first ever reader insert Rune Factory fic! Or mini-fic. Again, I don't really know the difference and what counts as 'mini' because my mini-fics sometimes end up being longer than my current real fics (despite those are still on-going). So these just end sooner I guess lol I DON'T KNOW. But anyway, yay for Rune Factory 4! This is the first game in the installment that you can play as a female (despite other Harvest Moons being able to do so). So this was the first real RF I've played and I am LOVING IT! It is such a fun game and I love to finally play as a female and woo the men *heart* So if any of you like the Harvest Moon franchise or have played previous Rune Factories....GET THIS ONE~!!! SOOOO GOOD!

Let's see, what else to spaz about. I dunno. Anyway this story will have some spoilers around chapters 2-4 or 5 I think... I really hate to include spoilers in my stories because what if you like the character but haven't made it to that point? THEN YOU CAN'T READ IT! DX Unfortunately the spoilers are part of Doug's background and I can't really...avoid them without my story not making sense :( On the plus side, though, if you like Doug enough hopefully you've made it to the point past the spoilers and everything is fine~ (though highly doubtful DX). But anyway...just be aware of the spoilers. I'll try to label them accordingly if you wish to skip, but the rest of the story will refer back to at least one of them (there are two, and one is somewhat "major" and more ruining than the other... The 'other' is the one that will be referred to. If that makes sense.).

I realize I blab a lot in these notes. SORRY! Almost done~ Anyway, while this is 2nd POV, 'you' are Frey...who is the main character in the game. I've read a few 'rants' about 2nd POV stories and some people like the name blanks, others don't...and those that do are like, IF YOU GIVE ME A NAME THEN IT'S NOT ME! Well I'm sorry. Personally if I see ____ I just don't say anything when I read. And if I see (Name, Last Name) I just read that. I really don't go through the trouble of inputting my name when I read it. I know this differs for everyone, but that's how I am personally. As such, I usually give my characters names and descriptions to make it easier. I'm sorry if this offends anyone...but it's a personal preference. Hopefully that doesn't deter you from my stories D:

For those of you who haven't played this game and are reading for the sake of it being a Rune Factory story (or am just a fan of mine for some reason XD) then Doug is this fine man right here! And this is Frey/you. (And here's in-game XD) So just so you all know~! GAWD DOUG WHY ARE YOU SO ATTRACTIVE?!

OKAY, ANYWAY! I think that's it. So yes, be aware of spoilers, and your name is "Frey" like from the game.

Oh! Also important lol I heard "Give Your Heart a Break" by Demi Lovato and I love that song XD I for some reason thought of Doug and was like, HEY IT SORTA FITS. I mean not especially I made it fit lol So that's where the title and general premise of this story came from. So feel free to go check out the song if you wish!

This story is still in in I've only written up to part of Chapter 3, but it's already like 60 pages lol DX So don't expect many updates right away. I just wanted to post this so those of you who were looking for it can go ahead and keep an eye on the real story (since I won't be updating the teaser). Also it is the holidays! So this is my gift to you all x3 So hope you all had safe and wonderful holidays and have a very happy new year!!!

Annnnd I also have been depressed lately and was recently flamed pretty hard so I'm all hating on myself ;~; SO I'M HOPING BY WORKING ON THIS I CAN FEEL SOME LOVE AGAIN *cries* But anyway, I hope you all enjoy! ^^ Please let me know how you guys feel about this! :D


I do not own the rights to Rune Factory 4 (or any of them, really) or any of the Harvest Moons; nor do I own "Give Your Heart a Break" or Demi Lovato (how weird would that be?). All I own is my own wording that does not take place in the game and the other plot points that I made up myself! PLEASE DON'T STEAL. Without permission. From me. XD

We're off!
You blinked once. Twice. Yet again.

Wait...where were you?

"I won't tell you again! Now give it to me!"

Your eyes widened as you whipped around from gazing over the apparent edge of a zooming airship, seeing two soldiers decked out in full body armor as they eyed your angrily. You looked around, noticing one unarmored man hiding behind some barrels looking rather frightened while another stood at the helm, also looking panicked while mildly hiding, though obviously still doing his best to steer the ship.

What the heck was going on? Why were you on an airship?

"Hey!" You jumped slightly as you focused forward, seeing one of the soldiers take a step towards you. "D-don't ignore me! Do as I say or I'll hit you again!"

"H...huh?" You curved your eyebrows up to help express your confusion.

"That thing you were holding! Give it to me!"

"I..." You looked down at your hands, seeing them vacant except for your white and elegant yet sturdy gloves you had equipped. You rose your confused gaze to the man once more. "I don't...have..." You showed your empty hands as proof that you apparently didn't have what he was looking for.

His angry look fell to one of panic. He sweat-dropped before turning around to the other soldier and saluting. "She doesn't have it anymore, Sir!"

"I can see that, you dolt! Can't you see she hid it when she turned around?!"

"Oh! Uh...o-of course, Sir!" The first turned back towards you before throwing on another -- apparently forced -- look of confidence. "You can't fool me! I know you still have it!"

You smiled as you reached up and scratched your cheek. "Uhhh, have what, now? I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about... And I'm actually going to be perfectly honest in saying I have no idea what's going on or where I even am..." You concluded with an uneasy laugh.

The man's confident look faded once more as he turned around. "She said she--"

"I heard her! Can't you see she's lying?!"

It was silent for a moment, the first soldier casting a glance at you over his shoulder and seeing your blank, clueless expression before looking back to his supposed superior.


"Uh...I...I think she has amnesia, Sir."


"Yes, Sir. She doesn't seem to know what we're talking about..."

He looked over his shoulder at you once again, causing you to smile brightly as you nodded. "Not a clue!" you added.

The superior groaned loudly as the flunky faced him. "You're such an idiot! She's faking that too! Obviously she hid it and is saying she has amnesia and is playing dumb to throw us off her trail! Gods, how dense are you?!"

The first man frowned as he sulked. "O-oh..."

"Well don't just stand there! Make her give it back!"

"But how do I do that...?"

"Give her an ultimatum!"

"Ah, right!" The soldier brightened up as he faced you once more, taking a few steps until he was in front of you once more with his focused look. You merely blinked at him, wishing in the back of your mind that you knew what was going on. Was this a dream? It had to be. This was WAYYYY too random. You? On an airship? With soldiers confronting you? Yeah. Next you'll probably start flying!

"What are you waiting for?!" You were brought from your thoughts with a jolt as the superior yelled to his flunky.

"I, uh..." The soldier frowned as he turned around again. "What is an ultimatum...?"

"Are you ser-- Gods! Do I have to do EVERYTHING?! Give her a choice! Threaten her! Say give it to us or we'll tie you up! Or throw you off the ship! Or something!"

The light bulb in the soldier's head apparently went off as he brightened. "Oh! Yeah! That's a good idea!" Yet again he whirled around with the not-so-menacing-but-was-certainly-trying-to-be expression on his face. "Like this?" Your playful confusion gave way to utter horror as he shoved you, causing your back to hit against the railing of the airship. You waved your arms in an attempt to gain your balance, but deep down you knew it was already too late as you had already passed the point of no return as far as gravity was concerned.

"No! No you idiot! You weren't supposed to actually push her yet! Hurry! Grab her!"


However, his reaction was way too late and your upper half was already tumbling over the edge as he reached out to you.

You fell completely off the airship and your stomach immediately flew into your chest as you wailed, watching as the airship got further and further away at a very quick speed. You tried not to think about how the ground would probably be getting closer just as fast. It was then that you realized...this really wasn't a dream. This was very much real.

You clenched your eyes as you continued screaming for dear life, hoping beyond hope there would be someone...or SOMETHING to fly by and catch you.

A few moments later of still falling and no such luck.

'Is this it? Am I going to die? I don't even know what the hell is going on! I wake up and suddenly I'm attacked by strange soldiers and pushed off the edge of an airship! I don't even know WHY! And now I'm going to die a horrible, painful, splat-filled death. How could life be so cruel?! How could it make me so confused and then just KILL ME?!'

You continued crying as you descended, soon enough feeling a whiplash as you landed on something mildly soft, yet bouncy. You heard an 'oof' and something falling as you briefly flew back into the air, only to fall once more -- at least a shorter distance this time -- onto something not as soft. Which appeared to be a floor.

"Ugh... What was that?" you heard a voice wonder to themselves. "Wait, what the-- Oh heavens, are you okay?!" Your body ached too much and your head was pounding something awful. You willed your body to move, or at least your eyes to open, but you weren't getting anywhere fast. "Oh no... dead?" You wanted to shake your head, or at the very least make SOME sort of confirmation. That's all you would need is to survive a massive fall but be mistaken as dead as they buried you alive. Life really WAS cruel. "Hey...say something! Are you okay?!"

You continued willing your body to move, eventually feeling successful as your eyes slowly opened. You clenched them soon after as feeling came to the rest of your body and you sluggishly moved your arms below you as they helped push you to a painful sitting position. "Ugh..." you groaned and reached up to hold your head. "Gods, I hurt everywhere... But at least nothing's broken..." You opened your eyes and looked down at yourself, feeling more mobile as you checked and made sure nothing was indeed broken. Your head became less clouded, allowing you to push yourself to a stand as you did another check on your condition.

"Oh, phew! Good thing you're alright! I don't know WHAT I would've done if you had died!" the voice from before laughed.

You finally took this time to look up to them, seeing a massive teal-ish dragon with beautiful light blue and red wings. Wow. That is one BIG dragon. You continued looking around, trying to see whom it was that was talking to you.

"'re okay right?"

You whipped back when you heard the voice, again seeing no one but the large dragon. Your eyes widened as you stared in shock. "Y-you...are you the one that spoke to me just now?"

Your eyes widened further as the dragon gave a small laugh and closed its eyes with a sweat drop. "Well I'm the only other one here so...yep! It was me!"

" talk! You're a talking dragon!" you gasped in awe as you took a step back.

The dragon opened its eyes again and rose an eyebrow. "Talking dr-- Did you hit your head?!" You paused and furrowed your eyebrows as you reached up to gently touch the back of your head. It WAS rather tender...DID you hit your head...? "How in the world are you confused?! All dragons talk! Though...heh," it gave a soft chuckle, "not as good as ME of course. Ahem, allow me to introduce myself." You blinked as it cleared its throat once more, deepening its voice as it thundered, "I am Ventuswill! The Divine Wind!" Judging by the tone, it appeared the dragon was female. Did dragons come in different genders? You HAD to be dreaming... Her tone reverted to normal as she continued. "I am one of the four Native Dragons that govern this land. Some might say I'm a god of sorts!"


"That's right! Now, who are--"

"LADY VENTUSWILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!" You jumped as a deep thundering voice came rampaging from the left, causing you to stare wide-eyed as an elder gentleman no older than perhaps 60 and wearing an elegant outfit with a butler jacket ran in before screeching to a stop. His dark grey hair was slicked back and his beard and mustache was of perfect, proper length. Actually he did look very much like a butler. Was he the butler to this god dragon? "Are you alright?!" he asked urgently as he crossed his right arm over his chest. "What was the commotion in--" His dark blue eyes fell on your form, widening soon after as he gasped. "W-who is this knave?! How did you get in here?! You'd best leave at once or--"

"Volkanon," Ventuswill cut him off, her tone back to the deeper one she held before when she introduced herself. "It is alright. I have it under control."

"Y-yes, my Lady." The man closed his eyes and bowed before he took a step back and watched you as she went on.

She eyed him for a moment before turning back to you. "Now then. Please, tell me who you are."

"Right. I'm...." You trailed off, your eyes widening for a moment. Now that you thought about didn't even know who YOU were! Is it really amnesia? Or is this all still a dream?

"Go on...?"

You lowered your wide-eyed gaze to the floor, forcing the gears in your mind to crank harder as you desperately searched for the answer. ...-ie? ...-a?...-ay? Ay! Yes, it ended with an -ay... May? Kay...Jay...Fay... Fay? Fay!

Wait, no. Fay? F... It was definitely an F... Flay...Flambé...Fortay? Fr...Fray...Fray? Frey! It was Frey! ... At least you thought so.

"Um...Frey...I think?" you replied as you looked up at the Native Dragon.

"You think? Don't give such a half-assed, meek answer! Tell me confidently!"

"I!" you began confidently, but soon you frowned as you lowered your gaze once more. "I...really wish I could. But I really don't remember anything. It took me awhile to even remember that, honestly."

" you're telling me you have amnesia?"

You slowly nodded before looking up at her again. "That...seems to be the common consensus anyway."

"Amnesia?!" You and Ventuswill turned towards the butler man -- Volkanon, if that was his name? -- as he looked at you sympathetically. "You poor girl! At such a young age, too!" He rushed towards you, catching you off guard as he grabbed you into a tight, crushing embrace that squeezed the air out of your lungs with a 'gak!' "How tragic! I...I...! WAHHHHHHHH!!!!" You sweat-dropped as the man burst into tears and held you closer. You continued trying to gasp for breath, but to no avail due to his tight grip. "Fear not, Dear Frey! This humble butler will do all he can for you, you poor, poor thing!"

His tears ceased but his grip certainly did not. You let out another gasp of air as you tried to flail your forearms, not having much luck as your biceps were part of the locked embrace. "Can't...breathe...!"

Volkanon blinked as he stepped back, finally releasing you from his death grip. "My apologies." Your eyes spun as you watched the spirals, your body spinning in a single circle before you fell to the ground from lack of oxygen. Apparently sensing or knowing you'd be okay, Volkanon -- who apparently WAS a butler -- gasped eagerly before he went on. "Lady Ventuswill! I think...this may be the princess we have been waiting for!"

"The princess? You think so?"

"Yes! It makes sense!" Your head spun as you slowly sat up, getting oxygen back into your aching lungs. "Though...I could have sworn they said a prince was coming. Perhaps they just got it wrong."

"Hmmm..." You shook your head of the blur in your eyes as you pushed yourself to a stand once more, reaching down as you dusted your skirt off, soon looking back up to the dragon. "Yes...I could see it. You certainly do seem to have an air of nobility around you."

"Wait..." You looked from her to Volkanon then back to her before pointing to yourself. "You mean me?"

Ventuswill nodded before she went on. "Please, tell us all that you remember. Do you remember the reason for your coming here at all?"

"Well I really don't even know if I was MEANT to come here to be honest..." You reached up and rubbed the back of your head as you thought back to only a few moments ago. "I just...remember suddenly being on an airship and these two weird soldiers were antagonizing me. They thought I had something they wanted but I had no idea what they were talking about. When I didn't give it to them, they...pushed me off the ship. To be fair, I think it was an accident but I guess they were probably going to push me off sooner or later anyway." You shrugged haphazardly in confusion as you rose your gaze to the dragon. "Then next thing I know...I'm here."

"Hmm...Rebels," she mused. "I expected as much."

"Well then! If they were rebels, that means they must've been after the princess!" Volkanon continued. "That proves she IS the princess!"

"Yes. I certainly can't argue with that logic."

"What?!" you squeaked as your voice cracked. "That makes NO sense! There's no logic with that at all! I'm not a princess!"

As if completely ignoring you, Ventuswill turned to Volkanon with a nod. "Volkanon. Prepare a room for the princess."

"Yes! Right away, Lady Ventuswill!" With that, the dutiful butler disappeared past you in a cloud of dust, leaving you alone once more with the dragon in the blink of an eye.

"W-wait! I don't..." You trailed off with a frown, knowing there wasn't a way to stop him.

"I beseech you, please stay here in this town. At least for awhile."

You looked at her with wide, worried eyes. "S-stay?! But I...! I mean I obviously don't know why I came here, but I certainly know I didn't have an intention to stay!"

"We don't know that for sure. In any case, it's not safe for you to be wandering around when the only thing you remember is your name. If those soldiers were targeting you as you said, then it most definitely isn't safe to leave you by yourself. Besides, if you stay you might come across someone who recognizes you. You might get your memories back before you know it!"

"You...think so?"

"Yep! At least give it some time."

You frowned and looked down. "I...suppose so."

"Wonderful! And uh...while we're on the topic of memory loss... I would appreciate it if you would forget about earlier."

You furrowed your eyebrows as you looked up to her in confusion. "Huh? Earlier?"

"Yes. About my uh...manner of speech," she replied slowly, shifting her weight slightly.

"Your..." The epiphany soon hit you with a gasp. "Oh! The way you talk!" You smiled legitimately with a small giggle. "Yeah, I noticed you started talking deeper and more arrogantly when Volkanon came in."

"A-arrogant?! I am most certainly not arrogant! Tch. How rude." Did...she really just scoff? What kind of god was this? "Well I guess if you've already seen my casual side, there's no use trying to pretend it doesn't exist."

She still spoke in her lower voice; you assumed it was because Volkanon was probably still nearby. Wait, but he was her butler...why would she hide that from HIM? You ignored it as you went on. "Um, Lady Vent--"

"Just call me Venti."

You blinked before smiling with a sweat drop. "Uhhh, Venti?"

"Yep! Too late for you to be formal with me anyway so we may as well go all out with it, right? Just act like we've been old friends, okay?"

You may not have remembered anything about how formalities are supposed to go, but it still felt strange to be so informal with someone who was supposedly a 'god'. "Uh, y-yes, Ma'a--" The dragon narrowed her eyes in a glare at you as you laughed nervously. "Uh, I mean... Yes, Venti."

"Pfft. 'Yes, Venti!'" she mocked in a higher tone, causing you to blink at her. "Stop being so stuffy and formal! It makes me feel weird. Old friends don't say 'yes ma'am'! They say, 'yeah, dude'! So get with it!"

You couldn't help but laugh -- albeit still a bit nervously -- as you did your best to adjust to her casual yet stern nature. "Uh o-okay, Venti..."

"Good. Now, I hope this goes without saying, but you must promise to not tell ANYONE about this!"

Your smile faded as you rose an eyebrow. "About...?"

"My casual nature! My being so informal! Sheesh. What have we just been talking about the past five minutes?"

"Ohhhh so you're keeping it a secret that--"


You laughed nervously once more. "Y-yes, Ma-- er, Venti. Er, yeah, dude. I promise."

"Good. See that you do!"

Just about that time, Volkanon came strolling back in, certainly at a more leisurely pace than he had left. He crossed his arm over his chest as he bowed. "Right this way, Lady Arthur."

"Uhhh...Arthur?" you repeated, raising an eyebrow.

Volkanon stood straight as he nodded. "Yes! We had received word a princess named Arthur would be coming. Or, prince, rather. But clearly they were mistaken and meant princess."

'Well Prince Arthur certainly seems more likely than 'Princess' Arthur! That's a boy's name!' you thought with a sweat drop. You frowned as you went on. " sure I'm a princess?"

Volkanon frowned, and you tensed as he got tears in his eyes. You prepared yourself for another outburst, but luckily it hadn't come yet. "You poor child! And your name was the one thing you thought you remembered, too!"

"Er, that's not...what I meant..." 'Why would they believe the princess part but not the name part? I'm pretty sure my name is definitely NOT Arthur!'

"Hmm, but you say you think your name is Frey?" Ventus--er, Venti questioned.

You turned to her with clenched fists as you stomped your foot. "Yes! If anything it definitely isn't 'Arthur'!" Now that you thought about it, Frey did seem more and more familiar. At least that was ONE thing you remembered!

" can stick with that name for now, if you don't like Arthur. Frey is a pretty hip name if I do say so myself!" You sweat-dropped and sighed, figuring there was nothing you could say to convince these two otherwise. Might as well roll with it...

"Well then, Lady Frey," Volkanon continued. "Please come this way. I'm sure you've had a hard day. Get some sleep and perhaps you'll feel better in the morning."

At the mention of sleep you couldn't help but stretch and yawn. "Ohhhkayyyyyy..." Sleep definitely sounded good right about now. And who knows? Maybe you'll remember everything in the morning and you can be on your way! Whatever it was.

"Very well then. Get some sleep Princess Frey," Venti told you with a smile and a nod.

That just sounded so so wrong... "Alright. Thank you, Venti--" You were cut off by her clearing her throat, causing you to jump slightly as she looked at you sternly. What were you supposed to do? Didn't she WANT to be called Venti? You gave a subtle shrug showing you had no idea what she was talking about, but she then flashed a quick gaze over to Volkanon then back to you.

Ah, that's right. She wanted to keep it secret that she was formal, apparently even from her butler. Apparently that also meant you shouldn't use her nickname either. That DID make it seem pretty casual.

"Um, r-right. Thank you, Lady Ventuswill." You took your short skirt into your hands and bowed, looking up and seeing a pleased smile on her face. Phew. This was going to be tough!

You turned and nodded to Volkanon, who nodded in return before he turned around and headed down the hallway. You followed faithfully afterwards, eyeing the hallway as you went. This place certainly seemed very elegant. How strange that a dragon was here though. So the suspected royalty and god dragon share a castle? How...weird. Everything was so strange and foreign to you, it was hard to tell what was considered normal anymore!

"Here you are, Lady Frey. These are your chambers. Please feel free to arrange them as you see fit," he explained as he led you into a large, yet empty room. You both came to a stop as you looked around, noting it was actually very spacious. There was a large bed in the far left corner and a night stand beside it, but aside from that, it was about it. You weren't sure what there was to arrange, but you appreciated the notion.

"Um, t-thank you."

"Get some rest! Let me know if you need anything, my lady," he offered with a bow.

"I...will... Thank you, Mr. Volkanon." He stood straight, smiling brightly at you as you legitimately returned it. He then turned on his heel and stepped out. Your smile faded with a sigh as you turned and trudged over to your bed. You eyed it for a moment, trying not to think about whose bed it REALLY belonged to as you threw the blankets back. It did look rather comfy after all... Well a night or so won't matter. Maybe the real Princess Arthur...or Prince, maybe, will come and clear things up. You hoped so.

You heaved a heavy sigh as you shook your head and climbed in, your apparently aching muscles immediately relaxing as you sank into the soft satin sheets. 'Ooh...this IS pretty nice...' You couldn't help but grin to yourself as you snuggled into the warm blankets and closed your eyes, digging your head deeper into the fluffy pillow.

'Maybe I wouldn't mind being a princess. I COULD get pretty used to this...!'


"...-ime to wake up...Princess...*yawwwwn* Good...morning..."

Your eyes slowly fluttered open as you stretched your body. You blinked a few times as your eyes came back into focus, seeing elegant dark blue tiles with intricate designs on the ceiling above you. 'Wait...where am I...?' You furrowed your brows for a moment before the memories came flooding back to you. The ones from yesterday evening at least.

Oh yeah. You were an amnesiac princess apparently.

You sighed in disappointment as you sat up, wishing you could've been able to remember SOMEthing from before. But no such luck. You were just as blank as before when you fell off the airship. Dammit!

You shook your head as you turned, swinging your legs off the edge of the bed before jerking slightly, unaware of the new presence in your room. "Oh! Sorry, I didn't see you there!" you apologized. "I..." You were about to go on, but you received no response from the girl.

She seemed about your age, perhaps a year younger. Her long, light purple hair was divided into two braids down her back, and she wore an outfit very similar to Volkanon's. She wore a black butler jacket and had a mid-thigh length skirt over dark red leggings. She too looked akin to a butler. How many butlers did one dragon need?!

But then again...she WAS pretty big. Who knew how many butlers she had just lying around, serving her every whim?

You blinked as you stood before the girl, realizing her eyes were closed. Was she...asleep...? You sweat dropped as you stood a bit closer. "Um...hello? Hello?!"

The girl jerked awake, her eyes wide in confusion. "H-huh?"

You smiled softly as you curved your eyebrows up sympathetically. "Uhhh...hello..."

"Oh! My goodness! I'm sorry, I didn't realize I fell asleep!" She clenched her eyes as she stretched her arms above her head with a long yawn. "Sorry...about...that..." When she relaxed her arms, a very tired expression formed on her face. "I'm always tired...I can never seem to get enough sleep..."

"Oh. I' hear that."

She nodded before she gasped and widened her eyes once more. "Oh! I'm so sorry!" She immediately bowed, her two braids flying over her shoulders before she whipped back straight. "I didn't introduce myself. I'm Clorica! I'm a butler training under Mr. Volkanon."

Ah, so she WAS a butler. "It's nice to meet you, Clorica," you responded with a nod and a smile.

She smiled and nodded in return before gasping once more. "Oh! Also!" She reached around before pulling a plate with a pastry on it apparently out of nowhere. "Here! Have this. It's always super important to eat every morning!"

"Oh! Uh...thank you...very much." It certainly did look scrumptious. You were fairly certain it wasn't normal to have apple pie in the morning but your stomach was growling something terrible, so you certainly didn't care at the moment. Besides, with your memories gone, who KNOWS what was kosher anymore.

She smiled brightly and handed you the plate, allowing you to take it before you reached down and took a bite of the steaming good. The flavor of cinnamon and apples danced on your tongue, and your mouth began watering intensely at the delicious taste. You moaned happily as you continued to dig in, Clorica watching you with an amused smile as you plowed through the baked good. "Was it good?"

"Mmm! Yes, delicious~!" You licked the crumbs and sauce from your fingered gloves, not caring about how unsanitary it may have been because the taste was simply too delectable. You swallowed what was in your mouth before smiling brightly. "Thank you so much, Clorica! That was amazing!"

She laughed softly and gave you a closed eye smile. "I'm glad you liked it, Princess." Your smile faded and you prepared to tell her she didn't need to address you as such before she continued. "Oh yes, Vishnal had some things he wanted to show you."

You furrowed your brows and forgot about what you were originally planning on saying. "Uhhh, Vishnal...?"

"Yes. He is a butler in training like me. He's out back by the field," she explained, gesticulating towards the door a few feet to her right. "I suggest going to talk to him for now. If you have any further questions or need anything else, please let me know!"

"Oh uh, right. I will. Thank you, Clorica." She returned the smile and nodded before giving a bow and excusing herself from the room. You looked after her for a moment before releasing a sigh. "Everything is just so weird... Ah well. Let's go see what this Vishol has to say..." You rubbed your head as you turned around and headed through the door Clorica mentioned.

You stopped a few steps outside the door, sweat dropping at what you saw. Before you was a vast open field, but it was completely covered with random boulders and stumps, with plenty of smaller rocks and sticks strewn about. What the hell was this?

"Ah, Princess!" You blinked as you turned slightly to the right, seeing a man about your age with soft light blue, silverish hair that was short on his right side, but a little longer and over his shoulder on his left. He too wore a butler outfit similar to Volkanon and Clorica, with a butler jacket pristinely pressed and professionally worn. He wore baggy and poofy dress pants that were tucked into his boots, which came up to just under his knees. He smiled sweetly as he bowed, causing you to blush slightly as you registered how good-looking he actually was. "Did you sleep well?" he asked, pulling you from your thoughts as he stood straight.

"Uh, yeah...I did. Thank you." You nodded in return before you made your way before him.

"Wonderful! It's a pleasure to formally meet you, Princess. My name is Vishnal. I'm training to be a butler under Volkanon."

Did they really need so many butlers? You smiled sincerely anyway and nodded once. "I see! It's very nice to meet you as well, Vishnal." Your smile faded slightly as you continued. "Clorica said you had something to show me...?"

"Ah, yes! Since you had lost your memories, I figured I would teach you how to farm!"


"That's right! According to Lady Ventuswill, 'Those who do not work don't eat.' So she decreed that I teach you the ways of farming!"

"Uhhh..." You laughed nervously with a sweat drop. "So...even...princesses have to farm? I kinda thought they'd be more...y'know, sitting around types. Living an elegant lifestyle. Not getting...dirty."

"Yes, I do find it a bit strange myself. But Lady Ventuswill insisted you have a body built for farming!" 'What does that even MEAN?' you thought with another sweat drop. "So! Let us begin." He turned around and gestured forward. " the field!"

You eyed the numerous rocks and sticks, now noticing there were weeds and dead plants there as well. "It uh...looks...kinda messy..."

"Yes... We recently had a typhoon and we haven't had anyone take over the field to clean it up." 'Well thanks GODS you now have a princess to do it...' you thought bitterly.

And so he went on to explain the farming basics. First you had to clear the land of the obstacles, then till the ground until it's soft with the hoe, then plant your seeds, then water, and voila! Wait and water and wait some more until the plant grows! You were a little skeptical at first, but the way he explained it was so enthusiastic you actually found yourself mildly excited! He gave you a hoe and watering can along with some Turnip seeds, allowing you to give it a shot. It was kind of tough, admittedly, as it felt a bit awkward swinging a heavy tool. But after all was said and done and you had successfully planted some Turnip actually felt super accomplished! Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all...

"The general store in town sells vegetable and fruit seeds," he continued to explain. "We also have a flower shop that sells flower seeds, if you'd be interested! Nothing spices a field up quite like an expanse of flowers!"

You smiled and nodded, noting to yourself how strange it felt to be so excited about farming. "Great! Thanks for the help, Vishnal."

"Not a problem, Princess. I'm glad to help!"

You closed your eyes as you curved your eyebrows sympathetically. "Actually...about that... Can you just call me Frey? I'm not so used to this whole 'princess' thing yet..." You opened your eyes once more, only to have your heart lurch as he frowned and looked like a sad puppy dog.

"Oh... If...if that's what you wish..."

"Is...there a reason you wanted to call me 'Princess'?" Honestly it was somewhat weird to you. While he said it in a professional way, you couldn't help but feel that 'Princess' was sort of a term of endearment for a boyfriend to give you.

"Well... My dream is to be a full-fledged butler, and hopefully be in service to a high ranking noble someday. So it's just..." He looked up to you and smiled weakly. "I suppose if I call you Princess, it just sort of makes it feel like my dream has come true..."

Your eyebrows curved up once more as you tilted your head. That was so sweet! You giggled softly to yourself as you grinned. " long as that's the reason..." you caved. "You can continue to call me that."

He brightened immediately with a gasp. "You really mean it?" You laughed once more with a nod. "Oh Princess you have no idea how happy you've made me! Thank you so much! I promise I'll be the best butler I can be! I'll train hard until I'm the very best!"

You couldn't help but smile at his incredible enthusiasm. "Glad to hear it, Vishnal..." You supposed that would just be another thing to get used to. As long as he didn't start saying it longingly, you figured you wouldn't see it as a term of endearment. Strictly professional!

"Anyway, Lady Ventuswill wanted to see you afterwards. Why don't you go see her?" He nodded his head back towards the way you came, causing you to turn your head to see. "The middle door leads to her chambers. The one on your left goes to your room while the right leads to the sleeping quarters for us butlers."

"Oh okay. Got it!" You faced him once more with a bright smile. "Thank you, Vishnal! I'll let you know if I need something."

"Please do!" He smiled in return and bowed. "Take care, Princess."

"Thank you. You too, Vishnal!" You bid him goodbye then headed back towards the castle, taking the middle door that apparently led to Venti's chambers. The door led to the rear part of the room, forcing you to walk around the massive dragon before you came to stand in front of her. "Good morning!" you greeted, giving a half bow, making sure to keep it looking 'casual'.

"Oh, good morning!" she returned cheerfully, her tone back to her apparent 'normal' instead of the deeper, arrogant tone. "Done learning how to work the farm?"

"Umm...yeah..." You laughed weakly as you scratched your cheek. "So uh...why do I have to farm again?"

"Because! You gotta do SOME sort of work. You can't just be lazing around and bumming off of everyone!" You supposed that made sense. But really? Farming? Surely there was something less...fieldy a princess could do... "What's with that face? Do you not like it?"

"Oh, no, it's not that!" you insisted as you waved your hands. "I actually...enjoyed it so far! It just seemed strange to me."

"Ha! Well I suppose quite a few things will seem strange to you. But I'm glad you enjoyed it! It seems you must have the powers of an Earthmate!"

You lowered your hands and rose an eyebrow. " Earthmate...?"

Her eyes widened in shock. "What?! You don't know what an Earthmate is?!" You smiled shyly and shook your head, leading her to sigh heavily. " must've REALLY hit your head if you don't know what an Earthmate is. First you're surprised about talking dragons, then you haven't even HEARD of Native Earthmates!"

"Would you stop listing all the crap I don't know and start explaining what it is?!"

"Oh...right." She calmed down and nodded as she continued. "An Earthmate is someone who can communicate with the earth and monsters. Because of their abilities, they make perfect farmers because they can enrich the land and bring prosperity!"

You rose an eyebrow. "So just because I planted some turnips, you think I'm some magical farmer?"

"Well...let's just say I have a feeling about you that feels...familiar. Come closer. I have an experiment."

"An experiment?" you repeated as you stepped closer anyway. "What, are you going to give me some potato seeds and see how I do?"

She narrowed her eyes at your facetiousness before it melted back to a serious expression. "Actually...I may have a way to restore your memories."

You dropped all kidding expressions as you stared at her wide-eyed. "Y-you mean it?! You think so?!"


"Then please, do it!"

She hesitated with a frown. "But I don't know if..."

"Please! You have to try!"

Venti sighed before nodding reluctantly. "Very well. Step closer." You nodded your head in determination as you stood before her, holding yourself tall as you stayed perfectly still. "Alright... Here we go!" She let out a roar as she tilted her head back, and you felt a gush of wind flow from beneath you as wisps of green energy flew up towards the ceiling. Your whole body felt warm, and your head began to tingle slightly. Within a few moments, the wind and wisps died down, leaving the area as it was before. "Well...?"

You paused for a moment, staring unfocusedly as you thought. After a minute, your expression fell as you sulked. "No...I don't think it worked. I don't feel any different."

"Damn... Then I must only be able to bring back those I was involved with..." she muttered under her breath. "I'm sorry, Frey," she spoke normally. "I thought it would work."

You smiled, even though you felt disappointed. "Don't worry about it! It was worth a try, anyway."

She smiled weakly and nodded in agreement. "That it was. Well at least we know you're a princess. That's one step forward, anyway."

You sweat dropped as you curved your eyebrows up and closed your eyes skeptically. "Uhhh, actually I don't even think THAT is right..."

"It is SO right! What do YOU know anyway?!"

You wanted to rebuttal, but unfortunately she had a point. You certainly didn't know much, that's for sure. You huffed and crossed your arms as you turned to the side. "Fine. Whatever."

Venti chuckled victoriously. "That's right! Anyway, we have ways of confirming that too, technically. You can always write to the capital and see if they recognize you."

"The capital? Is that who told you guys the prince was coming?"

"The princESS," she corrected, though you were about 99.9% positive they were probably told about a prince. You said nothing on the matter as she went on. "But yes, that was the capital. Once we receive word back, all will be cleared up! But in the meantime, how about you go explore the town? You can get a feel for your new kingdom and meet all the locals~"

"Uh, e-everyone?" you asked hesitantly, your stomach churning nervously.

"Of course! There aren't that many people in town, so it won't take long. They're all very nice! They should be helpful to you!"

You blushed in embarrassment as you lowered your gaze. "Uh, w-what exactly...should I say...?"

"What do you mean what should you say?! Just introduce yourself!"

You glared up at her as you clenched your fists at your sides and stomped your foot. "Don't you realize how awkward that is?! I have to prance up to complete strangers and say I'm the new princess! I don't even believe that! How are THEY supposed to?!"

Venti smiled a bright, closed eye smile as she shrugged. "Well they knew one was coming, I think! So it shouldn't be too hard! Just be your usual, charismatic self!"

You relaxed your form as you puffed your cheek out in a pout. "Neither of us know my 'usual self' so don't go using that as an excuse," you muttered, apparently low enough for her to not hear.

"Well anyway, I have every ounce of faith in you! Good luck out there!"

You heaved a heavy sigh, realizing there was no way you were going to get out of this. "Alright, alright..." You slowly turned around, doing your best to ignore her quiet chuckles as you made your way out into the vast town of Selphia.

Despite losing your memory, so much had happened in the past few hours. Losing your memories...becoming a princess...learning to farm...

Needless to say, this whole adventure was certainly bound to be exciting...


Okay well that is it for chapter 1! Chapter 2 will probably not be out for least until I write a bit further and have an idea on where I'm going with this story lol I wasn't originally planning on going so in-depth with the story, but I got quite a few reviews with those saying they hadn't played the game (and didn't mind spoilers) so I was like...WELL I SHALL BE DETAILED FOR THEM! So yes, please keep in mind the spoilers...and sorry if it ends up boring those of you who have played already DX I'm trying to keep it a little different so it won't be TOO boring ^^

The next few chapters will be pretty close to the story but then I'll probably just vaguely reference it so we can get to the more important parts...DOUG! So yeah...another...warning, I guess? Anyway.

Hope you all enjoyed! Please let me know what you thought~! x3

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