"Don't Hold The Wall" by UneAmieImaginaire

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Holy shit, she's back? And writing slightly unoriginal au fanfics?! Whooooa!

Since I doubt anyone will even recognize me anymore, I suppose I have to make an impression all over again? Excitement!

Well I'm probably a little rusty, considering it's been SEVERAL YEARS, and my only excuse is that I am the worst kind of person. I'm making it my personal goal to get back on the fanfic train, so be patient and good things are to come!

I don't own shit.

It was ungodly early, and this cheap-ass, watered down coffee was doing nothing to stimulate your senses. You checked your phone for what must have been the thirtieth time, yet the minutes barely seemed to pass. As always, you had overestimated how long it would take you to get ready, and class didn’t start for another 46 minutes. You took a long sip of your lukewarm, coffee flavored water, and fought desperately to keep your eyes open.


No one deserved this sort of torture. You had ripped open several sugar packets in a vain attempt to heighten the quality of the disgusting brew, and were now folding them to keep your hands busy. It had to be at least 8:30 by now.

…Nope. Dammit.




Morning classes were the worst.

He contemplated this fact as he wove through the sparse trickle of morning folk, most of which he couldn’t help but notice were male. The wheels of his skateboard squeaked relentlessly, but even that did little to break through the fog that still clouded his mind.

First of all, there were no pretty girls out this early in the morning.

Of course, this made perfect sense to him. He reasoned that pretty girls spent more time getting ready, so they knew better than to take up early classes. He cursed himself for not thinking this through a little sooner, perhaps when he was actually picking out his classes. Pretty girls were his sole motivation, and without that, there was nothing to live for, much less wake up for. If it weren’t for Nami’s somewhatnaggingyetunthinkablyhotregardless insistence, he would have skipped. Alas, the things he must do for love…

Wait, could it be?

As he glided past the campus coffee shop, he couldn’t help but notice her in the window. His jaw dropped and his body nearly went limp. Her brilliance surpassed that of even the brightest stars!~ Might he have finally found his one true love?! But his angel looked ever so forlorn! He must embrace her in his arms and profess his undying love, so that he might catch a glimpse of her doubtlessly radiant smile!

Deciding that this was indeed the crossing of two souls meant to beat as one, he abruptly hopped off his board and stepped briskly into the coffee shop.


You heard the obnoxious bell on the door chime, jarring you from your empty thoughts. Your eyes flickered up with mild curiosity at most, and your eyes immediately locked with those of one of the strangest looking men you had ever laid eyes on. And shit, he was practically charging towards you like a bull.

It was far too early for this shit.

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