"Happy Birthday" by Symphonic Fantasia

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I really hate how this came out. Amarant is so hard to write for! I don't know how people do it. I am ashamed. Must commit bad things to myself to make the Gods forgive me. *sobs* But this is a birthday present to Kelly Renee~! Hope you like it, love~.

I don't owe any of the characters mentioned in this fanfic. Just the horrible and cliche plot idea... Then again, I wouldn't say I own that either... Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Flames do nothing and won't affect me.
“You're ridiculous!”


“There you go acting silent again. Can I get an answer from you for once?!”


You ran your fingers through your hair. You honestly wanted to rip your hair out with how Amarant was. He rarely talked to you, despite being in a relationship with him. You never understood why and every time you asked him, you never received an answer. Why though? It was always the question on your tongue. Unfortunately, the question was never answered. Ever.

“I can't even be around you right now.” There was no response as you grabbed your coat and slipped it on. With each passing second, you got angrier and angrier. He wasn't trying to stop you. Maybe he refused to. In his mindset, it wouldn't surprise you if he thought that he was right and you were wrong. That thought alone made you even angrier. Grabbing the door knob to your shared apartment, you leered at the tall man. He still sat on the couch, his arms crossed. He made you so damn angry! “Don't wait up!”

And with that, you slammed the door shut.


For hours you angrily trudged through the city. The sky turned from a beautiful crimson to a dark blue. The time hadn't helped you at all with your anger. If anything, it only made it worse. He was so insensitive today and today was your birthday! How could he do this to you? Didn't he care? Why couldn't he show it if he did? It never made sense to you. Eiko warned you that this was the type of relationship you were getting in to. She was a child though, so who would listen to her? If only you did. It might help you with all this heartache.

Looking up at the clock tower, you noticed that it was getting late. Despite what awaited you at home, you knew you had to go back eventually. With a heavy sigh, you turned on your heel and headed for home. You made sure to intentionally take your time. Maybe doing so would make Amarant worry. It wasn't the nicest thing to do, but at this point, you didn't care. Amarant deserved it.

Too soon for comfort, you finally reached the apartment. You stomped up the stairs, signaling Amarant that you were home and that you were still angry. You slowly took your keys out of your pocket, hoping that he would run to the door and open. When no such thing happened, you just opened the door. You came to a dark and empty apartment.

This broke your heart. He must not care at all. With a heavy heart, you walked to the bedroom, fully prepared to pack your things and leave. Opening the door opened you to a surprise that you honestly thought you would never see before. It was cliché but for you, it was the most romantic thing you have ever seen from Amarant.

The room was covered in lit candles and the bed was covered with red rose petals. Amarant stood to the side, his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. You looked back and forth between him and the room. “You...did all this for me...?”

“And you thought I forgot.”

You rubbed at your eyes, trying your best not to cry. It was hard though. That's all you wanted to do; to cry and hug your boyfriend tightly. “Oh... Amarant, thank you... Thank you so much. ...I'm sorry for the way I've been acting today...”

He shrugged, making his way to you. He rubbed at your shoulders and you rested your head on his chest. “I understand though.” You buried your face into his chest and he rubbed your back. “Ready for your present?”

You smiled up at him. This was truly going to be the best birthday you've had.

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