"Sinbad (The King's Street Rat) " by Gaarasgurl666

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I don't know about you guys, but I've always really loved the dynamic between two people who come from two different worlds...

The life of being a street rat was everything your parents had never wanted for you.

Walking through the streets in your tattered dress, your eyes scanned along the fruit and vegetable stands in the bazaar looking for an opportunity to snatch up what you could. It was funny how once your life went to hell; your morals could change around so drastically. When your mother had quizzed you about morals, you had sworn to her you’d never steal anything, as it was wrong, but now that you had no other choice, you saw the moral dilemma that other street urchins normally went through.

Seeing a merchant who was busy speaking to a young couple, you took your chance to crouch down. Your hands worked quickly, gathering up a few pieces of succulent fruit with one quick movement. You were ready to make your get away when a tall figure blocked your path; you glanced up to meet amused golden eyes. In your panic you dropped the fruit to the ground, backing away nervously. Unfortunately, you back straight into the merchant, who was now giving you the evil eye.

“Were you stealing from fruit again you little rat?!” He roughly grabbed a hold of your arm, yanking you so that you were facing him. “This is the third time this week! Guards!” You shook your head, trying to pull yourself out of his strong grip but finding it to be a meaningless action.

“Actually, she was just gathering them for me.” The golden eyed man stepped forward, placing a hand on your shoulder and causing the merchant to release you from his grip. You looked up towards the man curiously, observing his clothes first before looking away. He was a man of much higher status than you, and you knew better than to get caught staring; he might not help you any longer if you make him upset. “I’ll pay off any debt that she owes from her last few times as well…”

As the man settled the amount he’d have to pay the merchant, you waited a few feet back, observing the scene curiously. People didn’t just do things for another without any intentions. What did he want you to do?! Sleep with him? Sleep with others for his pleasure?! What if he was one of those slave owners wanting to trap you into slavery!? You were getting ready to runaway due to you fear when he turned around to face you, a smile on his face.

“You shouldn’t steal.” He started to say as he guided you into the ground, walking beside you. That was a shock in its own, as most well off men refused to be seen with a girl who looked as though she hadn’t had a shower in months. You became self conscious of everything about yourself, things that you normally couldn’t have cared less about.

“I shouldn’t be starving on the street either, so I guess once that stops happening, I’ll stop stealing.”

He chuckles at that.

“Who are you anyway?” Your suspicious tone of voice must have amused him, because he laughed again.

“Call me Sin.” He stopped as the two of you neared the edge of town. “I agree that you shouldn’t have to starve to death on the streets…” He reached into his pocket, taking out some gold before placing it in your hand along with the fruit that you had earlier tried to steal. “This should have you taken care of for the next few nights.”

You wanted to reject his offer, to hold onto your pride and tell him you didn’t need his charity. But you did need his charity, and it wasn’t the worst blow to your pride that had happened in your life, so you supposed you could put up with it. There were other kids relying on you now, waiting for you feed them.

“Thank you, Sin.” You bowed your head, before swiftly tuning around to leave. You ran until you were out of his sight, glancing back briefly to be sure that you had completely disappeared from his view before slowing your pace. You were growing tired, and as the sun set your only wish was to sleep.

You entered the rundown house along the forest line, being greeted by various hungry mouths as they asked what you had brought them back to eat today. You handed the fruit out to them, cutting it up so that everyone could get the same amount, and so that there would be some left for the next day. After placing the food away, you took out an apple slice for yourself, leaning against the window to look out at the city.

That man was the only thing on your mind, and you were curious now. Who was he? What were his intentions? Surely he couldn’t have just been some sort of good Samaritan? You didn’t feel like questioning it anymore, the events of the day weighing heavily on your energy.

That night you had dreams of becoming a Queen.

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