"Seduction Fail" by Symphonic Fantasia

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As upsetting as it is to know that I got my prompts sent off to a spare, it's my own fault. I should have said something and asked for a little more time. I'm sorry littleart425. At least I'm allowed to post it! I hope you like it. ;w;

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Halloween was one of the few holidays in the year that you looked forward to. It wasn't because of the make up or the costumes or even the free candy you would occasionally dive into. All of that was fun but it was the last thing you looked forward to when the day came. Yuffie and Tifa would make fun of you for always waiting instead of having fun like the rest of the group but you didn't care. You just wanted to start the fun with him. That was all. You didn't like the idea of someone being left out, whether it was their own accord or not.

So, while the others had a party and played games, you stood outside waiting for Vincent to arrive.

What had started out as just an annoyance and a thorn in his side had ended in you two now being closer friends. It had taken you a long time to come this far. The road to becoming his friends was long and there were often road blocks in the way. You knew he had his reasons for being how he was so you never pushed him. Whenever you hit a road block, you waited until he took it down for you. And when you finally reached the end, it tasted sweeter than the sweetest candy you had ever eaten. Your rewards for your effort were more genuine smiles and conversations that would last longer than five minutes. Sometimes the conversations went on for hours and you lost yourself to time just by talking to him. When those rare moments came, you appreciated each and every one of them.

“What is it that you're thinking about, (Name)?”

You jumped and quickly turned around. He always did that to you. Sometimes you wondered if he got some kick out of doing it. He probably did and hid it behind his coat and an impassive face. “Nothing important. Well, other than wondering when you would show up.” Your eyes wandered up and down his form. As usual, he had planned on going as his typical self for this Halloween party Tifa was throwing. “I'm guessing being something different wasn't on your to do list?”

“I didn't have time for it,” Vincent answered, crossing his arms.

Shrugging, you quickly brushed it off. You had been trying to get him to dress as something for years and by now, you were used to him doing the opposite. At least it always looked like he had the best costume of the bunch. “Come on,” you said to him, grabbing him by his arm and leading him into the bar. There were various others that you knew, from the group and out of the group, that were already enjoying the party. Of course they would start without you.

Vincent yanked his arm from your grasp and you turned to look at him, watching as he looked you up and down. “What are you suppose to be...?”

You looked down at yourself, patting your hips and stomach. “Isn't it obvious? I'm a vampire!”

“Then where are your teeth?”

You bit your lip. You had, purposely, left them behind because they had started to hurt your mouth. Although you were missing a crucial part of your costume, you had hoped that the black hair, pale face, and red and black with gold trimming dress and flowing black cape would make it obvious on what you were. “I left them at home. Beside, we match! ...Sorta.”

He rolled his eyes at you, not saying another word. This was another thing you were fairly used to. Vincent's infamous cold shoulder. Although it was something you received less and less lately, it never failed to give you the chills whenever he did it. You just hoped he wasn't mad at you for saying that the two of you matched. With a puppy like pout, you walked closer to him, standing on your toes so that you could see his face better. “Vincent~, don't be mad at me~...”

Another roll of his eyes and he was gently pushing you back down so that you stood flat on your feet. “Enough.”

You smiled. It wasn't the answer you wanted to hear but at least you knew that it meant he was alright. Placing your hands on your hips, you turned towards the group, watching them interact. “Well, what do you want to do?” You didn't bother looking over at him. You knew exactly what he was doing. He was standing there, turned away from the group and not even bothering to look at them. Typical Vincent.

“I don't want to be here really.”

Sighing, you crossed your arms. You were expecting that too, unfortunately. “Fine, where do you want to go then...?” You trailed off when you turned around. For once, he had done something you hadn't expected. Instead of turning away from the group, he was facing you. Either he knew exactly how to stay in position when turning back or he just never moved in the first place.


You stared for a few moments longer, even as he turned around and left the building. It took you a few moments to register what was going on but you followed him without hesitation. You kept a close eye on your surroundings as Vincent lead you away from the group. You had faith that he wouldn't do anything wrong to you but that didn't mean you shouldn't know your surroundings. Many of Cloud and his crew had a...habit of being attacked at random moments. Not being a fighter, you would of course run and it wouldn't do any good if you just ran blindly. It was just another thing that Vincent taught you to be aware of.

“So, where are we going?”

“You'll see.”

You pouted but said nothing more. There was no point in questioning Vincent Valentine. He just had his ways and you had to go along with it. But you made sure you took a look at your surroundings, just in case. Finally, he stopped but you failed to notice, crashing into his back.

“You need to be careful, (Name).”

“Sorry...” You looked over his shoulder, frowning at the sight. It just seemed like a rundown building to you. There was nothing special about it at all. Why out of all the places he could bring you to, he brought you here? “Vincent?” He shook his head and took your hand, leading you into the building. You could feel nervousness settling in with your other emotions, having a nice cup of tea over a nice conversation about how stupid you were for coming here. Vincent was known to fly off the handle on occasion. What if tonight would be the night it happened?

You weren't sure if you should feel honored or terrified about it.

He led you through the house until you came to the building's living room. It was spacious and the only furniture that remained was a dusty couch. It seemed usable but that it definitely had seen some better years. Vincent moved silently, sitting down on the couch with a small creak from the springs inside it. You didn't know what else to do, so, you took a seat beside him, making sure you were a cushion away from him. Not just for your protection but for his own personal space.

“What are you doing? Sit closer.”

“Are you...sure? I don't want to invade anything.”

There was a flash of emotion in his eyes but it was gone just as quickly as it appeared. Vincent reached out and pulled you closer to him. Your heart skipped a beat as your head landed on his shoulder. “It's fine.”

Was this heaven? Or were you just dreaming? If you were dreaming, it wouldn't surprise you. Your imagination had a tendency to drift off at any given moment, making it seem like a reality. Vincent would usually reprimand you and say you should work on stopping that but you couldn't help yourself. Even more so when you were with Vincent. Your mind just loved to play tricks on you when you were around him. “Was there a special reason you brought me here?”

“No reason.”

You raised an eyebrow at this. Vincent usually had a reason for everything. It just how he was. Him not having a reason felt weird and unusual. “So you wanted to get away from the party?” You looked up at him as he nodded. “ spend some time with me...?” You couldn't bear to see his answer so you looked back down at your lap, waiting silently. When he said nothing, you felt surprisingly relieved. Should you take that as a yes? A no? Who knew with him.

Well, there was really only one way to find out.

With a “hmph”, you moved, crawling into his lap. Your legs were on either side of his hips and you could have sworn he sucked in a breath when you did so. “That's not fair. Aren't you going to answer me?” Vincent kept his usual impassive look on his face. Of course it would be hard to get him to admit that. You crossed your arms, huffing. “Come on! I wore this outfit just for you!”

The minute you said it, you instantly regretted it and you brought your hand to your mouth. You cold see his eyebrow drift up upon his brow but his mouth never moved. Whatever he was feeling from hearing you say that, he was surely going to keep it to himself. But now you felt like such a fool! There were so many things you wanted to tell Vincent and not tell him at the same time. He had just gotten you so worked up tonight that it just came out. Or maybe you had planned to tell him in the first place. You didn't even know anymore!

“I-I'm sorry. F-forget I even said anything!” You made a move to leave but a firm hand kept you in place. You looked down at Vincent's gauntlet and let your gaze travel upwards until you were staring into his red eyes. There was something there that wasn't there before. A certain fire or spark flared in his eyes and instead of him hiding it, he let you see it.

“You know I'm not a vampire right.” It was said more as a fact than a question.

Crossing your arms, you turned away from him as much as you could. Not even the darkness could hide your red cheeks. Vincent's eyes were probably too good in the dark for that to work but you would hide them somehow. “I know you aren't. That doesn't stop me from going to a party as one.”

“Mm.” His clawed tip traced your hip for a moment, catching parts of your costume briefly before getting free. What exactly was he planning? At this moment, you truly didn't know. This was a side of Vincent's that you always dreamed about seeing but never thought you actually would. “It looks good on you at least.”

“Y-you think so...?” That was the first compliment he had ever given you. What was going on with him? So many possibilities buzzed in your head that it made you dizzy. Calm down, (Name). Nothing would help if you passed out in front of him. Just try to remain calm. “Well...I'm glad you liked it.” He only nodded, still staring in your eyes. Maybe it was just you but the more he stared, the more you started to feel lightheaded. Your vision blurred slightly and you shook your head to try to clear it.

“(Name)? Are you alright?”

But before you could even answer him, you passed out.




“(Name), wake up.”

You mumbled and opened your eyes. Vincent was staring down at you, a concerned look on his face. “What happened...?”

“You passed out. Quite gracefully, I might add.”

You groaned, covering your face with your hand. Out of all the embarrassing things you had to do in front of him, you had to go ahead and do this. The day couldn't get any worse. Now, all you needed to do was try and find a way to cover all this up. Can you say “mission impossible”? You smiled up at him, removing your hand. “Well, I guess that means my plans on seducing you went sour.”

He chuckled deep in his throat. “You were trying to seduce me?”

“The key word is 'try'.”

“Well, you did your best.”

He smiled at you as he reached out to tuck your hair behind your ear. “I should have known that Vincent Valentine isn't easily seduced.”

“I wouldn't say that. You were close until you passed out,” Vincent corrected, a ghost of a smile on his face.

You gave him a pout, looking into his red eyes. “Does that mean I get a second chance?”

He seemed to think about it for a moment before flashing you a toothy smile. “Why not?”

Your heart fluttered at those words. Today may not have gone as well as you planned but it surely came close. And if he was giving you a second chance, that meant you could do it right next time. “I'll be sure to remain conscious then! Just you wait. I'll have you yet, Vincent~.”

Vincent chuckled at your enthusiasm. Biting your lip, you sat up and moved closer to him. When he didn't move away, you leaned forward, giving him a soft kiss on the lips before pulling away again. The same fire came into his eyes again and it sent a shiver down your spine. He grabbed the back of your head, pulling you back in for another kiss. It wasn't forceful and it wasn't passionate. It wasn't even lusty. It was just a...normal kiss. A kiss that two people who liked each other a lot would give to one another.

When you both pulled away, you knew your cheeks were red but you didn't bother hiding them this time. What was the point if Vincent could see them anyway? You laughed nervously, squirming a bit. “I-I guess that's...step one huh?”

He nodded with a chuckle, running his fingers through your hair. “You're getting there.”

You smiled at him before wrapping him in a hug. Your plan may not have gone just as you predicted but at least he was willing, actually willing, to give you another try. It made you feel like one of the lucky few who even bothered to try and get close to him. And you did it through the less annoying way like a certain ninja you know of.

Only the future knew what it held for you two now.

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