"I'll Be Back Soon" by Symphonic Fantasia

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Ugh... I'm not completely proud of this. I'm not. I think it's because I haven't watched YYH in a long time so my grasp on it all is really bad. I'm sorry, Moonbei. I hope you still like it regardless and had a good day/evening today. ;w;

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“So...I'm just suppose to keep watering it...?”

“Yes. That's all you have to do.”

You pouted, looking at the tall, red, gladiolus flower. Thanks to Kurama, you knew very well about this flower. Kurama's advice to just water it was one to doubt greatly. “But this flower never lasts long. It'll die before the month is out!”

Kurama smiled at you as he placed the potted plant on your windowsill. “Trust me, (Name). I promise you that this flower will indeed last a long time. Just care for it like you would any other flower.” He stopped, thinking for a moment before chuckling. “Only this flower won't die on you.”

You pouted. You didn't have much of a green thumb and he knew this. Most plants you tried to grow needed his special care after a few days. “Yeah well...whatever.” He chuckled, moving to sit next to you. “...Do you...really have to go...?” This was starting to be a hard time for you and him. During the few months of your relationship, you had found out more than you would probably want to know about him. About how he wasn't Shuichi Minamino and how he was this youko fox demon by the name of Kurama. There was a lot of things for you to take in and you admit, it was hard to take in. For a few weeks, you couldn't stand to see him. Not until you had things straightened out in your head. And once you did, you still decided to be with him. Now he as off to this...Makai World to deal with an old alley. It was confusing and you didn't catch all of the details.

“I'm sorry but I must. I promise I won't be gone for long.”

“I really wish you didn't have to...” you groaned, resting your head against his shoulder. “ safe ok...?”

“I promise I will. Just take good care of that flower, alright? It won't wilt. It'll never wither. It'll stay blooming forever so long as you keep watering it,” Kurama explained, resting his chin on your head.

“I will...”

The day after that, he was gone. And you were left alone with the other girls. Keiko seemed...neutral about Yusuke leaving. Or maybe she was just good at covering up. You weren't sure about Yukina and Kuwabara seemed agitated that they left without him and stressed out about college. You on the other hand just held on to hope. You knew that Kurama was strong but you didn't know how much stronger the demons in the Makai were. Who knows what could happen to him there. So, while your thoughts were filled with terrible ideas, you continued to water the gladiolus flower. True to his words, the flower never wilted. It didn't brown or tilted to the side. It remained healthy and stood tall. It really was your only connection to hoping that Kurama was still alive.

Months passed and you haven't heard a single word for him. No one seemed to. You were tempted numerous times to call his mother, to see if she had heard from him but you refrained. You didn't want to worry her. It would put trouble on Kurama and that was something you wanted to avoid. So you waited and watered. What more you could you do?


Your heart skipped a beat when you heard that voice say your name. You clenched the grocery bag in your hand tightly, staring at the familiar red haired male that stood before you, a smile on his face as usual. Tears formed in your eyes, threatening to fall at any moment but they were tears of joy. He was back. He was finally back. “Heh... Ha ha... Welcome home...”

Kurama smiled, walking up to pull you in a hug. “I'm home...”

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