"Man's Best Friend" by Kamisori

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I'm going to try to challenge myself and see if I can complete this story before I go back to college. :) I currently have a little bit of a crush on the silver haired copycat ninja. :P

I do not own Naruto in any form or way.

You stood at the door to the apartment. For the tenth time, you looked at the paper in your hand. Yes, this was the correct address. Your pride as a ninja deteriorated at what you were about to do. Not like you had much of a choice, though. Missions for a chunin rank ninja like yourself were harder and harder to come by as of late.

You needed the money. You clenched the paper in your hand.

Person needed to walk ninja dogs every morning.
Ninja training preferred but not required. Apply in person.

You sighed as you abruptly knocked on the door. There was no turning back now. A minute passed without anyone at the door. A frown stretched on your lips as you waited. Was this person not home? You closed your eyes and felt for chakra.

No, there was definitely people inside this apartment.

You pulled a kunai hidden in your sleeve as you knocked harder on the door. Finally you felt the person in the apartment move to the door. Your grip tightened on your kunai knife as the door nob turned and the door opened.

Kakashi Hatake appeared on the other side of the door as he calmly read his book.

“Yes? Can I help you, miss?” he said as he turned a page in his book. You felt awkward as you returned your kunai to your sleeve.

“Um...I'm here for the dog walking job? This is the right place, right?” you said. You held out the paper to confirm your words.

“Why didn't you say so!” Kakashi smiled as he snapped his book shut. He returned his book to his kunai pouch and stepped aside. “Come on in.”

You stepped into the apartment and you were immediately greeted by three hateful glares. Three women about your age sat in the living on the couch. Each appeared to be annoyed that there was competion for this job. You sweat dropped at the tense room.

“Please take a seat here,” Kakashi said. He appeared to be oblivious to the harsh vibes that came from the other females in the room. “I'll be taking each of you into the kitchen for an interview. Please wait here for a moment.” You nodded and sat in a chair farthest away from the other females in the room. Kakashi disappeared into the kitchen.

Then hell broke loose.

“Who the hell are you, bitch?” said a blond haired girl. She glared at you like you had insulted her and her grandparents. You narrowed your eyes at her rude behavior.

“I am not at liberty to tell you,” you said. The three females snorted in disgust at your answer.

“'Not at liberty,'” mocked a dark haired brunette. “Think you're better than us? Kakashi is mine and I'm not letting a skank like you take him away from me!” The black haired girl next to the brunette scoffed at the brunette's declaration.

Your Kakashi?” sneered the black haired women. “It's obvious that Kakashi is mine. This interview is only to make you three pathetic girls feel like you had a chance with my man.”


You sweat dropped at the women. These girls are off their rockers! I thought this was a dog walking job, not a dating scene. You thought to yourself.

A flash of something shiny caught your eye. You turned to see a small brown pug seated on the floor. The dog watched you and the other girls in the room. You noticed a leaf village forehead protector on the dog.

Perhaps this is one of the dogs I'll be walking if I get the job. The dog turned and looked you straight in the eyes. You smiled at the dog and gave him a small wave in greeting. The dog sneezed before it got up and walked over to you. It jumped into your lap and laid back down. You smiled and gently began to pet the dog.

The other girls were outraged.

“How dare you touch one of MY Kakashi's dogs, you bitch!” the girls shouted as they each pulled out a kunai knife. You tensed and began to reach for your own throwing knife.


“Alright, girls, I'm ready for you. Ah, I see you all met my ninja hound Pakkun. Sorry to keep you all waiting,” Kakashi cheerfully said as he popped back into the room. The girls immediately hid their weapons and swooned at the silver haired man.

“No problem at all, Kakashi-kun!” the three girls said with hearts in their eyes. You sweat dropped as you looked at the girls. You stopped petting the dog on your lap. The dog looked up at you.

“If I ever turn into a girl like that, you have my permission to bite me,” you said with a small grin. The dog appeared to nod as he rested his head on his paws. Kakashi looked at you curiously before he smiled to the other three girls. The three ladies looked like they were about to die from happiness.

“I'll take you three girls first,” Kakashi said as he lead them into the kitchen. The girls fought with each other behind Kakashi's back before they all disappeared into the kitchen. You started to rub the pug's head again.

“Never thought I'd be hated simply by existing, ya know?” you joked. The dog snorted on your lap.

“Haters gonna hate,” replied the dog. You eyes widened as you stopped petting the pug.

“You spoke,” you said in awe. The pug glanced up blankly at you.

“Problem?” Pakkun said gruffly. You laughed a little before you rubbed his head again.

“No problems,” you replied. The dog stretched out on your lap before he returned to his regular position on your lap.

Suddenly the brunette ran by you in tears. She didn't stop until she out the apartment and slammed the door on her way out. You blinked, unsure what to think of the girl's reaction. Next came the blond who called you a bitch. She looked down at the floor as she also walked out of the apartment. You took a guess and thought that neither of those girls got the job. Then the black haired girl came out of the kitchen. She gave you a heated glare before she stomped out of the apartment. She too, slammed the door on the way out. You sweat dropped once more.

Just what kind of interview did those girls go through?

Kakashi walked in to the room with that same smile on his masked face. You started to get the idea that you shouldn't trust that particular way his visible eye crinkled as he smiled at you. Pakkun jumped off your lap and sat at Kakashi's feet.

“Ready for your interview?” Kakashi said. You nodded and followed him into the kitchen. Kakashi and you sat at a small table. The copycat ninja stared at you for a bit as if to size you up.

“So, tell me about yourself, I guess,” he said as he leaned back in his chair. Somehow, the way he gazed at you made you a bit uncomfortable.

“Well, I'm (Surname) (Name) and I'm a chunin,” you said kind of awkwardly. Kakashi nodded.

“Why does a chunin like yourself want a job walking dogs?” You shrugged your shoulders.

“Missions available to chunins have been very limited as of late. I decided to pick up another job on the side to pay for provisions,” you said. Kakashi smiled as he leaned forward. You had this weird urge to lean away from the ninja. Something about his chakra made you uneasy.

“I see, (Name)-san,” he smiled. He looked into your eyes. “And what are your...expectations for this job?” You blinked.

“To give the dogs excerise in the morning and to be paid,” you stated bluntly. Kakashi looked at you with a raised eyebrow before he chuckled. You raised your eyebrow. “Was my expectations really that funny?”

“Forgive me, (Name)-san,” Kakashi grinned. His grin was more relaxed. “I want to find someone who will actually take care of my hounds. Not somebody who wants to use this as an excuse to get close to me. You seem to be focused only on the job, which is a good thing. It appears I cannot seduce you.”

Wait, what?

“, Hatake-san,” you deadpanned. “If that was your best shot as seduction, I hope you don't have any missions where you are forced to seduce someone. You'd fail that mission.” Kakashi glared at Pakkun as the ninja dog cracked up laughing on the floor.

“You can call me Kakashi,” he said once he returned his gaze to you. Kakashi reached out his hand to you. “The job's yours if you still want it.” You grinned as you shook his hand.

“I wouldn't still be here if I didn't. You can call me just (Name), if you want.”

“Alright (Name), you start tomorrow at eight in the morning. Any questions?”

“Just one. Is Pakkun the only one of your ninja dogs who can talk?”

“Yes, he is.”

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