"Nerves" by Mrs_Anonymous

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This ended up waaaay longer than I thought it would. But I had a lot of fun, writing from Mihashi's POV. And I'm posting it now, because I have internet, and I don't know when I'll have internet next, even though fics over 5000 words are supposed to be posted later. Hell, its not even the posting date!



[1]: Please refer to my Tajima story, Batter Up!
Mihashi huddled shyly behind Abe and the rest of the baseball club. They had been invited to a girl’s house from the softball team for a party, just to celebrate any success that they’d had in both of their tournaments. Mihashi had heard that the softball team had come in third in their summer tournament, barely scraping a win in the last round and, unfortunately, losing to the team that won first place.

The pitcher could hear the music coming from the house, and knew that just behind those doors he would be forced to interact with people. He was already dreading all the fumbled words and the nervous sweating and strange looks. He had only come into contact with the softball team a handful of times, usually at practice, and some of them greeted him brightly in the halls, but this was different. This was more casual.

A more casual setting to see…someone else…

Abe glanced over his shoulder at the pitcher, who flinched under his gaze, wiping his hands on his jeans. Sighing, Abe turned and hooked his arm around Mihashi’s neck, nearly choking the poor boy, and dragging him a few feet away from the door.

“Dude,” Abe began quietly. “What’s got you more nervous than usual?” Abe had a feeling he knew what it was, but he was going to get it out of Mihashi first.

Mihashi let out a nervous laugh, scrabbling at Abe’s arm for a moment. “W-What? I…um…” Mihashi glanced towards the catcher, and tried to jump away at the look he was given in return, but Mihashi was no match for Abe’s strength.

“Mihashi.” Abe’s voice had a dangerous edge to it, telling the pitcher that he was already getting annoyed.

Mihashi gulped and felt his face turn a bright red. He looked up towards the sky to avoid looking at Abe. “U-Um…g…girls…and, um…”

“Ah!” Abe stood to his full height, tightening his arm for a second. “Mihashi, don’t sweat it, okay? They want you here, and they want to get to know you. Just be friendly, because that’s all we are; friends with the softball team. Except for Tajima,” Abe gestured towards the hyper batter over his shoulder. “Y’know, he has that thing with that batter chick.” [1]

Mihashi nodded, lowering his head, chin to his chest. “Y-Yeah…”

Abe jostled him a bit. “Look, they know how you are. They don’t expect you to suddenly burst out of your shell and be the life of the party.”

Miahshi’s head continued to hang. It wasn’t just because there were girls here. That was part of the reason. A little bit of it was because Mihashi was always jumpy. But the main reason…

Mihashi swallowed, squeezing his eyes shut.

He heard Abe sigh. “Is it because of (Name)?” Abe quickly tightened his arm when Mihashi jumped and began babbling incoherently. “Shut up!” He said over the pitcher, and he was satisfied that the boy quickly clamped his mouth shut. Smirking, the catcher lowered his voice again, saying, “Go in there and be yourself. I’m pretty sure (Name) is the kind of girl that would only like someone for themselves. You don’t have to change, understand?” Again, he jostled Mihashi, who nodded shakily, already sweating at the mention of the girl.

“Oi!” Abe turned, taking Mihashi with him. Hanai was standing on the doorstep, next to a girl the catcher and pitcher recognized as the softball team’s manager. “You guys coming or what?”

“Yeah!” Abe called back, shoving Mihashi forward. The pitcher stumbled and righted himself quickly, running a hand through his hair and looking timidly up at the smiling manager.

“Hi, Mihashi-san!” She greeted, waving her hand. Mihashi nodded, taking the steps slowly.

“I would like it get inside sometime soon,” Abe teased, and Mihashi leapt up the last two steps, making Hanai and the manager laugh. His captain clapped him on the shoulder before stepping inside after Abe. Mihashi inched a little to the left, glancing into what appeared to be the living room. He could see all sorts of people, and he realized it wasn’t just the baseball and softball teams that were here.

“Dude, take your shoes off,” Abe said, nudging his shoulder. Mihashi quickly tripped out of his shoes, apologizing to the host, who just laughed it off and shook her head.

They were led into the living room, and Mihashi’s gaze swept over the other people here. He saw the basketball teams, the soccer teams, the tennis teams, and he waved quickly at Hamada, who grinned from his place in the open kitchen, waving back. He brought a lot of people that came to cheer for the baseball team.

But Mihashi wasn’t looking for Hamada. He was looking for you. He swallowed, his eyes finding (h/c) hair, and his heart skipped a beat, only to drop to his stomach; a nauseating combination. You sat with the captain of the basketball team, laughing at something he said. Mihashi frowned, twisting his lips, looking away before glancing back.

Abe nudged him again. “Don’t worry about it,” he murmured quietly. “She’s just talking to him.”

Mihashi blushed at being found out so easily but nodded to the floor. He chanced another glance towards you, his eyes widening when your pretty (e/c) eyes met his. He watched you grin, say something to the captain and jump up, making your way towards him through the crowded room.

“A-Abe,” he stuttered, tugging at Abe’s shirt.

“Stay cool,” Abe hissed. That was a futile order.

You made your way through the room, and Mihashi gulped, looking over what you were wearing. You wore a pair of shorts that let him see all of your legs, and the tank top you wore showed off your neck, shoulders and chest, giving him a teasing view of your bust, and he had to whip his head up and away to stop his eyes from wandering any lower. God, you were so beautiful it was hard to keep himself from staring. His eyes were drawn to you again, though, as you came closer. He couldn’t help himself…

“Hi!” You stopped so close to Mihashi, because of how crowded it was, that he could smell your sweet perfume. He bit his lip, looking away from you, stuttering out a greeting of his own.

“Hey,” Abe nodded to you. “Congratulations on getting third.”

“Thank you! You guys did great for your first time in the summer tournament. You made us all proud!” There was no malice or mocking in your tone, something that Mihashi liked a lot about you. You were kind, especially to him, and that was something that Mihashi cherished.

Slowly, his eyes lowered towards you, watching you talk with Abe. You were still close to his side, despite your conversation with the catcher. His eyes traveled over your face. It was so expressive, and he loved it when you smiled. He was certain that you were the prettiest girl that he’d ever seen, and the fact that you were sweet and kind and smart and funny and understanding made you perfect. He knew that you would disagree. Mihashi, though, honestly couldn’t find any flaws in you, and he had thought hard about you. A lot.

Ever since the two of you met while practicing, and then gotten to know each other while you tutored him, he couldn’t help but think about you. You didn’t mock him for being tutored so much, or for being so shy. He would even say that you liked tutoring him. You always told him how much you liked spending time with him. When he had the courage to overcome his shyness, you let him speak, despite his stuttering, and you listened happily and patiently. He was eager to learn more about you, and to even tell you about himself. Recently, his desire to keep you to himself had become stronger, but he knew he couldn’t do that to you. But he was already feeling jealous and inadequate, only because you had been talking to the tall, handsome, charming basketball captain, Atsushi. Someone that was everything Mihashi was not.

You turned your eyes to him, and he blinked down at you. You laughed, throwing an arm around his middle, hugging him. Mihashi felt his knees go weak with your chest pressed against his side, your cheek on his shoulder, your sweet-smelling hair pressed against his nose, but he managed to wrap an arm around you in turn, squeezing you closer. He desperately ignored the smug look Abe shot him.

“Don’t worry, it isn’t like we were talking about your amazing pitching or anything,” you teased, poking him in the side. You knew he was incredibly ticklish. He had told you about how they used it as a tactic to calm down. He jumped when your finger connected and you laughed, grinning up at him.

You were complimenting him and he missed it? “S-Sorry,” he murmured, more sorry that he hadn’t been listening, though not so much for the staring; staring at your mouth while you spoke, and your cheeks when you grinned, and your eyes when you laughed. He could look at you all day. As long as you weren’t looking at him, that is…

Abe was called to talk with Tajima and the gaggle of girls that he’d attracted with Izumi and Hamada and his friends. The catcher ambled over, careful of his knee, leaving Mihashi with a wink and a smirk. You turned to look up at the pitcher, grinning and asking how he’d been since the tournament ended.

Mihashi shrugged, eyes on his shoes. “I-I got sick, and Abe is still getting over h-his hurt knee.” He swallowed, looking everywhere but you. “He th-thinks he’ll play by…by our next tournament.”

You nodded, giving him a sympathetic smile. “I hope so. You and Abe are a pair. You work so well together. But if he can’t, he shouldn’t push himself.” Mihashi glanced down at you. You glanced up at him at the same time. He nearly gave himself whiplash looking away, nodding quickly in agreement with your last statement.

“Hey.” Your hand, soft and warm, laid itself against his forearm, and he stiffened. It was a knee-jerk reaction that he didn’t pay much attention to. What he wanted to do, though, was hold your hand in his own, in both of his, and not have such a terrible reaction to your touch. You probably had calluses on your dominant hand, on your palm and fingertips, from throwing the softball. He wanted to feel them against his own, to feel that gentleness that he knew was beneath your strength.

He’d seen you throw. You weren’t a pitcher, but you had the strength, speed, and eye to throw far, fast and accurate from outfield, which was your position. You’d managed a number of outs from outfield with your throws, something Mihashi knew was valued by both softball and baseball teams.

He looked down at where your hand touched his skin. He wanted you to touch him, just like this…all on your own, like he wanted to touch you…

He felt you retract it immediately, though, and cursed himself mentally for his involuntary action. “Um…are you okay?”

Taking a deep breath, he looked at you. You weren’t looking at him, but at your feet, your hands shoved into the pockets of your shorts. Had he made you uncomfortable? He didn’t want you to ever be uncomfortable around him. He forced himself not to stagger away from you sobbing, despite how terrible this situation had turned.

He opened his mouth, ready to answer as best he could, when someone across the room called your name. You turned, looking over your shoulder. Mihashi followed your gaze. That basketball captain was leaning against the occupied table, eyes on you. His eyes flicked to Mihashi, his brow furrowing, and Mihashi immediately looked away, hunching his shoulders. He wouldn’t blame you, if you wanted to go talk with that captain. Atsushi was cooler, taller, more open than he was. Something girls liked. Something you would like.

“Ugh,” you groaned, turning away, running a hand through your hair. Mihashi blinked, looking down at you. You looked uncomfortable now. Not like before, though… “Atsushi is a nice guy and everything, but he’s been kind of creepy lately.” You crossed your arms, looking up at Mihashi through your lashes, your lips twisting. He felt himself blush, but he glanced back towards that captain, who looked frustrated now that you had ignored him.

“R-Really?” Mihashi asked quietly, looking away from the basketball player again. Oh God, what if you thought he was creepy, too? Mihashi pressed his lips together, looking down at you, brows furrowed worriedly.

You nodded, stepping closer. “Yeah.” You bit your bottom lip, and Mihashi bit his in return, unable to help himself. He had never had the desire to kiss a girl until you came along, and now he didn’t know what he was supposed to do with himself when he really wanted to kiss you.

Like right now. But that would be creepy, wouldn’t it? And you probably already thought he was. And you definitely wouldn’t like it.

“Do you mind if I hang out with you for the night?” You asked, looking up at him with those big (e/c) eyes. Mihashi could only nod, feeling relief fill his knotted stomach. You wouldn’t ask to do that if you thought he was creepy, right?

You sighed, releasing the tension that had gathered in your shoulders when Atsushi had called out to you. Mihashi frowned, glancing once more towards the basketball captain, who still looked displeased.

“Thank you,” you murmured, surprising the pitcher. He nodded, smiling nervously. His heart skipped a beat when you smiled back, a smile just for him.

He didn’t leave your side for the rest of the night. Or maybe it was the other way around? But he didn’t want to get his hopes up, and he doubted that you liked him enough to do that. Besides, you were only friends, and hanging out with each other didn’t mean much, right?

It was late, and the party was still in full swing when you surprised the poor boy. You grabbed his hand, yanking him away from your friends and through a small dark room with a door leading to the backyard. Glancing behind him, he saw your friends jump in the way of Atsushi, striking up a conversation with the tall basketball player, before he was pulled out of the house completely.

He blinked quickly, eyes adjusting to the change in light, though the lights from inside let him see your silhouette and barely your features. The light from the party reflected off your hair, giving you a haloed look that, to him, suited you perfectly. And even with the light to your back, your eyes were still glowing, as you looked up at him through those long lashes.

You sighed, leaning back against the house. “Sorry,” you laughed awkwardly, running a hand through your hair again. It was a habit he knew you had when you felt uncomfortable. “Atsushi was coming.”

Mihashi nodded, shrugging his hands into his pockets. You had been leading him all over the house all night, and he’d figured out it was to avoid Atsushi. Sure, you said he was creepy, but Mihashi still didn’t know why you didn’t like the basketball captain.

“U-Um.” You looked up at him, and he was glad it was dark. He could look at you without feeling so nervous, because he knew you couldn’t really see him or his blush. “So…why do you n-not…w-with Atsushi-san…?”

You looked at him for a little while before laughing again, running your hand through your hair. “Oh…Atsushi, he…” You paused, and Mihashi knew from all his tutoring sessions that you were thinking. “Like I said, he’s nice. But…he’s not my type?” You laughed again, rubbing your arm, looking away from Mihashi. “Actually, there’s this guy I like…really like…”

Mihashi felt his lips pull into a frown, and his hands clenched in his pockets, his shoulders hunching. He knew it. He knew that you liked someone. It was hopeless to think that you liked him the way he liked you. Who would? What girl, as wonderful, as vibrant, as lovely as you would like someone like him? He was selfish, he couldn’t communicate, he wasn’t rational, and he was always stressed. No one wanted to date a person like that.

He glanced towards you when you moved, pushing off the wall. You stepped towards him, and as you grew closer, he could make out your features better, each beautiful angle and line to your face. He felt that blush creeping up the back of his neck, involuntarily, like always, with you so close. He wanted to step away, he couldn’t breathe, but he wanted to step closer, too, to be near you, even if your heart belonged to someone else.

So he looked away from you, reaching up to scratch the back of his head.

“Mihashi…” You whispered his name so softly he leaned in, eyes flicking down to meet yours. He saw the stress in your eyes, and the worried frown. He didn’t like that. Your smile was what he wanted. He wanted you to smile around him. “There’s, um…there’s something I wanted to t-tell you, actually.” He blinked in surprise. He’d never heard you stutter before. That was his thing. It set alarm bells off in his head, and he got nervous because, now, he realized that you, you, were nervous about something, and that never happened.

A few feet behind you, the back door flew open, and a girl pranced out, calling your name. She caught sight of the two of you. “Oh! There you are! And Mihashi! Great! Both of you get your butts in here, we’re playing a game!”

You turned, glaring at the girl, but she ignored you. She snatched your wrist, yanking you away from Mihashi. He watched you, as the light pooled over you, your eyes meeting his, and his heart jumped to his throat at the look you gave him, a desperate look.

He blinked slowly before following after you, closing the back door behind him. He took in the way everyone was sitting in a circle in the cleared living room. Your friend shoved you down to sit between two guys. One was Tajima and the other was a boy from the kendo team. You still looked unhappy, but you smiled slightly at Tajima as the air-headed boy began chatting your ear off.

Twisting his lips into a frown, he began to search for Abe. The catcher was leaning against the wall across the room, gazing at the circle with a mild look of disgust written all over his face. Mihashi made his way over to him, and Abe caught his eye as he approached.

He nodded to the pitcher. “Hey. Where’s (Name)?” Mihashi only shrugged, lowering his head, frowning. Abe raised an eyebrow at him. His dark eyes flicked to the circle, searching for the girl. She was sitting next to Tajima, looking exceptionally glum. “What happened?” Abe asked, lowering his voice. He watched as that Atsushi sat himself down right across from (Name), and he grimaced.

“I-I don’t know,” Mihashi mumbled. “W-We…We were both outside a-and she was…she said she wanted to t-tell me something, but…then this…” He gestured to the circle, a questioning look sent towards Abe.

The catcher sighed haggardly. “Its called Spin the Bottle. You sit in a circle, and, like the game is called, you spin a bottle. The ends point towards two people, and whoever they are have to kiss.”

Mihashi’s eyes widened, he snapped his head towards the circle. Atsushi was sitting there, looking at you, and you were talking with Tajima. Did that mean that Atsushi wanted to kiss you? If they were playing the game Abe said they were, then more than likely, that was the case.

He frowned, not liking the idea that you were going to kiss anyone. He…He wanted to kiss you.

He felt an arm hook around his shoulder, and he squeaked as Abe tugged him towards the circle. “If I end up kissing any chick I don’t want to, you owe me,” Abe growled, shoving Mihashi down between two girls and carefully seating himself as well, propping his leg out into the circle.

Mihashi gulped, watching with wide eyes as the host stepped into the circle, explaining the rules. Mihashi could slowly feel the dread in his stomach mounting. What if he had to kiss someone? That would be terrible. He’d never kissed a girl in his life, and to do it first in front of everyone? To not have his first kiss with you? His eyes flicked towards you, and yours were focused on the bottle, your face a stony mask. You weren’t happy about playing this game. He wished that the both of you were still outside, still talking, and you were telling him whatever it was you wanted to tell him. Right now he didn’t care if it was about how much you liked whoever this guy was, as long as neither of you had to play this stupid game, as long as he didn’t have to watch you kiss someone else, someone that wasn’t him.

“Here we go!” The hostess announced, leaning down and spinning the bottle quickly. She jumped back, sitting herself down, and all eyes focused on the bottle as it spun silently on the wood floor. But Mihashi watched you, curling his knees into his chest, wrapping his arms around his shins and pressing his mouth against his knees.

This first couple wasn’t anyone that Mihashi knew. The bottle was spun again, and Skaeguchi stood up, blushing a little. The girl that he kissed, though right on the corner of the mouth, blushed bright red and scurried back to her place. Mihashi watched people kiss that weren’t affected at all, and people kiss that were probably better off not showing their lack of skill to all the teams present, leaving their partner very disgruntled and unsatisfied. And he watched those who were incredibly good kissers, and he could tell by the way they looked at each other afterwards, cheeks flushed, eyes hooded, lips a little puffy. And if the cheers from everyone else were any indication, they saw those reactions just like he did.

He felt his cheeks heat, and his eyes shot to you again. You weren’t really paying any attention to all the kissing going on in front of you. Could he make you feel and look like that with just a kiss? Probably not. Not without practice. If he practiced with you, he knew he’d love it. Even more than baseball practice. And then maybe he could make you look like that with just a kiss.

Mihashi blinked when the bottle spun and stopped on you. His eyes snapped up to you, and you blinked as well, staring down at the bottle. Your eyes rose, and he watched your lips press together. He turned his head, feeling his mouth fill with the bitter taste of defeat as the smirking Atsushi stood. Mihashi let out a shaky breath, looking to you again. The host jumped up, giggling, and grabbed your hand, dragging you to your feet. You stood stiff before the tall basketball player, your hands clenched at your sides.

Mihashi frowned, brow furrowing as the basketball captain leaned down, his hand coming up to touch your cheek. Mihashi’s throat felt tight as he leaned in towards you, closing his eyes. He swallowed, waiting for you to tilt your head up to kiss him.

He tightened his arms around his legs, pressing his frowning mouth against his knees. He didn’t know if he wanted to watch…

The pitcher nearly jumped out of his skin when your eyes snapped to him. His eyes widened as yours did, and your hands came up to grab Atsushi’s shirt. Whistles sounded out, but Mihashi watched, his jaw going slack as you pushed the basketball player away. Atsushi nearly stumbled backwards, eyes wide with disbelief.

“What the hell?” He asked, his face coloring in embarrassment.

You shook your head, looking incredibly distraught. Your eyes flicked to Mihashi, and then back down to the floor. “I-I’m sorry, um, I’m not…comfortable…” You didn’t finish your sentence. Instead, you whirled around and pushed through the crowd that wasn’t joined in the game, ignoring the calls of your name.

Mihashi reacted without thinking, drawing everyone’s surprised gaze. He stood up, hands clenched, and rushed after you. You’d gone out the front door, and he hoped you wouldn’t leave. He was so happy that you’d pushed Atsushi away, but he didn’t want you to leave because of it, or because you were embarrassed. If you did, he wanted to ask if he could walk you home, at least. He wanted to comfort you now, because he knew that you weren’t happy at all with the situation. Walking you home would give him the time to gather his courage to maybe hug you by the end of the night. He couldn’t tell you how he felt, not now, since he knew that you liked someone. But he could still be there for you when you needed him.

He came to a halt, finding you standing by the gate, scrubbing at your eyes. He frowned, slowly inching towards you. You jumped when his foot hit part of the raised sidewalk, making him hiss in pain, wincing.

“M-Mihashi?” You sniffed, quickly wiping your eyes. “What…What are you doing here?”

He bit the inside of his cheek, ignoring the throb in his foot, and looked at you. The light of the house lit up the tears in your eyes and on your cheeks, and your face was puffy from crying. You looked stressed, tired, sad. Mihashi felt his heart clench, and he stood up straight, swallowing nervously under your watery stare.

“I…” He cleared his throat. “You…You left.”

A dark, mirthless laugh left you. “You think I wanted to kiss Atsushi?” You shook your head, frowning harshly. “He is not who I want to kiss…”

Mihashi fidgeted where he stood, lowering his head. He fiddled with his fingers, trying to think of what to say. “I-I’m glad…that you didn’t…k-kiss him…” He squeezed his eyes shut, waiting for you to say something. He could still hear your sniffling, so he knew you hadn’t tried to leave again.

“Mihashi,” you murmured quietly, and he shivered at how soft it was. “…If it had been you, would you have kissed me?”

The pitcher jumped, his head whipping up, eyes wide, face red. You were looking at him with such soul-filled eyes and it shook him to his core, but he couldn’t meet your eye, not when they were so intense, and the question was one like that.

He stuttered nonsensically, immediately looking away from you. “I-I, um…wh-whaa…” Did you really have to ask? Of course he would have kissed you. But… He took a deep breath, closing his eyes, and he shook his head slowly. “N-No…”

When he opened his eyes again, he choked. You were staring at him, no emotion on your face, tears streaming down your cheeks. Your lips trembled before turning into an angry frown, eyes narrowing. You turned, exiting the gate and walking as fast as you could down the sidewalk.

“(N-Name)!” Mihashi called, quickly following you. He closed the space between the two of you easily, grabbing your wrist, tugging you around. He let go though, when you turned and shoved him away. He nearly stumbled, eyes wide with surprise.

“Wh-What is wrong with you!?” You shouted, fiery eyes glaring at him. Your chest hitched unevenly and you let out a breathless sob. You closed your eyes and wiped them, letting out a frustrated groan. “You…You don’t even know how I f-feel, do you? And you don’t know how nervous I get when I’m around you, and how much I want to be more than friends! With you, Mihashi!”

Mihashi blinked. What?

“You…” Your lips were trembling again, and you opened your eyes to stare at him. Your glare was gone, but you still looked so heartbroken. “You aren’t l-like other guys. You aren’t like Atsushi. You aren’t full of yourself. You may be shy, but you’re so r-respectful, and, and, you make me feel special.” You laughed again, your eyes rising to look at the sky, the backs of your hands rubbing at your cheeks.

All he could do was stare at you.


“A-All night, I’ve been trying to get you to look at me,” you moaned, closing your eyes, pressing the heels of your hands against them. “But…It’s like you don’t want to a-and I don’t know what to do…”

Mihashi stared at you, his jaw slacked open. What?

“D-Do…” You sniffed, frowning, fresh tears leaking down your cheeks from behind your hand. “Do I disgust you?” You asked quietly. “F-For…For wanting you all to myself?” Your question was whispered so softly that Mihashi had to lurch forward to hear it, and then, he was doing something he never thought he would.

He hesitated on the first step, but when you dropped your hands, your red, watery, beautiful eyes meeting his, he continued forward, gaze locked with yours. Your eyebrows pulled together, and you tilted your head up. He watched them widen as he reached up and cupped your face–“M-Mihashi, wha…!”–and leaned down, planting his lips firmly on yours.

He clenched his eyes shut, his heartbeat in his ears, his hands shaking nervously against your wet cheeks. God, you’re lips were softer than he had imagined, and even though he had no idea what he was doing, he pushed closer, taking a little step towards you, his body just brushing yours.

He pulled away, gasping in a breath, and refused to open his eyes. He felt mortified for what he’d done, but, but, you were saying things that he was supposed to think. Not you. Never you.

He leaned his forehead against yours, feeling your breath puff against his lips. They tingled in such a strange, wonderful way, and he wanted to kiss you again.

“I-I’m always…looking at you,” he whispered. He opened his eyes, but kept his gaze downward. He felt tears against his hand, and he moved his thumbs without thinking, wiping them away. “A-And…And I w-wouldn’t have…w-with you…in front of all th-those people.” He swallowed, grimacing at his terrible explanation. “B-Because it would have…would have been our first. And…it should be b-between…us. Just us.”

And then you were crying, and Mihashi let out a sound of surprise. His eyes shot up to look at you, but you had a shaky smile, and your eyes were filled with such bright happiness. He was so confused.

“O-Oh my God,” you laughed, closing your eyes. “Mihashi…” You looked up at him, your smile so wide and gorgeous, and Mihashi felt his stomach flip and he sucked in a breath, looking you in the eye. “…You’re amazing,” you whispered. His eyes widened, and he didn’t have much warning before you threw your arms around him, your smiling lips planted against his.

Oh, lord, he was going to faint. He stared down at your closed eyes, his hands flailing around behind you. But then you tilted your head, pressing closer, a little sigh escaping you. And Mihashi’s eyes fell half-closed, and his trembling hands gently, hesitantly placed themselves against your waist, and he squeezed his eyes shut.

He didn’t know if it was yours or his, but there was a heartbeat, so strong and fast, pumping adrenaline. His hands squeezed nervously at your sides, and your arms tightened around his neck, standing on your toes.

You pulled away with a small gasp. “I-I was so nervous,” you laughed, pressing your face into his shoulder. Mihashi wrapped his arms around you, pressing his face into your hair. He let out a shuddering breath that he knew you could feel, and your arms tightened, keeping him close, telling him that yes, this was real.

He nearly died when you whispered, “I really like you, Mihashi.” All he could do was nod into your hair, eyes squeezing shut.

“Do you like me?” You murmured, your cheek brushing against the thumping vein in his neck. He nodded again, much more aggressive than before, making you laugh. He felt one of your hands stroke along the back of his neck, and he shivered. “Could I hear you say it?” You asked gently.

“I-I…I…” Mihashi tightened his arms and buried his face in your hair. “I-I like…you. S-So much.”

And then you kissed him again. Mihashi pressed his lips back, and he was relieved that you didn’t try anything else. Just a simple, wonderful kiss.

Who would have thought that you would have been nervous around him? Certainly not him. Maybe he was always too nervous around you to notice. Maybe, he hadn’t realized, that everyone gets nervous with his or her crushes. Not that he thought you ever had a crush on him. No, that news was completely new to him.

You pulled away, and Mihashi bravely looked down at you. You had a small smile on your lips, and your wet cheeks were flushed with what he hoped was pleasure. Your eyes were still shining from your crying, but not with sadness. With happiness. And you were looking at him like that.

Mihashi leaned his forehead against yours, and you laughed quietly.


He bit his bottom lip, humming quietly.

You smiled. “Would you like to go out with me? On a date?”

It would seem, now that you knew how he felt, and had declared your own feelings, you had conquered your fears of approaching him.

Mihashi, however, nearly stumbled, his face turning bright red, and stuttering over his words. You only laughed, grabbing his hand to hold him up right.

He gazed at you for a second, waiting patiently for him to answer. He swallowed. If you could do it, if you could realize that everything was okay now that your feelings had been properly professed, and you could act on that, so could he.

Mihashi squeezed your hand, your small, warm, soft hands, and nodded shakily.

He had been right about those calluses, too.

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