"Heads Will Roll " by IHATECLOUD

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So I deleted my other FFVII fic because it wasn't getting any reviews and I didn't have the drive for it anymore.

Clean slate! Hope you enjoy! I've been pretty obsessed with Kenpachi lately. I read the weekly updates, so if you're not up to date, future descriptions of his appearance may seem off to you.

I made Kenpachi a little sexist in this chapter because I've always found it so odd that there are no women in the Eleventh Division. But that'll change~

Read and review! Comments are always welcome :)
You hadn’t slept in days.

Okay, that was a lie, but it sure as hell felt like it.

Being the new recruit of Eleventh Division wasn’t the best way to start your morning. It didn’t help that you were constantly teased by the men of the division, many of them asking when dinner was going to be served. But that didn’t really matter. Oh no, what mattered right now was fighting.

Especially when said fighting involved a bloodthirsty berserker.

“Oi! Girl! You the new recruit?” A gruff voice pulled you from your stupor. You looked up and blinked a few times, but not before your eyes turned as round as saucers.

There, standing in all his glory, was the Captain of the Eleventh Division.

“Ah, uh… Well… yeah…” You mumbled.

A flat look was plastered onto his face. “The fuck? The Old Man said I was gettin’ someone strong today. Well, whatever. Get out your sword girl, it’s time for induction.”


“Yeah. You and me gonna have a fight. Try to wake me up at least.”

Well, fuck.

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