""Shot in the Dark"" by Kiayashi

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Simply a little poem I put down on paper. :3 Lots of old little phrases, most dealing with Luck and the Fates. Enjoy. ^^

"A Shot in the Dark" - 2/27/12
'Lady Luck' and 'Father Fate,'
The 'Bonds of Destiny' do create.

The Father has chains,
But the Lady is blind.

Her shots are wild,
Wide and unrefined.

His chains are solid,
Unbreakable and divine.

The locks are mortal,
Thank the turns of time.

A bullet will break them,
But it's a 'shot in the dark.'

If the Lady is lucky,
Then so is her shot.

But the Father is fatal,
And he tends Time's cradle.

"But when the wind blows,
The cradle will rock."

Will the Lady catch it?
Or will Fate stand stock?

Who's to say?
It's 'blind luck.'

But we've all got one,
Our 'Lucky Shot'.

The last chance,
Out final effort.

But "who's to say luck is always blind"?
After all, "it's just a shot in the dark."

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