"Snapshots" by Akira Mokona

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Ages: Ludwig is 7, Rea-chan is 6

Akira: I figured since I have eight chapters prewritten I should post one. Tomorrow is my super-write-as-much-as-possible-day, so you might see more chapters of this posted. I hope you all like it~
Germany: *wearing glasses and looking over drafts*
Akira: Also, just to keep the HRE/Germany war to a minimum, I wrote this to make it fair to both sides. It has a younger version of Germany, but I don’t go around saying ‘hey, it’s HRE!’ I acknowledge that there are Hetalia fans that don’t agree with the HRE/Germany theory, so I’m going to respect their opinions. But, let’s all be honest here, wouldn’t a kid Germany (regardless if it’s HRE or not) be adorable?! I used the song “This is Love” by The Script, but I’m not including the lyrics. I’m kind of tired of it, to be honest. And ignore the chapter titles. I’m just testing them out right now. I might change them back to simpler titles. Please excuse any mistakes, I’m incredibly tired.

Disclaimer: I do not own Axis Powers Hetalia, any other character mentioned, ‘This is Love’ by The Script, or you.

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