"A Fluffy, Tart Pudding" by Kremlin_Dusk

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A short little ficlet that was the beginning of my recent rush of writings and postings, I tried before to post this, but I had missed a couple of typos, which made the grammar horrible. Disclaimer: I do not own Tokyo Mew Mew.
“Hey Pudding!” a familiar voice shouted from down the street.

“What?” Pudding said as she turned around.

“Catch!” the voice said, before something came flying at her face.

“What’s this?” she said as she caught it. A brightly colored package covered in roses and hearts sat nested in her cupped hands.

“Open it!” the voice insisted, and Pudding gasped.

“I know that voice, na noda! Tart!” She looked this way and that, searching for the source of the voice.

“Just open it dimwit!” he shouted.

“O-okay!” Pudding set about opening the colorful package. She neatly, and uncharacteristically, unwrapped the paper, and folded it, sliding it into her pocket. What was in the package made her gasp. It was a dozen candy drops, the same kind she had given to Tart two years ago, when the aliens had left, and in the middle was a single chocolate truffle.

“Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, right?” the now angry sounding-with embarrassment Tart shouted “So happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Aaw, thank you Tart!” Pudding yelled to a seemingly empty street. Suddenly, she was hit with inspiration, and took off running in a random direction.

“Wha? What are you do-!” He was cut off as Pudding took a flying leap and tackled him right out of the air.

“Thankies, Tart!” Pudding said cheerfully, unaware or uncaring of the compromising position they were in.

“Yo–You’re welcome!” Tart stuttered out, blushing.

Pudding leaned down and kissed his cheek, and whispered, “Don’t forget to come back for White Day!” before getting up very quickly and running off in the direction of the cafĂ©.

Tart whispered, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


A/n: Wow, very short for me…and very cute! I’ve been wanting to do a Tart/Pudding for a bit of a while, and I’ve wanted to do a Valentine’s Day fic for a looooong time so this bakes two cakes with one batter! (As opposed to killing birds with stones, which is cruel…)

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