"Twisted" by Nocturnal

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This was an idea I had a party a few months back, only just got around to kind of fleshing it out. Thoughts, reactions? Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto. :(
He was bored. He was horny and he was bored. He was hot, horny and bored. He sighed lightly and downed what was left of his Pepsi and rum. He was irritated with the shitty rap music, he was annoyed with the stupid bitch hitting on him, and he was frustrated that Naruto was hitting on the chick he wanted to fuck. He glanced to his left and watched Naruto gently toss a ping pong ball at a series of red plastic cups. He watched the ping pong ball swirl around the rim of one cup and land in another. “Double shot! Doubles!” The girl Naruto was paired up with high-fived the blonde. Naruto stared at her tits the whole time.

She flicked her gaze in his direction and smiled. Sasuke felt his blood boil, felt all of the hot liquid rush to his cock. He maintained eye contact, maybe a little longer than he needed to. She flushed a pale pink and laughed at whatever it was the blonde had said to her. She smiled and flicked her wrist, little drops of water falling off the ping pong ball. With a gentle toss she scored them another cup. The two guys on the other side of the table groaned, setting the cups off to the side.

[Name] smiled broadly, “Do we get to throw again?” One of the two morons they were playing against nodded glumly. “And if we get one of the one you have to drink, we win, right?” He nodded again, eyes narrowed at her, daring her. “And if you can’t get any of our cups, you run a naked mile, right?” The other one nodded, eyes wide. He did not want to run the naked mile. She smiled broadly. “Then strip and run boys. Death cup.” She tossed another ping pong ball and landed it inside one of the cups. The entire room erupted into loud cheers.

The two they had been playing against hung their heads in despair as they quickly stripped, jeans, boxers and t-shirts falling to the ground. The room erupted in laughter as everyone began chanting, “Naked mile! Naked mile! Naked mile!”

Naruto laughed and walked around to stand in front of the boys. “Now, as the winners, we get to make the rules. So, we’ll be kind and generous gods. You only have to lap the complex once.” The two remained frowning. [Name] giggled and slid up next to Naruto. “Winner can be my partner next game.” The two took off in a mad dash for the door and barreled over anyone and everyone that got in their way. Sasuke watched them with disdain, not at all enjoying her offer.

He blinked when a pair of flip flopped feet entered his field of his vision. He stared at the purple-painted toe nails, the delicate, beautiful feet. Sasuke had never enjoyed feet. At all. But her feet… fuck, everything about her was hot. He followed the toes up to perfectly sculpted calves. He wondered what the milky skin tasted like. He wondered if it was as sweet as he thought it was. He let his gaze trail up over slightly knobby knees and to smooth thighs. They were a little thicker than he liked, but they worked on her. He glared, momentarily, at too-short shorts, eyes hinging on her zipper.

“…suke?” He blinked and looked up and she laughed at him. “I asked if you wanted to be my partner this round. Naruto’s taking a smoke break.” She held her hand out, clearly confident that he wouldn’t deny her. He blinked, once more, looking in her [color] eyes. He accepted her offered hand and, in the split second before she tugged decided he didn’t want to play games anymore. He tugged slightly harder than she did and she tumbled into his lap. He grinned, toothily.

She gasped, turning her gaze to Sasuke. “Sasuke!” She batted at his chest and made to stand up, face heating up when his arm snaked around her hips. “I didn’t say you could stand.” And then his mouth was on hers. It was a demanding, hot kiss. She flushed, all the way to her toes and his hand threaded through her hair.

Sasuke’s skin was on fire, his blood was boiling, surely he would die. How had this little minx enticed him so? He pulled her closer, tightening his grip on her hair, to near pain. He felt her hands fist in his shirt, felt her hips ever so slightly grind down. He grunted, pushing his own pelvis up. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, tasting her. She made an indescribable noise in the back of her throat and Sasuke felt himself grow impossibly harder.

“What the fuck!” And she was torn away from him. Sasuke’s eyes narrowed and he stared at the brute that had so violently taken her away him. “Naruto.” She blinked, wide eyed and clearly confused. She turned her head slightly, looking up and over her shoulder at the blonde-haired, blue-eyed thief. “Naruto… what?”

Sasuke watched him whisper something in her ear. She bowed her head and giggled and Naruto set her down. “Keep your hands off of her, Sasuke.” Naruto placed a hand at the base of her spine and guided her out of the party. Sasuke heard people talking around them, discussing what had just happened. He didn’t give a shit. He slammed open the front door to Inuzuka’s apartment and stalked over to Naruto, where he seemed to be chastising [Name].

[Name] looked at Sasuke and smiled. Naruto seemed to notice and turned around, intent on saying hello to whoever it was. His face fell into anger when he saw Sasuke. It didn’t stay that way for long. Sasuke balled his fist up and slammed it into the side of Naruto’s face. “Fuck you, Uzumaki.”

“Sasuke!” [Name] glared at him and dropped down to where Naruto had fallen on his ass. She gingerly touched the rapidly swelling bump on the blonde’s cheek. “Are you okay?” Naruto glared at Sasuke and assured her he was fine. She nodded and stood up, turning to face Sasuke. She grabbed his wrist and dragged his away from the apartment. “What the hell, Sasuke? What the fuck was that?” The anger rolled off her, in roiling waves. Sasuke was sure that, were it palpable, he wouldn’t be standing.

“He shouldn’t have done that.” He was nonchalant, and judging by her expression, too nonchalant.

“Done what? Pulled me away from you? Big damn deal. You shouldn’t have punched him! He’s your best friend, Sasuke!” He snorted. “Sasuke, damn it. You know how he… feels. And how do you think it felt for him to see his best friend doing… that?” Her hands were waving around erratically. She was clearly upset at the way Sasuke had responded to Naruto’s reaction.

She frowned at him and rubbed her temples. “Sasuke, I’m… fuck it. I’m going home.” She turned and walked away from him, her steps stiff and angry. Sasuke frowned after her, wondering whether or not he should follow her and try to rectify the situation. He decided against it, instead opting to find the over-active blond.

Sasuke stalked back to the ground-floor apartment and found Naruto, nursing a bottle of Budweiser, like a baby nursed a bottle. Sasuke approached him, reeled back his fist and slammed it into Naruto’s cheek. Naruto fell onto the floor, his lip split. He sputtered and wiped some of the red liquid from his face. He stumbled to his feet, swaying slightly from the alcohol coursing through his system. “The fuck was that for, Sasuke?”

The party had quieted down, to watch the impending fight.

“I was about to get laid, you fucker!” Naruto’s eyes narrowed at his friend.

“You were about to fuck the girl I’m… um… I’m…” Naruto stumbled over his words, unable to admit his feelings for the woman.

“In love with, yeah. You know you’re just a friend to her, fuck ‘tard. I was going to get laid.”

Naruto felt his blood boil at the comment. His fists balled but he held back. Sasuke was drunk. Sasuke wouldn’t talk like this if he wasn’t drunk.

He could remember one incident, where Sasuke had asked Kiba what it was like to fuck a dog. Kiba had lost his mind and jumped Sasuke, banging his head into a table. Sasuke had gone to the hospital and gotten several stitches that night, claiming he had fallen down a staircase. While Sasuke was an asshole when he was drunk, he would still protect his friends. He had done so in many cases for Naruto, and this one time Naruto would bite the bullet, and protect Sasuke.

“Fuck you.” Naruto attempted to push through the crowd but was stopped by Sasuke’s hand on his collar.

“Did I say this was over?” And then a fist connected with Naruto’s stomach, just below the rib cage.

Naruto felt himself falling and, out of reflex, grabbed the thing nearest to him, which just happened to be Sasuke. The two tumbled to the ground. Naruto balled his hand up and landed a blow to Sasuke’s cheek, whipping Sasuke’s head to the side.

The party-goers cheered, watching the two roll and punch on the ground.

Kiba burst through the crowd, two other friends hot on his tail. They pulled the two apart, holding the cussing, shouting men apart.

“You bastard! You dirty fucking bastard! You know, you know damn good and well how I feel about her!” Naruto jerked in Kiba’s grip, trying to wrench himself free, trying to beat the Uchiha to a pulp. “Fuck you!”

Sasuke snorted, shoving one of Kiba’s friends off of his. “She doesn’t want you, Sunshine.” Sasuke spat out the nickname with venom before turning and pushing his way through the crowd that had gathered.

“This isn’t over Sasuke.” Kiba let go of Naruto, both of them watching Sasuke walk off.

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