"Hello Baby" by WolfWarrior

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Hello Luna! How I missed you so! Welcome back!

Lemme start this probably obnoxiously long note by saying that instead of being a good author and writing twelve chapters over the break, I did nothing. At first I was like "oh well it'll be back soon". And then I was like "I should really start writing, for when Luna gets back" and then it was "AAAAH FINALS" and then it was "OOOOH NEW STORY IDEA!!!" and then it was "Oh no...what if Luna doesn't come back? Time = wasted". So I am sincerely glad that it came back so you guys can read what's been going through my mind for the past month or so.

Inspiration: A Korean television show of the same name.

Dedication: Desert Rose, who unknowingly introduced me to Shinee, which started an obsession with K-pop, which led to me watching said Korean television show, which led to this being born! Cookies for her!

Etc: As for the other stories, I will be updating them at some point. I just need to reread them several times and figure out where the hell I was going with them.

This story was originally going to be long-chaptered, but I realized that I get bored and A.D.D. reading loooong chapters, so I made them short because surely someone else out there is like me. Besides, they're easier and quicker to write this way--I've given up on long chapters. Short but sweet~

Please enjoy and please let me know what you think~ I don't continue to write if no one's gonna read it.

OH! And did I mention there will be a vote for the "daddy" position~?

Please meet me in the park after school today.

You stared at the note, absently reaching into the bag next to you and grabbing a handful of the candy it contained. The neatly written note had been in your locker earlier this morning and you had told yourself all day that you weren’t going to go. Today was the last day of school and first day of summer vacation, and you had no intentions of listening to any confessions that needed to be made. However, your mind changed when you caught Sawada-san staring at you and fidgeting all day. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense, as you had never spoken a word to the former “No-Good Tsuna” since primary school. But he seemed like a sweet kid, and if he really was the one who wanted to talk to you the least you could do was hear him out. You weren’t sure how the kid would feel if you stood him up, since he recently went through a rather tough break-up with the Sasagawa girl.

So you waited, sitting regally on the bench, as though it were a throne, and eating away at your bag of candy. You were a bit annoyed, since you had been here a good twenty minutes and Sawada had failed to show up. You were starting to wonder if this was some kind of joke. Heaven help that poor boy if it was.

Your rather murderous train of thought was cut off at the sound of wailing behind you. You flinched, vaguely noting that the source of the sound had quite a pair of lungs, before looking around to see if any of the parents would rush to help their kid. No one moved, however; some looked up to make sure it wasn’t their child, but no one bothered to actually go check on the kid.

“Just leave him alone, (Y/n)…he’s alright…”

Of course, you could tell yourself that all day. But the fact of the matter was, the kid was still crying and none of the others were taking initiative. So with a heavy sigh, as well as a glare and a particularly rude finger to the young couple sitting on the bench across from you, you pushed yourself to your feet and turned around to see what was killing the child. You faltered when you saw the source of your growing headache.

It was indeed a little kid, no older than five and dressed like a cow. He even had horns to go with his outfit, as well as a little black afro which may or may not have been his real hair. (You couldn’t quite determine from this angle.) You blinked several times, wondering if this kid was for real or not, before slowly making your way over to him. He didn’t even look at you as you approached, nor did he stop crying until you crouched next to him and placed a hand on his head.

“Hey, baby. What’s the matter?” you asked, trying to sound sweet despite your previous irritation. Yelling at the kid wouldn’t get anything done.

He seemed to buy your sweet act, sniffling as he stared down at the ground. “La-Lambo-san was going to get Reborn today. But he…but he…” Those pretty little green eyes filled with tears once more. He pushed two little fists into his eyes, rubbing at them to try and keep the tears at bay. “Gotta…stay…calm…” he muttered, voice breaking. Then he burst into tears once more and threw himself onto your lap.

There wasn’t much you could do at this point, though you knew you needed to get him quiet. All the other parents in the park were glaring at you, as though you were responsible for all of this kid’s misfortune. You just stuck your tongue out at them, before turning your attention back to the child and giving a few encouraging pats to his back. “There, there…you’re alright, so don’t cry anymore. Onee-chan has candy…”

And he popped up, big eyes completely dry and a huge grin on his face. “Lambo-san will accept Obasan’s offering!” he proclaimed and ran right past you to the bench you were previously occupying. Another muscle in your face twitched as you leapt to your feet, pointing at the laughing child and barking out a “HEY!” But it was far too late for you; he had found your candy and was running off down the street. “COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT!” Of course, he paid you no mind and was gone before you could even think about chasing after him. You grumbled a few choice swears before stomping back to your bench and plopping down.

Stupid little bugger…if you ever saw him again-

“She’s angry. You go do it.” The voice came from some bushes near by, and you turned your glare on whoever was spying on you. You were caught of guard when Sawada was shoved out of the bushes, falling flat on his face in front of you.

There was an awkward pause, followed by someone whispering for Sawada to “do it already!” You were not in the mood to be pleasant, however, so you crossed your arms and waited for Sawada to do whatever he came here to do.

The boy seemed to sense your foul mood, and quickly scrambled to his feet. “Ano…he-hello (L/n)-san…” He began to poke his fingers together before jumping at the heavy sigh you gave in response. “S-sorry! Umm…I was just wondering about your plans for this summer, is all…”

You blinked twice, before standing up. “I plan to sit on my ass,” you retorted before marching right by him. You no longer had the patience for sweet little Sawada. You were going home and you were going to watch a movie and eat the left over take-out from yesterday. And you were not going to think about school or babies or Sawada the entire time.


Tsuna watched you leave, every muscle in his body tense. “I don’t think this is such a good idea, Reborn…we really don’t need to get (L/n)-san involved…”

The little hitman emerged from the bushes, a smile on his face. You had performed well, and he was quite excited to get you into the family. You would need a little training first, of course. But it wouldn’t be too difficult. You would certainly do well this summer.

“No. She’s perfect.”


INFO FOR VOTING~ (Because I dunno who I wanna write for, so I'm letting you decide~ And if only one person reviews, they get to call all the shots~ Yay you~)

So the voting will last for four or five chapters, with the fifth or sixth chapter introducing Daddy. So here are your options:


OR, since I cannot write for Hibari or Mukuro to save my life (and why would they take the time to help you take care of a baby anyway?) I'm gonna offer Dino up for grabs too~ He will come steal Rea-chan away from the Vongola~

Go forth my children and vote~

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