"Fluff Salad" by Kremlin_Dusk

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All names are English-manga edition. ^^;; Sorry if you don't approve, but I wrote it that way, and I personally believe in the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." The English-manga names worked for this fic, so that's what I wrote. On a seperate note, I like this one, because the fluff is soo cute! I originally had it cut off after Ryou said he liked it, but my sister said he was too out of character, and I agreed... Huggs and kisses to reviewers! Disclaimer: I do not own Tokyo Mew Mew, or its characters. I do, however, own this plot. =D (If I'm not the first, I at least have never seen this before. XP So I am original.)
“Please accept this chocolate!”

It was after closing, so only the Mew Mews, Ryou, and Keiichiro were there, and everyone in the café stared at Lettuce after her outburst, but mostly Ryou, the one she was offering the chocolate to.

“I worked really hard on it…” she said from her bowed position, hands stretched out in front of her.

All eyes turned to Ryou, who stared in surprise, then took the chocolate.

She straightened up somewhat to watch his reaction as he unwrapped a piece of chocolate and put it in his mouth.

The chocolate was quite delicious and melted on his tongue.

Lettuce waited nervously for his reaction, then he smiled and said, “Thank you, Lettuce! It’s delicious!”

She smiled. “Thank, you, Ryou!”

Ryou smile, if possible, deepened. 'Any amount of out of character happiness is worth seeing that smile…' he thought to himself.


A/n: So cute, ne? Another V-Day ficcie!! Yay!


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