"Masquerade Mansion" by Cleanvengeance

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Well, Halloween is soon here and I decided to do a Halloween special with my favorite bishies. Hopefully yours will be in it too. -- Here's the intro!
It was the perfect evening, at least for the kind of event you were on your way to. The sky was black with a cold, white moon spreading its eerie light over the ground, creating shadows that fooled the eye and sent chills down your spine. A soft breeze made the autumn leaves rustle and twirl in the wind, creating small spirals in the air for a few seconds before they fell down to the earth and the hard pavement below, where they got crushed under the sole of your shoes.

You glanced up at the big mansion in front of you, it only building up the strange feeling of excitement and terror with its size, narrow windows, dark bricks and small statues of what you believed were small gargoyles — or possible a big crow or two that had decided to rest for a bit, only making the mansion suit its purpose even more. Halloween was definitely in the air.

With a short gulp, you braced yourself and then started to take the last steps up to the house, wondering just how many people Elizabeta had invited to her “little party”. You were a bit suspicious about the little part since the last time she had invited you to what she claimed only was a small party, the whole world had been there — literally.

Pumpkins with candles inside stood on the steps as you passed, their grins shining sinisterly towards you. A similar shade of orange sipped through a curtain in the window close to the door, but other than that the house seemed deserted.

A shaky hand rose from your side and you waited for a few seconds, taking a deep breath, before you let it fall against the hard wood, your knuckles sending a deep knocking sound through the hallway on the inside.

Moments later, the door opened and revealed a smiling Elizabeta in a beautiful black and green dress, the skirt being torn and tattered. A hat rested on top of the brown tresses, the hat being partly covered in spider web, with a spider hanging from the tip.

“___!” she cheered, she immediately dragging you into the hall. “Welcome! Everyone has been waiting for you!”

You could hear voices speaking to each other in happy tones and in the corner of your eye you saw people move in a room a bit further away, in what you guessed was the main room for the party this evening. By the sound of it, Elizabeta had underestimated the turn-up — again.

“For me?” you asked while taking of your coat, Elizabeta quickly taking it from you before she shoved it into a closet in the dark hallway. She then turned towards you again, a cheerful grin grazing her lips as she clasped her hands together and nodded swiftly.

“Why yes, of course! Now the game can finally begin!” She winked at you, a soft giggle leaving her lips before she took your arm and then proceeded towards the living room where the rest of the participants were waiting.

“Game? What game?” you asked, feeling slightly nervous.

“Well, we thought that seven minutes wasn’t enough, so we made it into ‘All night in Heaven’.” Just as she uttered the name of the game you stepped into the living room, getting all of your suspicions justified as more people than you could count, all wearing different costumes and masks, were standing in the room while cheerfully talking to each other.

“And ___, you are the lucky number one!” Your world suddenly turned black as Elizabeta placed a blindfold over your eyes, you now only able to hear the people around you. However, they all soon became silent, you suspecting that they had started to notice what was happening in the doorway.

“Okay, listen up everyone! I want all of you to go to your accommodated rooms. Try to be as quiet as possible so you won’t reveal yourself to our waiting lady. Okay? Then, go!”

You got pulled to the side and then heard how the people inside the room started to move, some talking while others kept completely silent and almost moved like ghosts, you eventually not hearing anything else as the room had become empty.

“Alright, ___... Ready for an adventure?” Elizabeta asked you cheerfully while untying the blindfold, finally letting you see again. “All the doors that have a man inside have been marked with a ribbon around the handle. Once you have chosen a room you’ll stay there for the rest of the night. Do you understand?”

You nodded slowly.

“Great! Then I wish you good luck in finding that special someone~.” She gave you a short wink before she pushed you out into the corridor, her soft giggle ringing in your ear as you looked around and saw several ribbons tied around the doorknobs, you wondering just how many guys it had been at the party, and if he would be one of them. But there was only one way to find out — you had to choose a door.


So, which door did you choose?

Blue ribbon

Red ribbon

Orange ribbon

Black and white ribbon

Green ribbon

White ribbon

Gray ribbon

Red and gold ribbon

Black ribbon

Purple ribbon

Brown ribbon

White and red ribbon

Pink ribbon

Gold ribbon

Silver ribbon

Yellow ribbon

Red and purple ribbon

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