"Masquerade Mansion" by Cleanvengeance

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This is what started it all, that damn last sentence... It's just so damn hot :'3 (Hopefully I didn't mess it up...)
You weren’t known to be an outgoing person. In fact, you were quite the opposite. You were shy and almost invisible, like a female version of Matthew. You were that sweet and soft-spoken girl people tended to forget, except for Elizabeta. The Hungarian girl had somehow managed to break through your shell and had seen other sides of you, sides you only showed when she was around — probably mostly because she was the trigger to them.

So it didn’t surprise you that she had put on this charade of a fun game that really was her way of setting up people with each other, and mostly to set you up with that special someone you had been foolish enough to mention to her. The wink she had given you just before you had begun searching the big mansion made you sure of it.

“Damn Elizabeta…” you mumbled as you continued through a long corridor you weren’t sure you had used before, even though you had been in the mansion several times. But everything looked so different now in the dark, and when you weren’t able to walk through the house in the ordinary way — meaning using some of the doors that now had ribbons on them — made the house more into a maze than a mansion.

You rounded a corner and saw a few ribbons on the handles, you trying to figure out who might be waiting on the other side, Elizabeta’s choice of colors not really making any sense, but you guessed that it was all part of the game.

The search continued and you rounded yet another corner and reached a short stairway you decided to climb, winding up in a long corridor with only one door at the end, a small candle next to the door being the only light in the whole corridor.

A purple ribbon glimmered softly in the weak light. You tried to remember if anyone had been wearing purple in the living room when you had arrived, but the little you had been able to see contained no purple and you instead started to link it with one of your friends.

You hoped that it would one of your close friends, like Feliciano or Matthew, so you wouldn’t have to do anything of a more mature nature that you were certain some of the nations would try if it were them that waited on the other side.

You glanced over your shoulder, down into the dark by the foot of the stairs, considering turning around and choosing another door with a more… innocent color. For some reason, purple made you nervous — and being in a dark corridor all by yourself did nothing to soothe your nerves.

You could already hear Elizabeta’s mockery when you told her that you had turned around, especially if it was he who waited behind the purple door. She would tease you to no end if it turned out to be so — you couldn’t turn back now.

With a gulp, you turned back towards the door, walked through the dark corridor and put your hand on the handle, the ribbon feeling soft under your fingertips. Your heart beat faster in your chest, pounded against your ribcage, your bones feeling like they were on the verge to break.

“As long as it’s not Francis,” you mumbled, took a deep breath to calm yourself, and then slowly opened the door while repeating your previous thought.

As long as it’s not Fra-…

“Âllo, ___.”


You looked around the room while searching for the Frenchman, but instead opened your eyes big in awe when you saw how big it was. It was a big ballroom with big paintings on the walls, a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and beautiful windows on the sides, letting in the silver light from the moon. Marble statues stood along the walls and a big stair led even further up into the mansion at the other end of the room, more white statues standing guard by its foot.

Dust and spider web covered much of the room, but it couldn’t do anything to take away its beauty. Unless you hadn’t known that Elizabeta hadn’t used this room in decades, you could have believed it was all a part of the Halloween theme.

“It’s a beautiful room, non?” Francis suddenly appeared next to you. His blond hair was tied back with a ribbon similar to the one on the door. He wore a purple coat with intricate embroideries in silver on the cuffs and golden buttons arrayed the front. A purple cravat were tied around his neck and tucked into the vest that had a similar pattern as the cuffs, and a white shirt with lace, dark purple pants that ended by his knees, white silk stockings and a pair of shoes with a small heel perfected his baroque outfit.

“It’s… incredible,” you said in a low voice, you too surprised to form any longer sentences.

“Indeed,” he said with a low chuckle, a faint smile grazing his lips as his eyes went over the room, suddenly getting a distant glace as they got fixed on something you couldn’t see, he suddenly lost in his thoughts as you stood there and watched him with a slightly worried look.

“Francis?” you asked softly, causing the Frenchman to suddenly twitch and turn towards you, a big smile now back on his lips as he met your eyes.

“Ah, oui. Excuse-moi, mademoiselle,” he said while taking your hand in his. He then moved it towards his lips while making a graceful bow. “You look very beautiful tonight, ma chérie.”

The heat immediately rose to your cheeks and you lowered your face to look at the floor, doing your best to hide your burning cheeks as he straightened himself up and let out yet another chuckle, his hand still gently holding on to yours.

“T-th-ank you,” you mumbled, not really knowing what to do with yourself in situations like this, you mostly feeling like disappearing.

“Tu es très jolie,” he mumbled before he once more turned his head out towards the room, his eyes peering at something for a few seconds before he turned back towards you with a smirk on his lips. Mischief glittered in his eyes, but they quickly softened as he once more bowed in front of you.

“Can I have this dance?” he asked in a low voice, your eyebrows lowering a bit in confusion.

“But how are we sup-“ You turned silent as the low sound of a violin suddenly echoed through the big room, soon followed by a flute and a harp. A few seconds later more violins joined in and soon a small orchestra was playing a beautiful piece that made your heart quiver.

You gawped and looked around you, searched for the orchestra or some sort of CD-player, but you didn’t see anything. The room was empty, you and Francis being the only persons there. Still, the orchestra continued to play, the beautiful music filling the entire room.


“It’s Halloween… There’s magic in the air.” Francis gave you a mysterious grin before he gently tugged at your hand. “So how about a dance?”

You could only nod in reply and he slowly walked out to the middle of the room where he carefully placed one of your hands on his shoulder before he wrapped his arm around your waist and then took your other hand in his, all the while smiling charmingly towards you. “Ready?”

The music increased in strength as you and Francis took your first steps, the beauty almost sending tears to your eyes as you moved over the floor, feeling strangely safe in Francis arms as he gently steered you in the right direction, made you twirl and almost feel weightless.

A big smile started to curve your lips as the dance continued, the two of you moving from one spot of silver light to the other while passing the big windows. The marble statues stood as spectators, watching your graceful dance while the music reached a crescendo and Francis spun you in front of him before pulling you in close, just as the music stopped.

Another delicate tune started to play just a few seconds later, but the two of you stood still in the middle of the room, you only able to stare at him as his face was so close to yours. His blue orbs met your [e/c] ones and you could feel his breath on your skin.

“This… is amazing,” you whispered, afraid that if you talked too loud you would break the spell.

“Non, mon amour… Not yet.” Francis smiled sweetly towards you, the pounding in your chest suddenly getting heavier as his face came closer and closer.

You shut your eyes just as your lips met in a passionate kiss, a wave of bliss going through your body at the sensation of his lips pressed against yours. They felt so soft, so wonderful. It was almost too good to be true.

“Is this a dream?” you asked once the kiss ended, your eyes still being closed.

“Non, ___...” he said softly, a hand gently caressing your cheek. “But we have the whole night to fulfill all of them.”

You slowly opened your eyes and looked at his smiling face, you still not able to believe that this was actually happening, that he actually was there and that he would be there with you for the entire night. “So… what do you want?”

Francis smirked and then leaned closer to you and placed his lips by your ear, his voice being deep and draped with lust when he spoke. “Je veux faire l’amour avec toi tout la nuit, ma chérie…”

âllo — hello
non — no
oui — yes
ma chérie — my dear
mon amour — my love
excuse-moi, mademoiselle — excuse me, miss
tu es très jolie — you are very cute
je veux faire l’amour avec toi tout la nuit, ma chérie — I want to make love to you all night, my dear

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