"Kitchen Sink" by Wanderer

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So. Durarara!!. I'm officially addicted. Baccano! as well, but DRRR is just... special. I'm anxiously waiting for more novel translations and/or a second season of the anime (Aniplex said they'd make one if there was demand, and there's friggin' demand), but while I'm waiting I've got this to play with~

Just FYI, I've got a basic premise/sketchy plot for the story, but I haven't decided on a pairing, and some plot-ish stuff could go either way. Or some other way. Or whatever. As I said, I'm playing with this; everything and anything is subject to changes and plot twists. Reviews and suggestions may sway the story, of course.

Oh, and I've been reading the novels. And TVTropes, and the wiki, and... Thus, there'll probably be spoilers. Don't want don't read. I heavily suggest reading the novels, though.

Disclaimer: Narita-sensei is an utterly brilliant author with the necessarily convoluted mind to come up with astounding storylines and startling plot twists. I only wish I was that cool.
[Hey, everybody!

Sorry I've been gone for so long; it's seriously been years now! Given that it's been so long–and nobody's in the chatroom–I wouldn't normally bother sending this. Bu~t...

I happened to move to Ikebukuro recently, and I've been hearing rumors about the Dollars. People are even saying that the legendary Headless Rider is a member.

So I've just gotta ask: what's going on? Did Dollars somehow become real, or did somebody steal the name?

Dx I'm so lost! What's happening? Please tell me!]


Mikado read through the email again, not totally registering what was going on. He recognized the address; it belonged to an old online friend who had drifted away from the group he had formed Dollars with. She–she claimed to be female, and he had no real reason to suspect otherwise–had wound up going abroad for a few years, and eventually stopped going on Japanese sites. During the times she did talk to their group, she'd mentioned practicing English, as well as an increasingly busy schedule. Finally, she just sort of went inactive.

He hadn't even thought of her for quite a while. Now she was apparently back in Japan–in Ikebukuro, even–and interested in the Dollars.

His hands paused over the keyboard for a moment, hesitant, before he started typing.


[Hello again!

Wow, it's really been a long time. I barely even remembered you, lol. It's awesome that you're in Ikebukuro now! You were in... um... America, right?

About the Dollars. Yeah, it looks like it has become something real. It's sort of exciting! A lot of stuff has happened, but basically it's a real group, online and irl. Nobody knows where it comes from, though, lol.

Actually, everybody else kind of ditched the Dollars. Everyone involved in starting it–except you and me–changed their online handles once it started becoming real. Dollars kept growing, though, and now it's a force all its own because of the members.

But living in Ikebukuro, you can't pretend the Dollars don't exist. I should know, I live there too! It's important to know what's going on; you don't want to accidentally get into trouble.

Anyway, welcome back to Japan–and to Ikebukuro!]


[Oh, thank god! I'm so happy you replied, no one else has answered me at all! Although judging from your email, that sort of makes sense.

Yup, I was in San Francisco, California! Most of the time, at least. I visited other places, too. But I lived there, really. I got used to living in a big city, which is partially why I moved to Ikebukuro instead of back home. Plus, Ikebukuro is just fun!

Speaking of which, Dollars being real is so exciting! I heard that they've actually had gatherings. Wow! I guess it's not such a "daradara" group now, lol. But that's so cool~!

It must've been hard for you to be the only one of us left. Those guys are jerks for ditching the Dollars and leaving all the work to you! Well, I guess it shouldn't be work, exactly, since it's not like you have to lead the Dollars. But they're being jerks to the ideal.

I'm planning to officially join Dollars as "just a member." I can't even remember my old account names or anything (except the site's actual password, lol), so I'll be starting fresh. It feels right; I left for a few years, and I've changed, and the Dollars have changed. Starting anew is a good thing.

But if you ever need help–online, with Dollars, or irl in Ikebukuro–you can always ask me!

Friends should stick together, after all. Even online friends. ^-^]


[Thanks! You can ask me anytime you need help, too. =)]


Your email has been sent.

Mikado's hand tightened on the mouse for a second before he sighed and leaned back in his chair. This girl had no idea what had been going on, so she couldn't be blamed.

But she'd just made Mikado's life that much more complicated.

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