"As The Years Go By..." by Zecrea

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I intended for this to be a family fic, really. Romance is on the side~! :D (And definitely staged for 10 years later, so please look forward to it?)

On another note: This chapter is written in Tsuna's point of view.
Sawada Tsunayoshi stared, caramel eyes unblinking, at the very very small figure before him.

Large apathetic eyes returned the look unhesitatingly, a tense silence engulfing the area.

Suddenly, the little girl spoke, forcing the oddly nervous boy to jump in surprise at the sound of her monotone voice:

“[Name], five years old.”

As she said this, her right hand came up to emphasise her point, the five tiny digits held up for him to see.

The toffee haired boy blinked.

“Uh, my name's Sawada Tsunayoshi... Fourteen years old?” He produced, awkwardly.

“So, uh... [N-Name]-chan, what are you doing here?” Tsuna asked hesitantly, despite his hyper intuition screaming at him to slam the door and bolt it shut.

The brown haired boy stumbled back in surprise when he saw the little girl's eyes flash almost threateningly. 'Hiiiii-!'

“I'm staying with you.” She replied, a bit too articulate for his liking. He would later realise that good articulation in toddlers would spell years of misery for the poor boy.

Tsuna froze, his mind doing a mental backtrack. He reviewed what the little girl before him had just so callously said...


The caramel eyed boy could only blame that demon hitman baby from hell Reborn for this awkward predicament.

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