"Christmas Cookie Dough" by Cheerfulhope

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Sorry for coming up with this so late in the game. It just came to me yesterday when I made a batch of sugar cookies. Also, it might be a little OOC because I don't know the characters that well yet.
Fallingrain: Those things were cookies?
Happypenguin: They weren't that bad, just a little hard... and bitter. It was really very interesting.
Me: ^-^: I guess I screwed up the recipe.
Fallingrain: Ya' think?
Me: T.T
Fallingrain: T.T
Happypenguin: Wee! I love staring contests! T.T
Me: I don't own bleach, so please don't kill me, or better yet, kill me on the last day of winter break. (Test monday) Also, I mean no offense to people who don't celebrate this holiday.
Your green and red Christmas apron is splotched with flour and remnants of powdered sugar and baking powder. Beneath that is a light pink t-shirt with a Christmas tree in the middle, expressing the joy of the season. Determination brims your chestnut eyes, matching your dark brown hair. Struggling with the dough, you bite your lower lip in anxiety. Using the palms of your hands, you knead the dough, powdered sugar sticking almost instantaneously. You pick up the dough to reposition it. As is plops down onto the cutting board, a cloud of white fog engulfs the room, layering everything in the room in a snowy glaze-including you. A soft chuckle escapes your lips, turning into a louder laughing fit. You have to admit this was a nice touch to the otherwise bland room. Unfortunately, you'll definitely have to clean up the room or your whole team could suffer consequences for being unclean.

Deciding to clean it up later, you start to get out your special cookie cutters from your holiday cabinet- yes, you're that obsessed with the holidays. Christmas trees, gingerbread men, wreathes, snowmen, all types of cute things inhabit your collection. Powdered sugar sticks to the cutter as you press it into the dough. You extract the shapes gingerly, being careful not to distort the figure. You place them onto the lightly greased wax paper atop of a bright metal baking pan, humming carols all the while. The heat emanates from the oven, creating an aura of radiation.

About ten minutes later, the timer rings...


Slipping on your oven mitts, you walk towards the oven. Heat implodes in your face as you guide the door down. Carefully, you take out the baking pan, the sweet scent wafting through the entire room as you bring the cookies out of the oven. Heat particles break through the protective barriers of your even mitts as you place the pan on the counter. Feeling satisfied with your creation, you smile to yourself.

"I hope everyone likes them"


You walk down the empty hallway, dressed in your black death god robe, hair tied with two ribbons; one white, the other black. In your arms is a huge basket full of goody bags with the cookies you'd baked recently. Light rays hover over you, enhancing your radiance. As soon as you take your tenth step, who else but your captain walks down with his vice captain on the right side.

"Good evening Captain Kuchiki, Vice Captain Abarai," you greet them cheerfully.

Of course, the captain is silent and doesn't answer as always, but unlike the introverted captain, Abarai responds happily. "Hello (Y/N)-san, how's it going?"

"Oh, I'm well. I didn't get in any training yet, but I'll work twice as hard tomorrow. I promise!"

"Well, don't push it too hard. You don't want to spoil a perfectly good holiday do you?"

"Mhn, no. I guess not."

"Ok, well, see you at the Christmas party then."

"Ok. Oh, I almost forgot!" you rummage through the basket, shiny curled ribbon shimmering in the sunlight-or whatever it was that provided soul society's natural lighting. Finally able to find it, you pull out the little baggies with high hopes that your superiors will like them.

"Here you go, I hope you like them!"

"Thank you. See you later then."

You continue down the hallway, heading towards the forest. Surely, you could find some more of your friends there. Although a lot of the soul reapers were relatively friendly, most of them were definitely workaholics. Green scenery surrounds you as you walk into the forest, searching for any spiritual energy. Just as you thought, there are two presences. both of them are huge and powerful. Right off the bat, you can tell that it's Captain of the eleventh squad, Zaraki and his vice captain, Kusajishi. At first, you're a little hesitant. After all, both of them could easily rip you to shreds within a second, but you decide to give them their cookies anyway. It's Christmas after all, no one could possibly think of fighting today. Could they?

With that thought, you stop for a second, but continue on despite a gnawing poetic epitaph in mind. It seems that they're looking for something when you're finally in sight of them.

"Um, Captain Zaraki? Vice Captain Kusajishi?" you murmur quietly. Maybe this was suicide, but at least you were able to talk this time, right?

They both look over at frightened little you in curiosity.

The vice captain, being her usual self yells over excitedly, "HIIIII MOUSIE-CHAN!"


You ignore the thought and pick out their goody-bags. Clear plastic, the bags are far from obscuring a view of the holiday cookies. You read their names on the tags, discovering that you forgot to write yours on the bags.

Hm, I don't have a pen with me right now. I guess no one would really mind.

"Um, here you go. I hope you like these cookies! I made them myself!" quickly, you hand off the treats.

"Hm? Oh, thank you Mousie-chan!" thanks the vice captain hyperactively.

"Yeah, uh thanks," replies a shocked Captain Zaraki.

You walk out of the forest, faster than your normal speed-in fact, you're almost running- and a little anxious to find more approachable people on your list.

You head over to Captain Ukitake's room. Surely, he and his third seat officers, Kotetsu and Kotsubaki would be there. As soon as you lightly knock on the door you hear squabbling. Something about opening the door for the captain first. Both of them open the fragile door and shock you to death.

"(Y/N)-chan?" they say in unison.

"Uh... hi? Er, sorry to bother you, but I made cookies for everyone and I wanted to give you all yours," You look in the basket and immediately find theirs, handing theirs to them with your free hand.

"Who is it?" asks a gentle voice in the background.

"It's (Y/N)-san," They answer.

You hear something like someone getting up off of a bed as the two third-seats move aside, no longer hiding the captain's image from you. His warm smile embraces you, causing you to blush a bit.

Just give him the cookies. Relax, okay, calm down.

"Hello (Y/N)-san. What brings you here?" asks one of the kindest captains in all thirteen divisions.

"Um, well... I made cookies for everyone and I'm delivering them in person," you reply quietly.

You fumble through the basket full of baggies and find his.

"Um, here's yours. I hope you like them. I made them myself. Happy Holidays!" Quivering, you hand him the bag as gently and delicately as you can, hoping not to leave a bad impression on him.

"Thank you, I hope you have a happy holiday too," A gentle smile radiates off of his soft facial features.

"Right! Enjoy the cookies!" you wave goodbye and walk off, relieved that the ordeal is over.


After a couple more hours of your giving-spree, you head to Captain Hitsugaya's office. You knock on the door lightly, but not so lightly that it can't be heard. Three seconds pass by and the door opens to reveal the captain. You'd spotted the vice captain earlier, right after your visit to Captain Ukitake's room. It was odd that she wasn't here with Captain Hitsugaya. Most Vice captains stayed with their captains. It was sort of a given.

"(Y/N)-san?" for some reason, he's astonished to see you.

"Um, yeah I came by to-"

He cuts you off, "I'm sorry, but things are a little crazy right now."


"Almost all of the captains and vice captains have food poisoning except for captain Unohana, her vice, and myself."

I forgot to wash the cookie cutters!

"F-food poisoning?"

"Yeah, apparently, everyone got sick off of some pastry."

"Um, cookies."

"Yeah, cookies. Wait how did you-"

"A guess?"

"Right, well, be careful okay?"

"Yeah, sure." The room spins around you as you fall to the floor.

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