""Meet my brother!"" by RedMouse

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...What is this?

Well, I needed to write/post this before the storm hits.

Wrote in five minutes, hence why it's pretty suck-y.

It was so hot. Why did America like this!? You were covered in gross, sticky sweat.



"Why the hell did you bring me to Arizona in the middle of July?" You glared at him, hands on hips and lips in a pout. Being in triple digit heat was not amusing.

"I just wanted you to meet my brother! The dude's pretty cool, [name]!" he happily answered.

"You don't even have a freakin' air conditioner of any sort! I'm stuck in a car with heats of a hundred and three, I'm not happy."

Looking confused, America replied, "but I thought you'd like to meet him. After all, he's been asking to meet you."

"R-really?" America's confession had suddenly made you perk up. Arizonia wanted to meet you? He must be so sweet!

"Yep! I happen to talk about you to him all the time, y'know? He seems to like you."

At this point, you were grinning so much at the thought of both America and his little brother liking you that you were almost positive your face might split. You were much happier about going now.

[Extended Ending]

"Aw, she's pretty cute, bro!"

"I know right? [name], this is Arizona, say hi."


"Hey 'Merica, you were right about her boobs being little. Oh well, she's still cool."

America motioned for his brother to not talk about that, he hadn't ever told you about that thought of his...

"America, dammit! Why the hell would you talk about my boob size to your brother!?" Cue violent kick to your boyfriend's head and a nervous Arizona slowly backing away.

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