"Better Than You Think" by BlackMystique

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BlackMystique: Hello everyone! This is a Christmas fic! It is short I know, but I feel lazy. Oh…and I guess you can call this a fic for New Year too. This was also originally suppose to be a birthday fic. So if it’s your birthday or near it, view it is your birthday fic, =P

Disclaimer: BlackMystique does not own Yu-Gi-Oh! Or any of the characters in it. She does not own the game Duel Monsters or any of the monsters such as the BEWD. BlackMystique does not own many things. BlackMystique does not own you. I don’t think she even owns–

BlackMystique: Shut up before I fire you!
“I am irrevocably and undeniably in love with him and nothing will ever change that. Even if he never returns my feelings.”

Better Than You Think

You hated him with all your heart. Keyword: Hated. In the time you’ve known him, all he has ever done is hate you and put you down. That is one of the reasons you love him so much. He treated you the same as he treated everybody and he treated you differently than how everybody treated you. You see, the thing is, you are quite popular. You don’t know why, but you just are. Everyone praised you except him and you like him because of that. The reason you love him though is because when you look into his eyes, you can’t help but become mesmerized and enchanted. When they said that your eyes are the windows to your soul, they weren’t joking. His eyes showed a cloud of emotions ranging from sadness to love. Love for his brother of course. Maybe one day his eyes will hold a love for you. Maybe.

It’s a day before Christmas now. One day. Winter vacation is going quite well for you except for the fact that you keep running into the one that you were so terribly in love with. It would’ve been a good thing if he actually liked you, but we’re talking about Seto Kaiba here. It’s never going to happen no matter how hard you wish it. You hate yourself for loving him, after all, the two of you were never meant to be. He is too good for you. He is a fantasy that will never come true. You sigh and continue your walk down the busy snow-covered street. Snow, such a wondrous thing it is. Each snowflake different and no two are ever the same. You smile, as you look at all the merry couples holding hands. Oh how you wish to have someone to love you as much as you would love him. Oh how you wish.

You stop in front of a jewelry store to look at the jewelry on display. You gasp when you see one of the most beautiful looking necklaces ever. It was a Japanese dragon wrapped around a clear, flawless-looking crystal. You don’t bother looking at the price though, because you know you can’t afford it. You decide to head to the mall, hoping it won’t be too crowed with procrastinating/late shoppers.

After a little looking around, you find the most adorable thing. Duel monster plushies! You just have to buy one! Paying for the plushies you begin walking home. At home, you take your plushies out. You had bought two Blue Eyes White Dragons, cute and adorable. Your reason for buying two… well actually you have no idea as to why you bought two. The only explanation is a feeling. Not a very good explanation but one nonetheless.

Ah…Christmas! You wake up with a bright smile on your face. You have always loved Christmas and just because a certain CEO just has to hate you doesn’t mean he can ruin Christmas! You hop out of bed and went through your daily routine. After finishing that, you bound into the living room and over to your tree. Smiling brightly, you pick up a small package that your mom sent you. Before you could open it, the doorbell rang. You look up in surprise, after all, who could that be? When you open the door you find no one there. All that was there was a package. Picking it up curiously, you check it for a name. There was nothing.

You head back inside and look at the package for a long moment. Carefully, you pick it up and open it slowly. What you find bewilders you. Inside is a fabulous looking dress, deep crimson red in color. It is a strapless gown, fit for a princess. You pick the dress up and hold it up to your body. It looks about your size. You then notice a small box at your feet. You put the dress down and pick the box up. Opening it you find your eyes widening. The box contains the same necklace you had been looking at when you were out shopping. Whoever gave you all of this must either be really good at guessing what you like and your size, or they’re stalking you. You shudder when you think of the latter. You put away the dress hoping that there will be something you can where that dress to.

You smile slightly and head out to see if you can find anything to do. After finding such a magnificent gift, you decided to save the others for later. The snow had stopped but the streets were still filled with the icy white stuff. Your feet crunch as you walk around aimlessly. Not looking where you’re going you collide with something soft, but firm. A hand encircles your waist and you look into the mesmerizing azure pools of none other than Seto Kaiba himself. He blinks and lets go of you as you regain your balance. Without a word he leaves you standing there in the cold.

“That was weird. Usually he would say something like, ‘Watch where you’re going!’ or something around there,” you think as you watch his diminishing form.

You decide to dismiss the thought and head back to the warmth of your home. Why did you even go out in the first place? Hm, whatever. When you reach the door, you find an envelope at your doorstep. Picking it up you open the door and go inside. After putting away your belongings, you open the envelope and find an invitation. It read:

Dear Mister/Miss/Missus,
You are cordially invited to attend a formal party the date of Saturday, December 31, 2006. The part will be held at the ANA Hotel Tokyo. It is a party celebrating the New Year and a late party for an occasion that will be revealed at the party. Please dress accordingly and I hope to see you there.

You looked for a name but found none. It was a party at a hotel though, so it wouldn’t be dangerous. You’ll be able to wear your new dress too. You smile at the thought.

“I wonder who this person is…”

It is the night of the party and you are anxious to meet the person who sent you the gifts. It’s not every Christmas that you get such expensive and magnificent items. You are also excited because it is almost New Year. You smile brightly as you head into the ballroom after presenting your name to the guard outside. Inside, you find many people you recognize. You friends, Yugi, Anzu, Honda, Jonouchi, Mai, Otogi, Ryou, and Shizuka are all there. You also spot Mokuba somewhere amongst the people. Most of the people there are friends from school and people you know.

You head over to the group and begin conversing with them. After a few minutes, you hear a familiar voice announcing something.

“Welcome to my New Years’ Bash. You should all thank Mokuba for this because he talked me into it,” Seto announced.

He sounds annoyed and you let out a soft laugh when you hear the last part.

“The occasion mentioned in the letter is the birthday of one of our fellow classmate. You all probably know who I’m talking about,” Seto continued.

He didn’t sound as annoyed as he did before. You didn’t pay any mind to that though because as soon as he finished everyone yelled out, “Happy belated birthday!”

You thank everyone and push your way out of the crowd. If this is his party and he planned the birthday thing then it must mean…

“Kaiba, wait!” You exclaim as you try to catch up to him.

Pushing through a crowd and running in heels isn’t an easy feat, but you somehow manage. You catch up to him a notice that he had slowed down so that you could match his stride.

“Why?” was the only word that came out of your mouth.

“Hn, it was Mokuba’s idea,” he replied curtly.

“But you complied!” You yelled.

Seto was quiet. You waited, hoping he would say something soon.

“I don’t know,” he spoke softly.

You blink. The Seto Kaiba didn’t know something. You smile and glomp him. Seto falls back slightly, surprised by your sudden actions.

“You know what? I don’t need an answer. I just want to say I love you,” You whispered softly in his ear.

Seto blushed, though it is hard to notice. You merely hug him, because you know he cares, even if he doesn’t admit it.

You smile when you hear Seto say, “Happy birthday.”

“Merry Christmas.”

“Happy New Year.”

You stick your tongue out at him and kiss his nose. Satisfied with his reaction, which is a slight blush, you lay your head on his chest and close your eyes.

This wasn’t just a good winter break. It was the greatest!

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