"Annoying Valentine" by BlackMystique

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BlackMystique: Happy birthday, merry Christmas, and happy new year Shay! ^.^ And the latter two to everyone else unless your birthday is also in this month. ^.^ Hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: BM does not own Final Fantasy VII or any of it’s characters or you.

A snowflake…a marvelous thing it is. When you look at it, it is the same as every other one. But under a microscope, it is different. Every snowflake is different from the other, no two ever the same. But the snowflakes are also the same. Snowflakes are snowflakes; they share the same name. They make up snow, the icy, wet thing that children like to play in so much. And people are like snow. Everyone is a person, and every person is the same but different. People don’t seem to get that a human is a human, no matter what he looks like. They begin to hate people for looking different. Racism and ethnic cleansing, these two things were caused by people who hate others because of how they look and what they believe in. In the end, the only thing that’s really accomplished is pain and sadness. There are some people who don’t care about looks though. People like the parents of a young girl named (f/n) (l/n). Though they have gone, she still remembers their lessons. “Don’t hate people because of how they look. Befriend people who are shunned because of their appearances.”

You hum merrily as you skip down the tan-colored cobblestone path. After a while of skipping, you notice that you’ve skipped off the path you were formerly on. Looking at your surroundings, you spot and old looking mansion that you had never seen before in you few years of life. How you missed such a thing is beyond me. Deciding to go in for a look around, you manage to open the door and find yourself in a dusty, dull and dark hall. You walk towards a random door and open it. Peeking inside, all you see is darkness. When you take a step forward, you almost fall.
“Stairs,” You say, annoyed.
You walk down the steps meticulously, making sure you didn’t lose your balance. You wouldn’t want to do that, now would you? You wait for your eyes to adjust. When you can finally see, you spot the outline of a large, ornate coffin nearby. You started walking towards it, but the incident in which you almost fell down the stares wasn’t credited only to the darkness. You trip over your own feet and stumble forward landing on the formerly mentioned coffin.
“Ow!” You exclaim.
You push your body off the coffin and turn around. You jump. There stood a man, ghastly white with crimson eyes that gave off a slight, unusual glow.
“Oh my god! When did you get there?” You ask, obviously surprised.
“I’ve been here for a while. Now the real question is why are you here?” the man queries, looking at you with scrutiny.
“I wanted to explore. Why do you ask?” You reply.
“You do not need to know my reason.”
“What if I do need to know your reason?”
“You don’t.”
“Well then, what is your name?”
“Why do you need to know?”
“Because. My name’s (f/n) (l/n).”
“Vincent Valentine.”
“Are you related to Saint Valentine?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure.”
You smile happily. Vincent looks really cool. He is wearing this awesome cloak thing.
“Can I touch your godlike totally cool crimson red cloak of awesomeness?”
Vincent stares at you blankly. You stare back. A deafening silence fills the room. Stare…After a while of that, Vincent turns around with a swoosh of his cloak and walks away.
He then pauses and says, ”You should leave.”
“Alright. I’m coming back tomorrow!” You yell and swiftly departs.
“What is there in a place like this that there is worth coming back for?” Vincent thinks. “She’s crazy.”

~The Next Day~
“Sweet, sweet Valentine? Oh will you please be mine?” You sing as you enter the Shinra Mansion.
Vincent, who had suddenly appeared, once again stares blankly at you.
“Are you sure?”
“Absolutely positively sure?”
“I love your hair. What kind of shampoo do you use?”
“Your skin is so pale and smooth. I’m jealous!”
You ask him many questions as you sit on the bottom step of the once elegant staircase of the Shinra mansion. Even though he doesn’t answer, it is fun talking to him. You don’t talk to many people because most people didn’t have the time to listen to you. Since Vincent pretty much didn’t care, you can finally talk without being told to go away. As it began to get dark, you tell Vincent that’ll you’ll be back the next day.

~Another Day~

“Lalala!” you sing, walking into the mansion.
You wave at Vincent and sit on your spot on the stairs again.
“Hiya Vincent. How are you? Did you have a nice night?” you start.
You continue asking questions and talking about random things. But you soon stop. The reason for your abrupt stop is what Vincent had said.
“You’re annoying.”
Vincent’s eyes narrow slightly, and you stare into them. Those red eyes…You stand up and look away.
“I’m sorry. I guess I shouldn’t talk so much. I’m sorry for bothering you,” You say softly.
With those words, you leave. You’ll probably never come back. Now, there is no reason to.
Vincent grunted and something flashed through his eyes. It disappears quickly though and soon, the room is empty, with no trace that anyone has been near it at all.

~3 years later~

“Hey (f/n), I dare you to go into that mansion!” a guy around your age (17) says.
You glare at him and reply, “Fine, I will.”
You walk towards the mansion that you had sealed your happiness in three years ago. When Vincent had told you to leave, you felt like no one cared anymore. You still feel that way now. Even though there are people who talk to you sometimes, you feel as if they don’t care. They probably don’t. And Vincent never actually cared. Why would he?

~With Vincent~

It has been three years and still that girl, (f/n), lingers in his mind. She had been the only person who accepted him regardless of his appearance. She wasn’t scared of him. It has been three years…and she’ll never come back. Why did this girl make him feel so regretful? So regretful…

~Back With You~

You step into the mansion slowly. Maybe…maybe you’ll find Vincent? He doesn’t care though. Why is it that you want to find him so much? You look around and then you look at the door to the basement. Should you? You bit your lips and head towards the door.
“What are you doing here?”
You jump and turn around, a frightened look on your face. You relax though, when you see Vincent.
“I was dared,” you reply.
“Leave,” he pretty much commands you.
He turns and begins walking into the basement.
“I haven’t seen you in a while you know, why do ya have to be so cold?”
He ignores you and continues walking. You run after him, making sure not to trip down the stairs.

~10 minutes later~

“Are you okay?”
“Really? You don’t seem okay.”
“Are you sure?”
By now you have asked him many, many questions…you have a reason though.
“Are your eyes red?”
“Can I kiss you?”
Hah. You knew he was going to say that. After the tenth question, he has been answering yes to every single one. You smile evilly…well, kind of evilly. Fine! It wasn’t evil looking! You glomp Vincent and kiss him. When you pull away, he has this slight startled look. You look at him innocent.
“I did ask you know.”
There is a silence.
“You never listen to me, if you listened then you would’ve known.”
There is the silence again. You soon get bored and begin to talk.
“You know, it’s almost Christmas, and I want it to snow, but it’s not snowing!”
You complain more and after about 2 minutes, Vincent decides to shut you up. Yes…he shuts you up with his lips.
“If you look outside, you’ll know it’s snowing and happy birthday,” he says.
“It’s snowi--…wait a minute! Did you just say happy birthday?”
“I never said I don’t.”

BlackMystique: Hehe… Yup, this is Shay’s (Hikari_no_Kage) b-day fic! Lalala! I hope she’ll like it. Tell me if you like it Shay! It’s short…not very detailed…and has more dialogue then anything. I kinda rushed it…I didn’t have inspiration…and random other stuff, but still, at least I wrote something, right? I even finished this because you now like Vinny more than Seto…so I’m using Seto for my Christmas fic thing…maybe…Hehe. Hmm…I should explain the ending. Remember when you said he never paid attention. That’s his reply to that.

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