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BlackMystique: It’s Christmas and I’m trying to write all sorts of things. >.> I’m either…really excited about the holidays or crazy. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter...I mean former. Yea, that's it.

Disclaimer: BM does not own YGOGX or any of its characters. She does not own you. She does not own any of the holidays that may be mentioned. She owns the plot though. And she certainly owns her insanity.

BlackMystique: I’m pretty sure I told you about firing you…
Dear Diary,
I saw him today at the docks. I didn’t talk to him though. I’d be way too nervous. Besides…I don’t deserve him. I’m plain, boring, and only average at dueling. He’s…well he’s amazing and indescribable. I guess I’ll continue to watch him from afar. Even if I had the courage to talk to him, he’d just reject me. He doesn’t want love. I would know. I’ve seen him reject many girls. I guess I’m afraid that if I tell him he’d reject me too. I wouldn’t want to just walk up to him and start talking to him anyway. He doesn’t know me. He doesn’t notice me.
This has to be the first time I’ve talked so much about him. It’s probably because I realize I don’t have a chance. I’m not giving up on anything I’m doing though. Maybe someday I’ll get the courage to befriend him. After a while, maybe I’ll be able to tell him. That is, if I ever decide to let him know how I feel about him. Marufuji, Ryou…you’re killing me.

You turn off the lamp and lie down on your bed. Yes, you, and probably many, many other girls, are in love with our lovable Kaiser. Lovable…that doesn’t fit him. Or maybe it does. Well…he’s still as indescribable as ever. Well…you can call him calm and quiet, that’s for sure. Intelligent is another adjective that suits him. When it comes to describing him with affection though, you can’t say a thing about his personality and how “lovable” he is.
No matter, you love him for who he is. You don’t know him much, but you know him enough to feel an attraction that has more to do with personality than looks. He is a bit more open around his brother than he is around anyone else. You don’t stalk him, but you do see him a lot. You just somehow always find yourself at the exact same place he is. You don’t know why, but you feel as if someone is causing all of this to happen.
Fate is controlling you and your actions. Your fears, your thoughts…Fate is using everything she knows about you, and playing out your life. What exactly is she trying to do though?

You sprint as quickly as you can, trying to dodge pass people. You had woken up late, and you need to get to class. You turn a corner too quickly and collide into someone. You had dropped all your belongings and began to gather them hurriedly.
“I am so sorry,” you exclaim.
You look up and find that the person you bumped into was Tenjoin, Fubuki, the Kaiser’s best friend.
“It’s alright. No one’s injured, right?” Fubuki said, smiling.
You give him a small smile and look at your watch.
“Oh gosh, I have 30 seconds. I’ll see you around!” you yell, running towards class.
You step into the classroom right when the tardy bell rings. Breathing heavily, you take a seat in the upper right corner. You open your notebook and begin to take notes as you listen to the lesson.

After class, you walk towards the courtyard. You look around and spot Fubuki bounding up to you.
“I have…a request.”

~Fubuki’s POV~

I wave goodbye to the girl. I then notice something…teal on the ground. She must’ve dropped it. It looks like a diary. I usually don’t go through people’s personal belongings, but for some reason, I’m curious as to what is in it. I head to the courtyard and find a seat. Slowly, I open the diary.
I read through all her entries. As I had said before, I usually don’t do this. What made me read this was the fact that Ryou’s name appears in every entry. It seems that someone has a little crush. I read the last entry. That is the exact moment an idea pops into my head…now, to find our female star.

“A request?” you question.
“Yes. It’s quite simple really, and I know you’ll be happy to comply.”
“Oh really?”
“It’s either go with my plan or I tell the school you secrets.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Well, I found this diary right here…”
“My diary!”
“Ah, ah, ah.”
“Fine, what do you want?”
“This probably won’t benefit me, but it’ll benefit you and our one and only Kaiser,” Fubuki begins.
“I see you have a little self-esteem problem, and well, let’s just say you’re the person I need for my plan to work.”
“You should know that Ryou rejects every girl who tells him she loves him; you did write it down after all.”
“Can you just get to the point?” You exclaim.
“Sure, fine, whatever. I want you to help me so I can hook you two up. It’s a two weeks till Christmas you know. Why don’t we call it…a Christmas present?” Fubuki tells you, slyly I might add.
“You know this isn’t going to work, right?” You ask.
“It’ll work. I’ll make it work!” Fubuki now has this…evil look.
“O-kay then…I’ll see you later.”
Fubuki merely waves as he begins scheming. A wonderful Christmas this will be.

“Hey! Kaiser!” Fubuki calls out.
Ryou stops walking and turns around to meet his best friend.
“What is it?”
“I’m planning on staying here for the holidays. Think you can stay with me?”
“Why exactly are you staying here?”
“I have a feeling something nice is going to happen.”
“Kaa-san will be upset.”
“C’mon Kaiser! It’s just one Christmas. You’ll have many more. Shou’s staying isn’t he?”
“I can’t.”
“If you stay, I promise that your mom will be very happy when you graduate.”
Ryou looks at Fubuki with a look that says “You’re crazy.” Or something more in character. I’m not really sure how Ryou would look at Fubuki. I know I’d probably look at him as if he’s crazy.
“What do you mean by that?”
“Nothing really important. Not yet anyway,” Fubuki replies, mumbling the last part.
Well…after a very, very, very, very long talk full of persuading and, well, persuading, Fubuki manages to get Ryou to stay for the holidays.

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way! Oh what f–Oh alright, I’ll stop singing and continue with the fic. No Christmas spirit whatsoever, jeez.

It is now the next day and if we look, we will find Fubuki wandering around campus…Yes, he’s wandering around campus. Oh lookie, there you are!

You stand, your arms cross, waiting very patiently.

“Hello (f/n)!” Fubuki cheerfully greets you.
“I’ve been standing out here for ten whole minutes. It’s freezing cold out here!” You yell, obviously mad.
“Well sor-ry! I was busy planning,” Fubuki replies.
“Well?” You ask.
“I’ll introduce you to him today!” Fubuki says triumphantly.
“Is that all?” You ask, raising an eyebrow.
“Well…I wasn’t able to think of anything,” Fubuki states sheepishly.
You sigh.
“Fine, you can introduce us. Maybe we can bring along is younger brother and Yuki-san. Then…”
“We should bring Asuka too. We’ll go ice-skating!”
“Okay…Marufuji-kun ice-skates?”
“Actually…I’m not sure.”
You face-fault and then pick yourself up. This guy is the Master of Love?
“Okay…we can try to get him to ice skate. Hey…maybe we can include the other three in this weird plan of yours and have Shou use teh ebil eyes of DOOM!”
“Did you have sugar?”
“Look who’s asking.”
“Let’s just go.”
“Aye, aye captain! Where to first?” You ask.
“The Osiris dorm, muhaha!” Fubuki laughs evilly.
“You need to work on that laugh.”
“I know.”

“So you want to get nii-san a girlfriend?” Shou asks Fubuki.
“Yes! I found the perfect person too!”
They hear a crash outside.
“Damnit, stop looking at me!”
“Umm…maybe not perfect, but still good.”
Shou laughs nervously, “She’s nice, right?”
Fubuki doesn’t get to reply, though, because you come in.
“Some idiot out there keeps staring at me…and he’s drooling a whole bunch. Don’t you Osiris’ get girls?”
“Not really. The girls are Obelisk Blues after all,” Shou replies.
“Oh, that’s right! That’s still no excuse for staring at me though,” you state.
“I’m Shou! I’m guessing you’re the girl.”
“Yup! (l/n), (f/n) at your service!”
“I guess I can help. What’s the plan?” Shou asks.
“What plan?” a voice comes from behind you.
You turn to see another Osiris Red. He’s someone you’ve talked to too, so no introductions needed. Isn’t that great?
“Hello Yuki-san!” You exclaim.
“We’re setting nii-san up with (l/n)-san, Aniki!”
“Call me (f/n)-san,” You tell them.
“Hey, the Kaiser needs a little love. Count me in,” Judai says.
“Okay. We have us four now. Our plan is to introduce our stars and then go ice-skating,” Fubuki announces.
“Judai, you go tell Asuka about this and get her to agree. Meet us at the ice-skating lake,” Fubuki says to Judai.
He then turns to Shou,” I’m going to go retrieve the Kaiser and if he refuses to ice-skate, use your eyes okay?”
Everyone nods, and you all split up. Fubuki then drags you to the Obelisk Blue boys dorm with you protesting the whole way. What if some weird guy is in there naked because this is an all boys dorm?
“Don’t worry so much! We’ll just go straight to Ryou’s dorm,” Fubuki chirps happily.
“How about I wait outside? I’ll put you on the PDA so I’ll be keeping you company and I won’t have to deal with any of the guys,” you compromise.
“Sure, I guess.”
So you call his PDA pretty much and stand outside to wait for him to finish his retrieval.

“Kaiser!” Fubuki yells.
“What is it?” Ryou replies.
“The whole gang want to do something. Why don’t you come with?” Fubuki tells him.
“I’m busy.”
“Why are you always busy? Just come!”
A voice then comes from Fubuki’s pocket.
“Uh…Fubuki? Rabid Obelisk guys ready to throw me out!”
Fubuki takes out his PDA, “Okay, let me talk to them.”
You hold out your PDA to the guy.
“Hey guys, she’s invited.,” Fubuki tells them.
“He can be a hologram for all we know,” the rabid Obelisk guy one says.
“Fubuki! I don’t care what you do, just drag the Kaiser out here and saaaaaave meeeeeee!!!”
“Coming! Let’s go Kaiser, there’s a damsel in distress!” Fubuki exclaims.
Ryou sweatdrops slightly and follows Fubuki outside. When they get there, you are flailing your arms around and running away from the evil rabid Obelisk blue guys of terrible and horrible impending doom! Really…they’re that bad.

“Kaiser?” about every single evil rabid Obelisk blue guy of terrible horrible impending doom asks. Why did I give them such a long name/title?
“She’s with us,” Fubuki states. He gives them a slight glare for not believing him on the PDA.
“Uh…right! Sorry!” rabid Obelisk guy number one squeaks.
They all run off, (a few of them looking scared half to death) and you are left there with Fubuki and the Kaiser. You breathe in deeply to calm yourself down, then turn to Fubuki.
“Took you long enough! If you took any longer, Professor Chronos would be here. I don’t think I want to listen to a lecture from some guy with purple lipstick…I think he has earrings on too,” You exclaim.
“Right, well. Kaiser meet (l/n), (f/n). (F/n)-san meet Kaiser. Nice to meet you, nice to meet you too. Let’s go!” Fubuki introduces you two…very quickly I might add.
You soon find yourself being dragged alongside the Kaiser towards the ice-skating lake where you were going to meet the others.
“Why did I agree to this?” you groan.
“You had a choice,” you hear from beside you.
“Well…If you knew everything about me and how I ran into Fubuki, you will find that I had no choice but to agree,” You tell him.
“We’re here!” Fubuki announces joyously.
Next to the lake is Judai, Shou, and Asuka with a box of ice skates. Fubuki drags you and the Kaiser over to them and stops in front of the group.
“Ice-skating?” Ryou questions.
“You are going to ice-skate with us right nii-san?” Shou asks, giving this really cute look at Ryou.
“Those eyes are evil…” You state, seeing the look.
Ryou sighs and agrees to go ice-skating, with you all. Well, all of you soon have your skates on and go on the lake. You skate carefully beside Fubuki.
“Is this safe?” You ask, nervously.
“Perfectly!” Fubuki replies enthusiastically.
“Really?” you inquire.
Fubuki shakes his head and you twitch. You give him a look that said, “You’re kidding, right?” You decide that he probably is joking and head off to do more skating. You spot Shou nearby and decide to head over to where he is standing.
“Having fun?” you ask.
Shou looks at you. He smiles and nods.
“This seems a bit dangerous though,” he voices.
“Yea, it does, but I don’t think Fubuki wants to put us in danger.”
“I’m just wondering…how exactly is this suppose to help?”
“I’m not sure. Fubuki’s plans are weird.”
“That’s true.”
Shou looks over at Fubuki and notices him motioning for him to do something. He get’s this strange glint in his eyes.
“Hey (f/n)-san, let’s go over there.”
You soon find yourself skating over to the Kaiser and Fubuki with Shou.
Everything after that happens rather quickly. You soon find yourself blushing brightly while being held up by the Kaiser. You try to suppress the heat in your cheeks and mutter an apology. You steady yourself and turn around. About halfway across the lake, Shou and Fubuki are waving at you smiling cheerfully.
“I suggest we run.,” Fubuki says.
“I was nice knowing you,” Shou replies.
“Get back here you two!” you exclaim.
“Ahh!” They both scream.
“Curse my short legs,” Shou cries.
You soon catch up to Shou and give him a tickle attack. You are soon lying on your back on the ice near Shou. Fubuki skates over and grins widely.
“Don’t you just love knowing me?”
Both you and Shou reply simultaneously, “Nope!”
“But I’m the Blizzard Prince!”

You are now in a dark room. A light soon shines itself next to you. It is Fubuki with a flashlight.
“Welcome to Matchmaking Fun, it’s now time to plan phase two!” Fubuki exclaims.
“Nii-san? Can we turn the lights on?” Asuka asks.
“Go ahead! Ruin my fun,” Fubuki pouts.
Asuka turns on the lights anyway and returns to her seat.
“What are we going to do now?” Judai asks.
“I’m thinking closet,” Fubuki states.
“Pervert…it’s too early anyway,” you say.
“Did you say something?” Fubuki asks.
This is now you: -.-*
“It’s too early anyway!” you reiterate.
“Let’s continue planning?” Asuka suggests.
Everyone nods and you all try to think of something. That is when you sneeze. Every head turns to look at you.
At the same time, everyone exclaims, “I GOT IT!”
From the room next door, someone yells, “Shut up! I’m trying to sleep here!”
You all ignore him, and he soon shuts up.
“So what is it?” You ask.
Everyone starts talking at the same time.
“One at a time?”
Shou goes first and so on. Soon you have a list of ideas.


1. You get sick. (You: Too early…he doesn’t care if I get sick.)
2. Shou is outside freezing cold with out his jacket and you offer it to him, then you are freezing cold and Ryou offers you his jacket. (You: Would he do that? Might work…)
3. You go missing. (You: How exactly?)
4. You get hurt. (You: Again, how?)

You then decide that the ideas are pretty decent, so you voice your idea.
“How about we combine all the ideas?”
Fubuki thinks for a minute.
“Okay, here’s the plan. We’ll do idea number 2, which will pretty much be phase two. For phase three, phase two will probably get you sick. You go to return his jacket and right after that go wandering in the forest…randomly. You’re sick, bound to get hurt, and probably will be missing. If anyone asks, say you don’t remember anything.,” Fubuki explains.
“Hm, sounds pretty good…and dangerous. I guess I’ll go with it though. Tomorrow in the courtyard, ok everyone?”
Everyone nods and you all head to bed. Tomorrow in the courtyard…

“Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!” you sneeze.
I guess you’re already sick. That helps the plan a whole lot. You have your boyish looking jacket on and you spot Shou. He’s wearing what he usually wears, but it’s a cold day, so he must be freezing. You head over to him.
“You okay?” you ask.
“Just a little cold. Are you sure you want to go with this plan? You look sick.”
“That’s part of the plan isn’t it?”
“But it might get worse.”
“It’s alright. Fubuki’s blackmailing me so I kinda have to do this. It’s either this or everyone knows I like the Kaiser.”
Shou gives you a worried look.
“Just let me get these tissues and I’ll let you have the jacket.”

“I love the holidays! Meet me in the courtyard Kaiser!” says the voice of Fubuki on Ryou’s PDA.
Ryou sighs, annoyed. Fubuki seems really excited about the holidays. He heads to the courtyard and waits. He looks around and he see’s…what was her name? (L/n)-san talking to Shou. After they talk for a while, she takes something out of her pocket and gives Shou the jacket. Shou must’ve been cold. He looks at the girl and notices she looks sick. He decides to head over there.
“Are you sure?” Shou asks.
“I’m positive, just keep the jacket or I’ll hurt you,” you tell him.
You and Shou look to the side and notice the Kaiser.
“Hello!” You greet.
He nods and looks at you two.
“Are you alright?” He asks you.
“Fine, fine!” you exclaim…you start sneezing. So much for fine.
When you look up, you notice that Ryou is holding out his jacket.
“Oh, no! I can’t take it,” You say.
“Just take it (f/n)!” Shou exclaims.
You take the jacket. Out of the corner of your eyes, you see Fubuki high-fiving Judai.
“Hey…you’re looking for Fubuki, right?” You ask Ryou.
He nods.
“There he is,” you point at Fubuki.
“I’ll…see you,” Ryou says, and he head over to Fubuki.
“I’ll see you later too, (f/n)-san.”
“Okay!” you wave at him as he follows his brother to Judai.
You sneeze once more and decide to go get your other jacket so phase three can begin.

You are now heading over to the courtyard in hope of finding Ryou. He probably was going to be there along with the others. When you get there you look around and spot Ryou with the others. You head over there.
“Kaiser?” You interrupt softly.
Everyone looks over at you. You hand Ryou the jacket and say your thanks. You say bye to everyone and head off. Once out of sight of the courtyard and near the forest near the dorms, you head off into the woods. Fubuki had decided random was bad, so he had told you to go to a specific place. You couldn’t remember where though. You were too sick. You walk aimlessly and soon find yourself tripping over a rock. You try to get up, but you are just too tired.
“Fubuki…this plan was stupid,” you think before you’re consumed by the darkness.
Death…are you going to die?

“I have a feeling something’s wrong,” Fubuki says suddenly.
“I’ll go call (f/n)-san,” Asuka announces.
She calls you, but no one picks up. Going with the plan, she heads to the dorm and then calls Fubuki.
“Nii-san! I can’t find her anywhere!” Asuka exclaims.
“She did look sick when I talked to her,” Shou states.
“Maybe she fell unconscious or something?” Judai suggests.
“Whatever happened, we should go look for her,” Fubuki says.

Everyone gathers at the forests near the dorm.

“This is the only place around hear that she could possibly go and not be seen,” Asuka states.
Everyone nods and Fubuki splits up the search party.


1. Tenjouin, Fubuki, Marufuji, Shou, & Marufuji, Ryou
2. Tenjouin, Asuka & Yuki, Judai (a little matchmaking in the matchmaking I see)

Everyone heads off in a different direction. The first team is the one that’s actually really looking though, because it’s all in the plan of course. After 10 minutes of searching and no luck, Fubuki declares another split up. The three go separate ways, and Fubuki points Ryou in the way you’re suppose to be at.
After 5 minutes of searching, Ryou heads towards the place Fubuki said they should meet at. They were pretty far into the forest and being as sick as you looked, you couldn’t have gone that far. Fubuki and Shou reach the place and see Ryou leaving by himself.
“She’s not there!” Shou exclaims in a hushed voice.
“We have to get everyone to really search then. She might be in danger,” Fubuki says grimly.
He calls the others and the real search begins.
Ryou reaches the clearing and looks around. Fubuki and Shou aren’t there. That is when he spots a shining something in the bushes. A PDA…(f/n)’s?
He heads in the direction that you probably were headed. There he finds you half-dead. He rushes over to you. “(L/n)-san?”
Unconciousness…darkness…you can’t see a thing. But what is that voice? Who does it belong to? How is it that it’s bringing you back to the world of the living?
“K-kaiser?” you ask weakly.
You feel someone pick you up and you bury your head in his chest as a wave of nausea washes over you. Your head feels heavy and you can barely move. You feel like you’re lying on a bed of cold metal. You hear something ringing and Ryou shifts to pick up his PDA. You squeeze you eyes shut, trying to not throw up.
“Did you find anything, Kaiser?” Fubuki exclaims worriedly.
Ryou nods, though you can’t see this. You keep your eyes close. You are soon lulled to sleep by the warmth of your savior.

You open your eyes…you focus you vision and soon you are looking at the ceiling of the medical ward of Duel Academia. You try to sit up, but you lie down again when you get a pounding headache.
“(f/n)- san?” Shou says as he rushes over to you.
“Ugh…damn Fubuki.”
Ryou walks over.
“What do you mean by that?”
“Uh…hey Kaiser…I didn’t mean anything important. Nothing important at all!” you say quickly, laughing nervously.
“You don’t have to lie. He told me.”
You look at him in horror.
“Now I do have a reason to kill him. He blackmails me to do this and I nearly die doing it, and now I find out he tells you?” you groan and hide your face in your hands.
Fubuki opens the door in looks in.
“If I remember correctly, I said I’d tell the school. This is telling the Kaiser. You didn’t say anything about that.”
“Fubuki! I’m going to kill you when I get out of here!”
“Then I’m glad that’s going to be a while from now!” Fubuki exclaims and disappears.
You sigh exasperatedly. You then turn to Ryou.
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?”
“For…well, for causing all this trouble.”
“Well…I’m sorry for something else too.”
“And that is?”
“Falling in love.”
Ryou is silent. You don’t expect him to say anything though. What could he say?
“I know you don’t want love or anything like that right now…”
“I don’t want love, because I haven’t found anyone right…but I haven’t given anyone a chance,” Ryou interrupts you quietly.
You are surprised, but soon a small smile is on your face.
“One chance. That’s all I’m asking.”
Ryou gives you an almost unnoticeable smile.
“Merry Christmas, (f/n)-san.”

BlackMystique: Eleven pages…not bad for me. Second longest thing I’ve written, and the best thing I’ve written this year…probably. Heh…Hope you enjoyed it, review please! ^.^

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