"Tales of the New Disciplinary Committee " by ShadowQueen1815

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Yeah I'm back! With a totally new story!

I actually realized as I was writing a later chapter that I was heavily influenced by Sket Dan. Great anime/manga. Anyways... I plan on this being just a fun school story.

I've always wanted to write a school specific story, but I tend to get side tracked.

So let me know what y'all think!

Disclaimer: I do not own KHR or any characters associated with it. I only own Sakato, Saigo and any other OC's that will most likely appear. Notes:

~*~- transitions

Titles- chapter titles

“That’s what you get for breaking rules you worm!”


“You should’ve just done what we said!”


“No one goes up against us, you pathetic herbivore.”



No one bothered to check inside the equipment shed where the screams were coming from. No one even got close. They all turned their heads away and tried to block out the screams of the poor sap that dared go up against them. The only students that even got near the shed were those wearing red bands around their left arm. No one bothered with them either… unless they wanted to end up in the equipment shed as well.

Namimori’s Disciplinary Committee

They ruled the school through fear. And because of that fear no one stepped up to call an end to their cruel tactics. Only an idiot would do that.


“Someone must be saying something bad about you, (fn)-chan.”

“I hope not.”

Ehhh?! I Challenged the Disciplinary Committee?!

“It looks like the Disciplinary Committee is at it again.” You slowed your walk and watched as some poor kid was being herded away by a pack of prefects. “This time I hear that he looked at Saigo-sama the wrong way.”

“There’s just no pleasing him.” You lost sight of the boy as he was lead around a corner. You wondered what punishment awaited the boy.

“I can’t believe that our principal allows this stuff.”

“I heard he used to be the head prefect when he was young.” You turned your attention back to your classmates as they gossiped quietly to each other. “So of course he wouldn’t stop Saigo-sama.”

“But someone should do something,” you whispered. The two girls turned to you with slight fear in their eyes.

“(ln)-san you shouldn’t even be talking like that!”

“What if one of them heard you?” You quickly glanced over both your shoulders at the empty hallway. “Saigo-sama is going after anyone who speaks badly about him!”

“But he’s been so strict lately,” you added ignoring her warning, “something needs to be done!”

“Shhh… (ln)-san,” both girls suddenly said. You blinked as they pulled you over towards the wall.

“What if someone from the committee heard you?”

“What are you girls doing?” All three of you jumped at the sound of the new voice. Approaching from behind you was a tall boy with brown hair and green eyes. All three of you ignored his looks and immediately focused on the red band around his left arm. “Crowding is against the rules,” he stated rather indifferently.

“S-sorry Sakato-san,” you and the other two girls cried quickly. With a quick bow you and your classmates quickly disappeared down the hallway and into your class. Sakato shook his head before walking back the way he came.


It was a well established fact that the Disciplinary Committee ruled Namimori junior high. It was also well known that Saigo Akira [2] was the meanest and cruelest head prefect the school has ever seen. His father was the leader of the local yakuza gang and he was living up to his expectations. Saigo is usually behind the beatings that take place in and out of school and for most of the robberies in Namimori.

Many wondered why he was still in charge of the committee. The principal was a stickler for rules, so why does he allow Saigo to obviously get away with these crimes? The rumors were that the principal was being threatened by Saigo’s family [3]. Regardless of the reason, Saigo basically controlled the school along with his right hand man, Sakato Hijiri.

There isn’t much known about Sakato. He doesn’t have any family ties to the yakuza and he is rarely seen participating in Saigo’s torture punishment; most of the time he oversees the other students and reports bad behavior to Saigo.


“Is there anything else that we need to discuss?” You glanced at the class representative from the corner of your eye. Several classmates exchanged wary looks before looking back at the floor. “Anything else,” he asked again. You wondered if you should speak up about the way the Disciplinary Committee has been ‘punishing’ students lately. “Well then… can someone please take these down to the principal’s office?” Faster than you could blink, everyone parted to the sides in front of you.

“Huh…? Wha…?” You mumbled incoherently while quickly looking to the classmates on either side of you. “I hate you all.”

“Thanks for volunteering (ln)-san,” he said and handed you the stack of papers.

“Yeah, yeah…” you groaned. You exited the classroom with a slight droop in your step. You really didn’t want to waste your time delivering these papers. You still had to go grocery shopping and pick up the twins [4] from school. “Oh well,” you sighed, “no use complaining over it.”

“-and then-“

“-no way!”

“-he so did-“

You picked up bits and pieces of conversations that drifted from other students in the hallway. You found it rather interesting that most of these students were gossiping. Wasn’t that against the rules or something? Shouldn’t the Disciplinary Committee doing something about this?

‘Oh wait… here they come,’ you thought as several Committee members rounded the corner. You quickly stepped out of the way as the group barreled down the hallway. You looked over your shoulder as they circled around the group of students that were gossiping. Among them you noticed the new Italian exchange student and the Chinese girl [5].

“I hear you guys were gossiping,” one of the Committee members said. You started walking again, you didn’t want to get accused of eavesdropping and get punished as well. “Don’t you know that’s against the rules?”

You took one last look behind you before continuing on to your destination. You didn’t have time to deal with the Committee today. Just as you rounded the corner you came face-to-face with Sakato and Saigo. You quickly bowed and moved to the side. Sakato and Saigo brushed past you, as if you weren’t even there. You waited until their footsteps stopped before continuing on your way.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Saigo’s arrogant voice echoed throughout the hallways. You gulped and started walking a little faster. You really didn’t want to hear the sound of his fist hitting someone. “I see.” You could still hear his voice, so you walked faster. “You herbivores know what the punishment is for talking about me behind my back, right?”

“We weren’t-“


You stopped dead in your tracks. That was the sound of him hitting someone’s jaw. You tightened your grip on the stack of papers. This wasn’t right. Those students weren’t even talking about Saigo! You gulped and looked behind you. All you could see was the end of the hallway and shadows from the other Committee members. This wasn’t right!

“Don’t back talk me!” This time Saigo’s voice rattled all through the school.

This wasn’t right.

“For that all of you are getting punished!”

Someone should say something.

“Grab them and bring them all to the reception room.”

You heard some of the female students shriek in protest. The male students yelled in protest and the Committee members laughed at their attempts at escape. You squeezed your eyes shut and forced yourself to turn back towards the principal’s office. Just a few more feet and you’d be done!

“Let us go!”


Can’t the principal hear this?! Why isn’t he doing anything?!

Someone needs to do something about this!

Who? Who’s going to stand up to the Committee?!

You shook your head and refocused your attention on the door to the principal’s office. It was right in front of you, waiting to be opened. All you had to do was reach out and slid the door open!

“How could you hit her?!”

“I can do whatever I want! I’m the fucking head prefect!”


You don’t know what snapped; but one minute you were in front of the principal’s office and the next you were running down the hallway towards Saigo. You came to a screeching halt as you rounded the corner. Saigo and the Committee members looked at you in surprise. Sakato merely smirked at your entrance.


Your scream echoed down the hallways and out into the school grounds. Every single person who heard this stopped what they were doing and turned towards the sound. Even the principal stopped and looked up from his paper work.

You chest was heaving up and down as you tried catching your breath. The people in the hallway could only stare at you with wide eyes. Not only had you screamed at the top of your lungs for Saigo to stop, but you also threw the stack of papers at him. A deafening silence engulfed all of Namimori junior high.

But you weren’t done.

“I can’t believe you’ve been getting away with bullying everyone!” You pointed an accusing finger at Saigo. “What you’re doing is wrong and should be stopped!” You didn’t notice the heavy set of footsteps that walked up behind you. “This isn’t right! Everyone has to follow your stupid rules!” Saigo quickly recovered from the shock and turned a hateful glare towards you. You flinched and slowly lowered your arm.

“It’s all for the good of the school,” he growled out. You shivered and took a step back. You knew that he was just saying that, there was no real emotion behind those words. The only thing that gave away his anger was his gaze. You took one more step back before planting yourself down and sending a glare back towards him.

“That’s bull and you know it! What you’re doing isn’t helping the school… but destroying it!” A shadow fell across the windows as you and Saigo continued the stare down. “A-and s-someone should stop that f-from happening!”

A smirk fell across the principal’s lips as he stood silently around the corner. Perhaps it was time that a new head prefect was chosen.

“Oh really now,” Saigo laughed as he started walking towards you. You gulped, but held firm. “And please tell me, who is going to do that? You?” You pressed your lips together and straightened up. You weren’t going to back down. Saigo continued to glare at you, before his lips started twitching. For a moment you thought that by some miracle you had won; that is until, he burst out into laughter and the rest of the Committee joined in, excluding Sakato. “That’ll be the day!”

You felt your ears burning as they continued to laugh at you. You looked down at your feet to try to hide your embarrassment. Who were you kidding? Sure, someone had to stand up to the Committee, but you didn’t want to be that ‘someone’!

“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” All laughter ceased. You blinked and turned to the sound of the voice. Everyone watched as the principal stepped out from the shadows. You avoided eye contact with him as he came to stand next to you.

“P-Principal Hibari, you can’t be serious!” All hatred washed away from Saigo as he looked up at Principal Hibari [6].

“I’m always serious,” Hibari said. He glanced at you before looking back at Saigo. “This herbivore has a point,” he started.

‘Herbivore…?’ you thought with a slight distaste.

“This school has gotten worse under your reign,” he continued, “so in along with the rules of this school we will find a new head prefect.” You felt hope rise in your chest as the principal said this. So you words did reach somebody! “Saigo you will face this herbivore here in combat to determine the next head prefect [7].”

You blinked a few times before looking up at Hibari. He was staring at you indifferently. You dumbly pointed to yourself before pointing to Saigo. Hibari merely narrowed his eyes at you before turning to fully face you.

“What don’t you get herbivore,” he snapped at you. “You wanted the change, so by the rules of Namimori, you will face Saigo.” You paled and slowly turned your head towards Saigo. He was already smiling as if he’d just won! “You two will meet tomorrow before school in the gym.” Hibari turned around and started walking back down towards his office. “And herbivore,” he called to you. “Pick up these papers, or I’ll bite you to death.”

Next time: Waaahh?! Now I’m the Head Prefect?! But I don’t want too!

“How did I get myself into this?” You groaned as you kicked off your shoes and slowly crawled up the stairs to your room.

“(fn) dinner will be ready soon!”

“Soon, soon!”

“Ready, ready!” [8]

“Yeah, yeah,” you called back. You closed your bedroom door and flipped on your light switch. You looked at the kendo trophies that stood proudly on your shelves. “I quit kendo just for this reason! I don’t want a power position!” Unfortunately fate had other plans for you.


[1]- Yep… you get to be THAT idiot! 
[2]- The names are written in Japanese style. So family name first followed by first name.
[3]- Totally not true. Especially since you know who the principal is now. If anything Hibari is threatening Saigo’s family!
[4]- Yep, you have twins as little siblings. Both boys. Have fun!
[5]- The Chinese girl is I-pin, but the Italian boy is not Lambo. In a few chapters this will become clear on who this boy is.
[6]- He would be principal of his beloved school.
[7]- I feel like this would be the rule if Hibari really was principal.
[8]- This first person talking is your father, followed by the twins Kai and Dai.

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