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Hellooo! Kay and I will be updating this within the next week. For now, we'll be putting up Posting Guidelines, as that is what is currently relevant. The same thing (more or less) will also be posted on the forums, by the way.
N.B. The current round is Round 1. Posting guidelines specific to Round 1 can be found here! You may want to read that post instead of this, as that is more specific.

Posting Guidelines

1. Write for your prompt! Do it! :)

2. On the date indicated in the current round's thread, you may begin submitting stories to the queue, or, if you are a validated author, posting on Lunaescence directly.

3. In the summary of the story, note the prompt and for whom it was written. (Optional, but recommended.)

4. Once your story has been validated, post in the current round's thread with the following form completed:
[b]Story URL:[/b]
[b]Written for:[/b]

5. There will always be two deadlines: Deadline A for those writing fics under 5,000 words, and Deadline B for those writing fics over 5,000 words. Those who are writing 5,000+ word stories must also post in the thread by Deadline A, indicating that they are writing a longer fic. This is simply a measure to ensure that your prompt will not be sent to a spare.

Once you have completed your fic and validated it, you still need to fill out the form in #4 and post it in the same thread.

6. If you are not able to make your deadline, please notify either Kay or silver_neko_kitsune by Deadline A! You may do so by email, or the current round's thread. If you do not do this, then your prompt will be sent to a spare.

7. Once your form has been received, your story will be added to the series Lunaescence Fic Trade - Round #.

8. As stated before, all fics under 5,000-10,000 words are due on Deadline A. Unanswered trades will be sent to spares shortly afterward. All fics are due on Deadline B.

N.B. Deadline B applies also to people who are writing 5,000+ word stories despite having a prompt that requested a shorter length. We understand that even if you did not intend to write something this long, it is still more work. Therefore, you deserve more time! Just remember to follow step #4 and nothing will go amiss!

Please be respectful and do not spam.

Do not post anyone's real name in your review for any reason.

Note: Reviewer names may contain upper and lower case letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), spaces, hyphens ( - ), underscores ( _ ), periods ( . ), and the at symbol ( @ ).
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