"An Aria for Dreams" by Mozart

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Because I haven't written one for Soul yet.

He's pretty cool, although I was ultimately turned on by Kid turning the Salvage arc. 8D

Your weapon (yeah, I totally made you a meister. u mad?) is ambiguous, but I prefer to think of it as a male, since I'm into the mad-cool male/female duos. Or maybe it's because I love writing Sofya/Gideon and it sunk into another work of mine. U MAD

I'm a band geek, so I had fun writing this...
He liked jazz, but you much preferred when he pulled out a piece of classical sheet music.

You enjoyed the way that Soul's fingers drifted from key to key--slowly and slowly and slower--as he explored a rallentando...or the way they would trip to those tempting black keys to bring forth an accidental...and--oh! There was something so impressive about the way that he could differentiate between marcato and a regular accent.

Unfortunately, you only heard him play a few times, so that addicting melody that was cast forth from his fingertips was all but an echo in your memory. It made you annoyed--angry, even. It frustrated you that you were so close to musical talent, and you couldn't even utilize him. No one else you knew was particularly talented at music, including yourself--the only reason you enjoyed it so much (which apparently was "strange," as remarked by the modern teenager) was because you had been exposed to such music since you were a child, and it was comforting to you.

After a lot of pushing and shoving and coercing, you finally convinced Soul to play for you just one last time, and you swore to heaven and hell that you wouldn't pester him about it again.

"You push me around all the time...why do I hang around girls like that?" Soul grumbled as both of you (plus your weapon, who was merely eager to watch you act shy or demure for once) walked up the steps to an unoccupied music room. Honestly, it was a boldfaced lie to insinuate anything of the sort (and, even if it were true, he would rather enjoy your bossiness) and one might even go far as to say that Soul Eater Evans wanted to play one song that was just for you. "It's late, anyway. Shouldn't you be going to bed or something?"

"C'mon...won't you play something beautiful for me?" you teased, a half-smile forming on your face as you stared up at him. Well...if that look didn't convince him to play, then perhaps nothing would.

"W-Whatever...I don't want to hear about it any more, after this..."

There was a sofa in the room, facing the piano, and you and your weapon settled down comfortably in it. Soul took a seat at the grand piano in the center of the room, staring at the keys.

"So, uh..." he gave you a half-irritated, half-amused glance. "What d'ya want me to play, anyway?"

"Whatever you'd like." you smiled back, playing with your hands.

Soul sighed heavily, staring up at the ceiling. Well, he could play you a jazz piece--he knew enough of those from'd always seemed to love classical music, and you certainly talked about it all the time. So, well...

He started with improvisations at the beginning, not quite sure what to perform, but his fingers eventually fell into a Beethoven piece that he'd practiced once or twice. It was pure luck that he remembered it so clearly, but then again, most musicians happen to remember such bits of their old music.

The piece was quiet and rather melancholy, but Soul purposely pushed the tempo so that you wouldn't fall asleep. You preferred it this way--you'd heard this piece before, but you thought it sounded much lovelier this way. You listened for the familiar rests, the sharps and flats, the ritardando...Soul could play them so flawlessly, so effortlessly, and you were as tranquilized as a person could be.

In that brief space of time--maybe no more than ten or fifteen minutes--that Soul was playing, you began to drift in and out of consciousness. Consequently, your mind began to drift from place to place as you stared at Soul and wondered about him...wondered just how much you loved him, and how useless it would be to tell him such things...was he even interested in girls, that way? The piece tampered with your emotions and made you feel like crying at such a revelation, but you had to hear the rest of it...

Soul held out the final note and let it hang through the air--a resolution, perhaps, but possibly a question. He sighed and backed away from the piano, and felt almost a wave of relief. It'd been a while since he played like that, played from the heart for someone whom he adored. Well--did you enjoy it?

He turned to see you completely and utterly asleep on your weapon--serene. It was probably the most peaceful you'd slept in quite a long time.

"Ah...she fell asleep..." your weapon, who had actually been paying close attention, murmured awkwardly.

"Nah, it's fine..." Soul tried his best to hold back a grin as he faced away from you, towards the door. "It's fine, long as she heard it."

"Music is love in search of a word."

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