"Mistake" by Mozart

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x_x I actually haven't finished P4--I always got killed on the Heaven level. But I suppose it doesn't matter, because I've already been spoiled on everything that happens...

I ackshually named my MC Kazuki Suzumiya. HOW AWESOME IS THAT. (I don't know, I just like the name Kazuki)
He'd been dating you for a while now--maybe he should finally tell you.

You deserved an explanation for why he stood you up at least three times when you were expecting a date. (Level-grinding in the dungeons?) Or when he forgot your birthday. (He had to work at the hospital with that off-putting nurse...) Or how almost every girl in Inaba wanted to go on a date with him. (It was only because of the Social Links! Honestly!)

Of course. But--how on Earth was he supposed to tell you?

Souji decided to take his chances. He wasn't the most normal guy around, and you must be used to it by now. You had to be used to taking care of him when he came back exhausted from the TV world, and he couldn't explain why. And you had to be used to him, as well as the others, strolling inconspicuously to Junes with armor and weapons hidden under your school clothes. shouldn't take it that bad, right? So he called you out to dinner.

"Hey, Souji." You sat down, smiling a little. "This is a pretty rare occasion, right? We don't usually get to spend time together like this."

"Yeah..." He answered glumly, feeling guilty at how happy you were to be in a place like Aiya, eating ramen, when most couples would go to some fancy restaurant for their meals. "Actually, I have to tell you something..."

"...ah!" You went a little rigid, but you attempted to stay calm, although the look in your eyes expressed how startled you were. Usually, you were the talkative half. (It was hard to lose to someone like Souji, though) And if Souji wanted to talk about something...that couldn't be too good.

"It's about...why I've been so busy lately, and why I' missing out on some of our dates lately." Souji was looking more and more uncomfortable. It was because he didn't quite know how to explain the situation. But, to you, it was because Souji was wrought with regret. Your heartbeat continued to accelerate.

"Okay, I'm listening..." You stared at him, which didn't help his situation.

"Well...the thing is..."

You waited for the explanation. Was it because of another girl? Damn, that Chie and Yukiko...and that nurse at his work...and that girl in the band...and that sports club manager...and Naoto, in a way. (You hadn't realized how many girls were regularly around Souji until this point)

"The reason is because I go fight monsters that live in the alternate reality that's inside of the TV with my friends, and I have to go save the missing people before the fog sets in, or they're killed by their shadows."


He waited for a response.

And nothing came.

You stared at him for a very long while, not moving or blinking or so much as breathing. You became a woman of stone.

This continuation for a tense while. Souji waited rather nervously for your response to this ridiculous, yet completely true, explanation.

And after a long while, you responded.

"Well...that's not too bad." You finally shrugged, returning to your ramen. "I thought you were going to tell me that you were cheating on me. So it's not too bad."

Souji stared, but you didn't look at him again, so both of you continued your dinner in silence. ...maybe he shouldn't have told you.

You went home by yourself, still processing what Souji told you. And it caused you to stare at the TV in your room, wondering, just wondering...

The next day, Souji stayed at your house for eleven hours, nursing you back to health from a head injury. Your mother explained that, for no apparent reason, you'd run full-speed, head-first into the TV that was in your room.

"I just wanted to try it out for myself." You answered innocently, smiling a little at him. "I never said I didn't believe you...!"

Well, maybe it was a mistake telling you. It caused you to run headfirst into a TV screen. But, with that look in your eyes as you gazed up at him, understanding and acceptance clear in your expression--maybe it wasn't.

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