"Compromising" by Tsula

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Gah.. This Botoku doesn't like the title. x.x; However, I really wanted to post one more story today so it'll have to do.

This is just a silly fluff fic, but it's also... The first Ace reader insert!!

That I've seen anyway. xD

I so fricken love being the first at things.

Disclaimer: I'd love to live on the Grandline... ::Remembers the last time she tried to skip out on a disclaimer:: ... ::Winces:: I don't own One Piece.

One way or another, this is Ace's fault.

Completely forget that fact that it was you who tackled him; it's his fault through-and-through. He made you do it!

Plus, we have the fact that his hands are resting snuggly on your hips and thus preventing you from getting up. So, the fact that you are straddling the sexy, but evil, pirate captain is completely and utterly his fault.

End of story.

While you're looking thoughtful and flustered upon his waist, he tilts his head at you cutely. His eyes move from your flushed face, to roam over your body since he's being given such a lovely opportunity to do so.

The view makes him smirk; wickedly at that.

You look down just in time to catch such a grin, which certainly doesn't help your situation. Add in that fact that your hands are currently splayed across his rather delicious chest and you have yourself quite a problem.

“Captain?” You manage to say slowly, trying to keep your voice steady.

“Hmm?” He responds, not bothering to hide the fact that he's quite shamelessly checking you out.

“We.. We uh..” Great, now you can't even string together three words. “We should move.” There we go.

“Which way?” He asks and you'd swear for a moment that he just licked his lips.

Well that certainly don't help with the blushing dilemma.

“In opposite directions.” You reply and nearly slap yourself since it didn't come out the way you meant.

“Oh?” He replies, and it sounds just as devious, if not more, as his grin looks. “Sounds like a plan.”

Before you can do more than take half a breath, he rolls over and has you pinned snuggly beneath him. His hands hand your wrists captured beside your head and he looks rather smug indeed right now.

“That's not what I meant.” You say breathlessly.

“I don't hear much complaining.” He replies, his face so very close to your own.

“...Alright, I wan–” Well, least you tried to 'complain'. He obviously didn't feel like letting you though, since he went and silenced you with his mouth.

That you're not about to gripe over; his lips feel too good against you.

His tongue slyly slips into your mouth and it leaves you even more inclined to enjoy the affectionate contact. Your hands are released as his trail down for more promising positions.

One in particular slips beneath your hip and pushes your lower body up to meet his. You shudder against him, your hands running up to frame his face as you push yourself harder into both the kiss and his body.

His grip on you becomes tighter as you rub against him and he pushes you fully against the floor. You smirk against his lips, enjoying the little bout of aggression. He's proving his dominance in this situation and as much as you'd like to egg him on, you know better than to push him. He'll really put you in your place if you try.

He pulls back after a moment, surveying the damage he's done with a cute little grin. You smack his shoulder lightly for the slight display of arrogance. In response he leans down and nuzzles the side of your face with his cheek, in a softer display of affection that really makes you smile.

You turn your head to the side and kiss him softly, before bringing your arms between the two of you to attempt to point out that he should get up. He does not though, instead he just tilts his head at you.

“We should get up before someone walks in and sees us like this.” You say reasonably.

He shakes his head at you with a grin. “No one is going to–”

“Oi Ace, Captain Whi–oh!” The crew member, who's name you certainly can not remember at a time like this, stares at the two of you.

The two of you stare right back, with rather wide eyes at that.

“Sorry, had no intention of interrupting.” He says, clearing his throat turning right back around to exit through the door.

“It's not like that!” You call after him, shocked and embarrassed at being caught in such a compromising position with your captain; it's be bad with anyone though.

Of course, your remark has your dear captain turning his attention back to you with slightly confused eyes.

“It's not?”


::Kanzen na::

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