"Paint it Purple" by Aesthetica

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This is the product of my reading one too many ReaderxParental![insertKHR!malehere] fics. 8D

I'm still working on Mukuro's persona as a father, so please excuse all OOCness. D:

TYL!Tsuna: ...I really don't want to do the disclaimer for this now...

Ace: Aw, come on Tsuna, it's all harmless fun~ :D

TYL!Tsuna: *sigh* Ace-chan doesn't own you or Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ...just this embarassing plot... >_>

Ace: I love you too! Enjoy, dear readers, and don't forget to review! n_n
1. Daughter
Age: 3 years

In all truth and honesty, Mukuro Rokudo had always wanted a son.

"UNCLE TSUNAAA~" you whined, a pout sweeping across your chubby cheeks as you glared at one of the most powerful men in the mafia world.

The man who was currently sitting on a squat little plastic lavender stool in front of your dresser, his face plastered with enough blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, powder, and glitter to shame the most flamboyant clown (or Lussuria, but that's a whole other issue entirely.)

"Stop moving, Uncle Tsu. I don't want all my hard work to look blurry."

The Tenth Vongola boss let out a small whimper, but his expression didn't change. At least, not that you could tell, since he had a huge red smile painted on his lips.

Mukuro smirked as he held up the camera.

"Smile, Tsuna-san~"


As he looked at the picture of you, standing behind the brunet and showing off your model with a proud grin on your face, he realized that, well...

This moment would be rather troubling instead of incredibly priceless had you been born a boy.


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