"Apple Cider" by yami sango

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Yu-Gi-Oh.

Title: Apple Cider
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Joey/You
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Slight OOC.

My first Halloween fic. XD I kind of had trouble finishing up this story, I don’t know why, I guess I have a slight block. *sighs* I wish it could have been better.


You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath through your nose before releasing it slowly. You absolutely loved the smell of Autumn, it smelled like pumpkin with a hint of spice. It seemed weird to think that a season had its own sent… but it did. To you at least. You pulled your light jacket closer to your body and opened your eyes. You also loved the colors. You thought the most beautiful thing in the world was the way the browns, oranges and reds of fallen leaves seemed to mingle together on your lawn, complementing each other. You smiled. Taking in another deep breath you released it, watching a puff of smoke leave your mouth. You loved the crisp air.

“Name!” Your mother opened the front door, calling your name.

“Huh?” You were pulled from your little world you where currently lost in. Turning your head slightly to the door you smiled. “Oh, hi mom.”

Your mom sighed, shaking her head slightly. “If you haven’t forgotten already, I sent you out to rake the leaves. Not day dream all day long.”

“Oh yea…” You turned your attention to the street; hearing the shouts of little kids running down the side walks clad in costumes. One child just had a sheet thrown over them with little eye holes cut out while the other had a witch costume on. The witch shrieked, trying to keep up with the little ghost. Your lips twitched into a smile, oh, how you wished at times like this you could be little again just to go trick or treating. “I remember when I was that little.”

Your mom smiled. “You were so adorable. What happened?”

You turned to face her and sent her a playful glare. “Gee, thanks a lot mom, I love you too.” You stuck out your tongue and stepped off the porch grabbing one of the rakes that was leaning against the side of the house.

Your mom chuckled and she closed the front door to leave you to your work.

You glared down at the leaves that blanketed your lawn. “I really despise you,” you grumbled and started to rake them into a pile in the center of your lawn. You may have thought that the leaves were pretty but that didn’t mean you had to enjoy raking them up.

About an hour later you smiled triumphantly, holding the rake in one hand while the other one was placed on one of your hips. “All done.” Your father promised you that if you raked the leaves up, he would put them in bags for you. You twirled around ready to place the rake against the house again when you heard someone calling your name.

“Hey! Name!”

You turned your head and your eyes widened. Joey was coming your way, waving his arms and calling your name. “Joey!,” you screeched, not only was he heading your way but he was also in the path of the pile of leaves. “Watch out or you-” You never got to finish your sentence. You felt your eyes widen, everything seemed to go in slow motion. You watched as your friend tripped over his own two feet, falling face first into the leaves. You watched in horror as the leaves went flying into the air and slowly drifted back down to the ground.

Joey looked up from the now destroyed pile and grinned sheepishly at you. “Whoops, sorry.” He pushed himself up so he was now sitting Indian style in front of you and rubbed the back of his head.

You sighed and hung your head. All that work for nothing! Now you’d have to rake it all over again!

“Are you still coming to the party?”

You blinked and picked your head up so you were looking at Joey. “Party?” You then noticed Joey was already in his costume, he was dressed as a baseball player. How you didn’t notice before was completely beyond you since it was kind of hard not to notice… You gasped. “Oh no!” You groaned and threw your head back. You were going to get ready after you were done with the yard work. Now you’d never be able to go.

“Earth to Name…” Joey was now standing in front of you, waving one of his hands in front of your face in attempt to get your attention.

“Huh?” You blinked and watched as Joey took the rake from your grasp. “What are you doing?”

“Go get ready.” He grumbled as he walked over to your ruined pile of leaves and started to rake them up, while mumbling a little under his breath.

You smiled. “Thanks Joey!”

“Yea, yea,” he muttered.

You chuckled lightly, before going inside and making a mad dash for your room. You opened up your closet and looked around a bit before pulling out a crimson red dress. You quickly stripped out of your clothes pulling on the garment. You struggled with the laces in the back for a few minutes before you were finally able to get it tied.

You looked in the full sized mirror, that was hanging behind your bedroom door and smiled. You spun around in a circle once and giggled softly. You weren’t really much of a dress person, you’d wear pants over a dress any day. But there was something about this dress that you absolutely loved.

You walked back over to your closet, pulling out a pair of knee high boots that you had borrowed from your cousin just for this costume, before sitting on your bed and put them on. You got up and strode into the bathroom and pulled out your make up bag. You growled lightly, you knew the shade of lipstick you wanted was in there… You narrowed your eyes slightly before you shouted with joy. You knew it was there! You took off the top too it, unscrewing the lipstick and gliding it across your lips. You took the next few moments to apply the rest of your make up before going back downstairs.

“I’m back,” you called to Joey who amazingly finished raking up the mess of leaves. You pouted slightly, it wasn’t fair it took you so long to finish up the yard work today yet he did it like it was nothing.

“Took you long enough,” the blonde grumbled, turning around to face you. His eyes went wide as he took in your form. He had never seen you in a dress before. His eyes slowly traveled up your body, taking in every inch. His eyes stopped at your chest for a moment and he opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out.

You blushed, crossing your arms over your chest. “My eyes aren’t down there Joey.”

An embarrassed flush covered Joey’s cheeks as his eyes snapped up to meet your own. You both stood there for what seemed like an eternity, holding each others gaze. That is until your mom came outside…

“Joey!” Your mom exclaimed. “You look so adorable,” she gushed. “I haven’t seen you in so long!” She grabbed your friend and pulled him into a hug.

“C-can’t breathe!” Joey gasped.

“Mom!” You pried her off your friend who was now gasping for breath.

“Sorry Joey.” Your mom smiled. “Where are you two headed off too?”

You sighed to yourself. “I told you about a thousand times today. We’re going over to Tristan’s house, he’s having a Halloween party.”

“Are his parents going to be home?”


She frowned, she didn’t like the thought of you going to a party that was going to be unsupervised… Your mom sighed. “Fine. You be good.”

You nodded.

She turned to Joey. She knew that Joey wasn’t the most responsible person in the world but she also knew that the brash teen would to anything to make sure his friends were kept safe. “Make sure Name is home by midnight. No later. Please make sure my baby stays safe.”

Joey nodded and you blushed, you hated when your mother treated you like you were a child though you know she meant well. “Lets go Joey.” You grabbed his arm and started walking down the street to your friends house.

“Have fun!”

“We will mom!,” You called back to your mom, still looking ahead. Once you knew that Joey was still following you, you let go of his arm.

The walk to Tristan’s was mostly a comfortable silence that neither of you wanted to break. You glanced over at Joey, who was glancing at you from the corner of his eye. He quickly looked away, a light blush dusting his cheeks. You smiled, he really looked adorable when he was flustered.

“We’re here,” Joey announced, knocking on Tristan’s door.

You nodded, stopping beside him. The two of you stood there for a few moments before the door was opened by none other then Tristan himself who was dressed as a vampire.

“Its about time you got here.” He stepped aside so you could both could enter.

You looked around, it seemed like Tristan went all out decorating for the party. Fake cob webs clung to the wall with little spiders in them and bats along with little ghosts hung from the ceiling. “It looks gr-” You turned your head to the side and pouted seeing Joey and Tristan walking off to an unknown part of the house. You pouted, you were hoping to be able to spend some time with Joey. You sighed, oh well, you had other friends you could hang out with.


You looked around the room upon hearing someone calling your name and your eyes lit up, it was your friend Katie. You hadn’t seen her in forever! “Katie!” You ran over to her and pulled her into a hug.

She smiled and handed you one of the cups she was holding. “Long time no see.”

You nodded, taking a sip from the drink. “Ew!” Your face contorted in disgust. “What is this?” You nodded to the cup you took a sip from.

“Apple Cider.” Katie brought her cup to her lips, draining it of its contents. She made a face similar to your own. “Tastes kinda funky.”

You shrugged; taking another sip, it wasn’t that bad now that you thought about it, you tasted worse before.



“Eh?” Joey looked down at Yugi, wondering about the concern in the other boys voice.

Yugi, who was dressed as the Dark Magician pushed his head piece to his costume up, it kept slipping over his eyes. “I think you need to come with me.”

“Sure Yug’.” Joey blinked, really confused. “What’s wrong?”

Yugi grabbed onto Joey’s arm and maneuvered through people, trying not to bump into anyone.


The shorter teen finally came to a halt and Joey’s eyes widened. You were dancing provocatively on top of a small table which probably used to have snacks of some sort on it. His felt his anger rise, seeing someone reach out to grab you. Joey pushed his way through the crowd of people until he reached the table and he pushed the boy who went to grab you away. “Get lost.”

“H-Hey Yoey!” You giggled and hiccupped, you were slightly slurring your words which Joey immediately picked up on.

He grabbed the cup he assumed to be yours that was next to you and took a sip of it. “Damn it.” He growled, it confirmed his suspicions, you were drunk and there was no telling how many drinks you had. Tristan had told him that there was no alcohol so that meant someone spiked the bowl you had gotten your drink from. “Come on.” Joey ordered, helping you off the small table.

“But Yoey…” You stumbled into his body, holding onto him to keep you upright. “I was having fun!”

“I’m taking you home.” Joey frowned, he should have stayed with you instead of going off on his own when he arrived but how was he supposed to know you would get drunk?

“I don’t wanna.” You pouted cutely and looked up at Joey.

Joey sighed. “Its time to go.” He started to pull you towards the door until you stopped and he turned to see what was wrong. “Name?”

You giggled a little. “Did,” You hiccupped, “Did I ever tell you I like you?” You bit your bottom lip lightly before pressing your lips against Joey’s.

Joey put his hands on your arms and froze. He didn’t know what to do, well, he knew what he would have done if the circumstances were different, he would probably blush a trillion shades of red before returning the kiss. But you were drunk, you surely didn’t know what you were doing or talking about.

You closed your eyes, keeping your lips pressed against Joey’s.

Suddenly, Joey felt you go limp and he easily caught you before you hit the ground. “Name?” He looked down at you, his cheeks tinged pink. He sighed, you had just passed out, it seemed you weren’t able to hold your alcohol. He easily picked you up, at least now he’d be able to get you home without you complaining the whole way.

“What happened?”

“She’s drunk. Now move out of the way Tris’ and get the door.”

The brunette nodded and opened the door and watched Joey carry you out of the house.

The walk to your house seemed to take longer then usual. Joey guessed it had to do with the fact he was carrying you the whole way plus he was terrified at what your mother would think when she saw your unconscious form in his arms. He sighed, he promised that he would make sure nothing would happen to you. He glanced down at you quickly and a small smile tugged at his lips, you really looked peaceful. Joey looked up again and gulped, he saw your home come into view.

He slowly made his way up the walk way and up the steps to your house and let out a shaky breath, all the lights were off save for the porch light. He assumed that meant that everyone in the house was asleep. He closed his eyes, reaching out to grab the doorknob, turning it slowly before pushing the door open. He walked in the house with you and sighed with relief when your mom didn’t pop out of no where.

Joey slowly walked up the stairs, flinching as they creaked under the weight being placed upon them. After what seemed like forever to Joey, he made it to your room and he placed you on your bed. He looked down at you, brushing some hair out of your face. Did you really like him? Or was it just the spiked drink talking? Joey smiled a bit, he knew first hand people said what they really thought when they were drunk. He bent down kissing your forehead which made you groan a bit.

He stood up straight and walked out of your room not before taking another glimpse at you. He’d just have to get a proper kiss from you tomorrow. He grinned and started on his way home.


Sorry the ending wasn’t the best, I kind of rushed through it because I wanted to get it finished. I was orignially going to have Joey dressed up as a dog but we all know that would never happen. XD It would be cute to see though. I should be starting another Halloween story later today, this time a Gundam Wing one. =]
-Yami Sango

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