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Disclaimers: I don’t own Gundam Seed OVA.

Author’s notes: I just finished watching the OVA of Gundam Seed and man! That was only freaking five minutes of video! Can that even be called an OVA? Hmm… Anyway, I noticed a different between the OVA and Destiny. At Destiny, Yzak became the commander of Dominion, right? However, in the few seconds of the OVA, Yzak was clearly a member of the ZAFT Council.

Well… that isn’t really related to this anyway. ^_^

Title: Halloween 143

Summary: Annoy him, be romantic with him, be an obsessed fangirl, a crazy lunatic, a classmate, his best friend, a soldier, a clown, you name it! Be with Yzak in any way you would want in this Halloween season! Reader x Yzak

Pairing: Reader x Yzak

Read along folks! ^_^
Halloween 143 #1

“Yzak Becomes Late Because of Your Antics”

“She’s late!”

“Maa… Maa… Yzak, calm down.”

“How the heck can I calm down when I know that I’m late for the council meeting because of her?!”

“Yzak, she’s your fiancée. Understand her a little more.”

“Fiancée my behind! Our families prearranged our relationship, for goodness’ sake! How can anyone stand someone like her?! Why is she in Zaft in the first place?!”

“Err… because she’s an elite?”

“Shut up!”

Poor, poor Yzak… Once again, he was starting to become late for his council meeting. Ever since his mother died, it had been his duty to fill in her place at the council. Normally, he would have accepted the promotion with much pride. Well… he did at first, but all of his happiness of being promoted disappeared into thin air when he found out who was going to be his bodyguard.

“I’m here!”


“Why in the nine he**s are you wearing that thing?!”

Or maybe I should say ‘poor Dearka’…

You twirled around and smiled happily at the azure eyed young man in front of you. Your eyes twinkled with happiness as you walked up towards him. “Why? It’s Halloween, stupid string head!” You retorted, which earned you a glare from the silver haired coordinator in front of you. You gave out a playful glare to mock him, annoy him, and whatever else you could do to deflate that ego of his.

“Look at a calendar, you moron! Halloween is not until a week later!” He shouted at you. You gave him an innocent look as you placed a finger under your chin in thought. You could hear him growling, and normally, people would start to back away in fright in fear for their lives or positions. However, you were different. You weren’t normal. Or at least you thought you were normally crazy, and not crazily insane even though majority of the people thought you were the latter. “And change out of those clothes!”

What kind of clothes were you wearing?

Oh nothing special, really. Your normally red elite uniform was just dyed black and white while you wear a black witch hat on your head. By the way, let me tell you that your witch hat was not the normal witch hat that you can buy in local bookstores or Halloween stores. Your witch hat was the Exclusive ZAFT Halloween Witch Hat Version 2.1, which was only given to sugar crazy insanely crazy who thinks that they are merely normally crazy people two weeks before Halloween. You gave out a grin as you fiddled with your hat. Last year, the hat was so plain. It was only pitch black in color with no designs, but now, it already has a bell attached at the end of the hat and the rim was jagged with zigzag designs. There were some of those shiny pink things that you borrowed from Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist as well. To add up to the color and spirit of Halloween, you made silver and red versions of the pink shinies too!

What’s so special about those Halloween Hats?

Nothing really except that you were the only soldier that has a witch hat like that. You were even looking forward for next years Version 3.1, which you were expecting to have pumpkin pictures designed on the hat too. Well… no matter. It will happen since you’re the one making them.

Growling was once again heard before you glanced at the coordinator in front of you. You gave out a grin as you patted his head. “Dearka-kins! Lookie here! A silver dog sounds like he’s hungry! Poor doggie… Want some candy?” You grinned in amusement as Yzak slapped your hand away, his eyes glaring daggers at you. You glanced at him with mock fear as you held your slapped hand with your other hand. “The dog scratched me! Wah! I’m gonna have rabies! Get the doctor! Quick! I’m dying! Augh…”

Dearka gave out a sweat drop as he glanced at his silver haired friend who was starting to get obviously annoyed to the point of getting the urge of murdering you. His shaking hand started to take out the gun from inside his coat as he started to point it at you. He was loosing his self-control. Heh… like he was even practicing it in the first place. You heard your name being called as you glanced at him pointing the gun in front of you. You gave out a childish blink as you glanced at him. “Give me a good reason as to why I shouldn’t kill you right now…” He murmured.

The blonde was already starting to panic.

“Because I’m a normal insanely crazy person and if you kill me, many people will see because they will hear my poor, pretty scream of pain and they’ll be running towards you to have you head and you’ll be charged guilty of crime because you’re holding the gun and then they’ll have to give me lots and lots of pocky at my funeral because that’s the least that I could do and you have to send me lots of sweets in my afterlife because you’re the cause of my death and…”

“Dearka… don’t even dare stop me…”

“I won’t.”

“ —and then my parents will cry because they lost their only child… wait a minute… I don’t have parents anymore! Silly me! I forgot! And then my parents will be happy since I’m with them already and then they’ll give me all the sweets that I want for Halloween and then I’ll be so happy but I’ll be sad because I lost the chance to tell you those three numbers or rather words that I’ve always wanted to tell you ever since we got engaged. But you won’t even say those three numbers… words… to me since you think I’m so annoying but I don’t care.” You paused, not noticed the silver haired coordinator moving nearer and nearer you in a fast pace.

“ —and then when I’m dead you’ll feel so sorry that you’ll continue on my job and be my normal insane crazy legacy! And then when the time comes when you meet me in the afterlife, I’ll be so happy and proud of you that I’ll continue hugging you to death!” Another pause. “By the way, Yzak! I forgot to tell you…” But you never got to finish your sentence when you were silenced by a pair of lips against your own. They were harsh, but gentle. It took you almost five seconds just to realize that it was actually Yzak - Yzak - who was kissing your right now. His tongue entered your cavern without permission, but you didn’t care as you returned the kiss with as must passion and force.

Dearka was dumbfounded at the scene in front of him. First, his best friend was babbling, then it was his fiancée a.k.a you, and then comes silence. It wasn’t the normal kind of silence either. It was the “lip lock” silence that is starting to become a cliché trend on how to shut up annoyingly noisy normally insanely crazy people like you. It was an amusing sight to see, but at the same time, it was rather… disturbing.

“So… that’s one way to shut you up.” Yzak murmured huskily after the kiss has ended.

You gave out a whispered reply. “Actually… that’s the only way to shut me up… besides giving me candy of course.”

“I beg to differ. Giving you candy makes you worse.”

“Maybe so…”



“Yeah, moron?”

You bit back another insane retort.

“Trick or treat!”

“I’d say treat…”

“Yzak, that wasn’t a question! That was said with an exclamation point, not a question mark!”

“I know that…!”

“Err… Yzak, I hate to break this to you, but…”

”Yes, Dearka?”

“Well… remember that you’re a member of the ZAFT Council now?”


“And well you’re dressed up right now?”


“And we were supposed to be leaving but we had to wait for her here?”

Tick mark. “Yes?”

“And then the two of you got into an argument of…”

”Spit it out, Dearka!:

“Well… Yzak… you’re late.”

A glare.

“This is your fault, (your name)!”

“Is not!”

“Give me one good reason why I should let you live right now!”

And it starts all over again…

End Halloween 143 #1

Author’s notes: Well… that’s for number one! Geez… I’m not so good at comedy, am I? *sweatdrops*

Anyway, feel free to submit your ideas!

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a. Annoy Yzak (give your ideas of course ^_^)
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d. Others (you give the idea, I’ll try to write it down ^_^)

NOTE: I do not write lemons. Sorry. ^_^;

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