"A Supernatural Kind of Thing" by Resurii

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Yay, more Supernatural fic(let)s!

I just couldn't take it any more, I had to do it. I just love Supernatural too much to not.

I plan for this to be a 'discover your (pre-planned) history as you go' type of fic. Cause it's fun to not just throw a profile at you guys, but to leave you wonderin. Each chapter is a 'scene' from an SPN episode (trying to go in order of your first appearance on). There will probably be at least 2 chapters from each episode. The season and episode numbers will be in the chapter title for reference.

There's really no pairing yet, though it will be SamxReaderxDean through pretty much the whole thing.

Updates will probably be the most random thing ever, but I'm trying to keep these within 500-1000 words so I don't kill myself trying to make long chapters.

I don't claim to own any part of Supernatural, much as I would enjoy the royalties. The only thing I can claim is that I'm a Dean girl. And a Jensen girl. What? He's too damn freakin cute to limit myself to one!

Featured Scene: After John discovers Sam and Dean had been to Daniel Elkins' house and reads the letter they found in the P.O. box addressed to J.W. and the interim before Kate and the vamps take the couple on the road.
"It's vampires."

You feel a chill at John's words. "Elkins?"

"They killed him and took the Colt. We have to track them."

The gun he'd been looking for - Elkins had it the whole time? "Right." With one hand, you open your laptop and grab the stack of local newspapers as it boots up. "You gonna check anything out?"

"Not yet. I've got Sam and Dean with me."

"What?" You'd only heard about his sons. He'd never given you the impression you were going to meet them before.

"We're on our way back." Click.

You don't even think twice about him hanging up on you and start searching through the missing persons.

Twenty seven minutes later, John is back with two young men close to your age following him into the motel room. The taller of the two, with dark hair, has his jaw clenched and shoulders stiff and therefore must be Sam, the one who John always fought with. The other, only slightly shorter with the fair hair of their mother and by default is Dean, looks between his father and his brother as if expecting them to start in on each other any moment.

When he sees you sitting at the table, though, he holds a hand up to stop Sam from coming further into the room. "Who the hell is that?"

John sheds his jacket and tosses it over the back of the empty chair next to you. "She's going to help us find those vampires."

"You're the one who said never trust anyone but family and you're going on hunts with some random chick?"

You look back to your research. That was enough disbelieving betrayal in Dean's tone for an entire album of angsty songs.

John sighs. "She's been helping me for a while."

"How long is a while, Dad?" Sam steps to Dean's side, glancing briefly at you before looking back to his dad.

"Just a few months."

"If you needed help you could've come to us, not some stranger. We're family."

John moves in front of you to take the brunt of his sons' angry looks. "She's not a stranger."

"What?" Sam and Dean question in sync.

You rise from your chair and stand next to John. "Our mothers were friends."

There is only dumfounded silence as the brothers stare in shock.

"You can ask questions later," John turned to look at what you'd pulled up on your laptop. "Right now we have to find those vampires."

"Yeah, okay." Dean was still looking at you hard, like he was trying to get you to spill your secrets, as he dropped his duffel bag on the floor next to the closer bed.

Sam claims the other bed by tossing his bag on it and sitting on the edge. "So how do we kill these vampires?"

"Anything in the movies work? Y'know, crosses, sunlight, holy water, stake to the heart?" As pissed as he may be about you being there, Dean's more excited about the hunt.

"No," John's attention was focused more on your laptop as he clicked around while you watched over his shoulder. "Most vampire lore is crap. A cross won't repel them, sunlight won't kill them and neither will a stake to the heart. But the blood lust... that part's true. They need fresh human blood to survive. They were once people so you won't know it's a vampire until it's too late."

"So the only thing we can hope is that they're reckless or stupid enough to leave a trail." You straighten up and grimace while pinching the bridge of your nose. "Great."

The brothers share a look when their father looks even less enthused than you. "... what is it?" Sam questions.

John looks up from the screen and to his boys. "We probably won't be able to find them tonight unless they take someone."

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