"Happy Birthday" by mactimerica

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I'm new to this site, but I decided to try something new, and post it on this site as well as another. And besides...yeah that's about it.

Next one up is: Iceland

Already? Yes...because I forgot about his birthday. I feel horrible about that.
|July 1|


[Voeux de bonheur Canada / Happy Birthday Canada]



You blush, your eyes closed as you hold your hand close to your chest after making contact with the Frenchman’s left cheek. Originally you came to him to ask him questions about Canada, his old charge, but you ended up getting fondled by him when all you wanted to do was know more about the shy man.

“I’m sorry France but I just came here to know more about Canada since you raised him for a while.”

“Ah~ my cute little Canada? That’s wonderful! What would you like to know?”

“Oh you know, the usual-.”

“I have one for you. His birthday is July 1st, so what are you going to get him?”

Your eyes widen, “That’s four days away!”

“Allow me to give you an idea as well~!”

He leans down and whispers to you, and you blush harder, but are convinced that it sounds like a good idea. After all, the guy need more love, needs to lighten up, and needs to have fun. Shopping is in order. What better place than to get all the stuff you need but in France?


“France are you sure? I mean he’s nothing like you so I don’t think he will react the same way-.”

“Nonsense! Of course he will react the same way, only not as aggressive. I say, you look wonderful in white.”

You blush, “Why am I standing in front of you in lingerie?!”

He shrugs, “Let me help you into the large pancake!”


“Darling, it’s alright, you will not be forgotten! It’s in his room, and after the little party that you will not be attending, he will come to his room, disappointed, and when he gets ready for bed, you pop out in your beautiful white get up and you are his present!”

You grin, “I can’t wait.”

“That’s the spirit! Don’t worry, the party won’t last long. Since not everyone…” He trails off, not wanting to utter such words, but does, “Remembers my cute little Canada.”

“That will make things easier for me rather than wait in a large pancake for hours!”

“True! Now in your go,” He leaves enough open so you can breathe and he gently taps on it, “Don’t worry, he’ll be here soon!”

And he leaves Canada’s room, “I hope so.”


Sure enough, two hours later, you hear the door open, and a depressed sigh, “Why wasn’t she there?”

Canada looks up and his eyes widen, “Wow, a giant stack of pancakes~.”

He walks up to it, and places his hand on it, and then you slowly open the lid, and lean over the side, and smirk on your face, “Happy birthday to you~ happy birthday to you~ happy birthday dear Matthew~ happy birthday to you~.” And you wink at him.

You hold in your giggles when you see his glasses begin to fog up from him sweating and the heat emitting from his blushing face, “Y-y-y-you’re.”

You hop out of it and in front of him, making sure you land gracefully on your white heels and you display yourself, “This is why I wasn’t at the party. I hope you like my gift.”

You remove his glasses and set them down on the night stand. His eyes are glued on you, and you run your hands down his chest and then you slowly move your index finger across his bottom lip. He grips onto your hips, and pulls you closer to him. You don’t see the shy and timid Canada in the room. This is a new side to him, one that you have never seen. He’s eager to have his gift.


“Ah~,” You arch your back and run your fingers through his silky hair, “Matthew.”

He presses his lips onto yours, his hips rocking rhythmically against yours, his moans muffled by you. He trails soft kisses down your neck, and hisses, gripping onto the bed sheets, his knuckles turning white and he grunts, releasing himself into you.

“Ah~!” You yelp due to your own, “Matthew!”

“Thank you…for the gift.”

You giggle, “Happy birthday. I will never forget this night.”

He gives you one more kiss, “Me neither.”

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