"A Six Word Love Letter" by Feral

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Aiko: Okay... I don't usually do this sort of thing... y'know, the Hayner pairing. But I just couldn't put anyone else into this situation. Oddly enough, this one-shot was inspired by I chain letter I got on Myspace. Yeah... odd, huh? But it was one of those rare chain letters that make you cry. Well, hope you like this scarily short one-shot... Shortest thing I've ever written... Hopefully cry worthy. Read on. Reviews would be nice, please.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts
Start time: July 14 11:35 PM
End time: July 14 11: 59 PM

A Six Word Love Letter

You knew something was wrong, it was evident in the silence the two of you shared on your way to Sunset Station. He had been like this all day, just... staying oddly silent. You assumed you had done something wrong, so a natural feeling of guilt had hung over you, tugging at your heart 'til it ached. What had you done? Why was he upset with you? Should you apologize? But... you didn't know if you should apologize for something you might not have done, anyways. Thus, you were confused. It had just been such a bad day for the two of you...

Suddenly, he stopped, right outside the station and you did so as well, wondering what else was wrong. He held his head low, so you couldn't read the emotions in his eyes. He sighed, right before he spoke; the first time in hours.

"_____... I..." he paused, as if trying to decide on his words, "I think... that we should start seeing other people."

You froze; that was it. That was what was wrong the entire time. He decided he didn't need you anymore so he was leaving you. But... it didn't hurt so bad. Just your heart aching, that's it. A short, tiny laugh broke from your throat as you lowered your eyes, bangs covering them. You were hurting... but you kept that smile on your face.

"...I understand. It's for the best... right, Hayner?"

You looked up, hiding the small tears that had strayed to the corners of your eyes with that same smile. He looked up as well, unable to read the pain swimming in your eyes.

"I'm sorry..."

You put a hand on his arm, "No, it's alright. But, here..." you pulled a small folded piece of paper from your pocket and pressed it into his hand. "I want you to have this. But don't open it now, okay? Can you promise me that?"

He gripped the small note, a forced grin on his features, "Yeah."

You gave him a true, but broken smile and pulled him into a friendly hug. "Thank you, Hayner," You gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek, "For all the good memories..."

As you pulled away, you gave him a tiny wave, which he returned as you ran into the station. With a sigh, he turned away, to head back to the Usual Spot to hang out before he had to head home for the night. He knew he had hurt you... but he figured it was just for the greater good. You'd get over it eventually. He opened his hand and stared hard at the note you had given him. Closing his eyes, he shoved it into his pocket, followed by both of his hands into each of their corresponding pockets. Just as he was walking away, from behind him came a clamor. There were screams and the screeching of a train's brakes, before all went dead silent. His eyes widened as he ran into the station to see what had happened.

The sight that met his eyes was worrisome. A large crowd was gathered around one of the tracks, pure horror locked into their faces; sorrow in their eyes. Curious, he pushed past the crowd and what he saw tore his heart in two.

You were laying on the tracks, right in front of the train which led to Sunset Hill; the track before the one which would take you home. You looked utterly torn apart, turned into a bloody mess in less than fifteen seconds. The worst thing was, he knew you had died in an instant, knowing only one pain. The pain he had caused you. And he hadn't been there... Guilt wracked his body as some people came to take your body away. But he couldn't tear his eyes away from you.

A shaky hand reached into his pocket, fumbling around for the last note you had given him before... Hot tears stinging his eyes, he unfolded the small paper and blanched, eyes scanning the simple words. It was like no other pain that had struck him before:

"Without your love, I would die."

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