"Barriers" by Spirit Archer

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NOTE: There ARE trigger warnings in this story for a reason as the content at the end of the chapters becomes more graphic. If you are bothered by emotional, physical or sexual abuse, please do not proceed in reading this story. Thank you.

Original AN: The idea was originally just an emo thing but then I had a cute idea with Germany. I began writing it then... it turned into some kind of crack. ಠ_ಠ Mainly because I was having so much fun abusing a bunch of translators but the plot eventually ... flowed away from what it was originally supposed to be so the ending really, really sucks. But I was thinking about doing another chapter to this because it was originally supposed to be a one shot. Hm...

Anyway, if you speak any language written here. Sorry, destroyed it. I thoroughly destroyed it. Expect nothing to be correct. If you try to correct me, I will not correct the mistake. Why? Because I use three different translators in order to try to get as close to what I'm trying to say across. Nothing's perfect, and I apologize.
Depressed. That sounds like a lovely word. You sat quietly on a bench in a huge building not quite sure what you were doing there in the first place.

Let's summarize this from the beginning. You were the country of Lydra. Sort of. In reality, you were a small island that the North Pole had found during the fifteenth century. Your people came from mainly Russia, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Your population was at around one-hundred and the people living on your island were mainly people who were fed up with society and moved away in order to create their own little kingdoms and fantasies. You were located above Russia and right next to NP (some few hundred miles off, however). It was incredibly cold but having NP as a friend made life a little better. Aside from the cold, you enjoyed the peace and silence that you gained from living in such a frigid area.

Allow us to fast forward.

It was during the 1960's, wasn't it? You weren't sure but that was the time that Russia had found your house. You had no clue what he wanted since you weren't fluent in English, Russian or whatever language was in these days. The people of your country had dropped their native languages and adopted a new language called Lild which was strange in itself. It was basically a bunch of slurring and harsh talking. Often times, you assumed whoever you were talking to was an angry drunk because of their accent but that wasn't the case. It was most often the new language they made which made everything so frustrating at times. Getting off track.

Russia had began digging into your ground. You had no clue why but left him alone. He stayed around for a few months but then was accompanied by... China and... Greenland, was it? They began arguing amongst each other and those months turned into two years of constant digging. You hadn't really cared until you noticed there was something slick and black on the snow. This caused you to become incredibly concerned and when you had gone to their dig site, you had found that it was covered in black, oily liquid. At this point, you were enraged beyond belief and attempted to stop them from destroying your home but the older countries kept you away. Eventually, they took over the island with digging material and it became a battle of who would get the black substance that laid under your house.

Unable to stop them because you were defenseless and your people were so weak you ultimately left the island as did your people.

You eventually wandered into Russia's (unoccupied) house, Estonia, Lavita, Lithuania, Poland, Germany's house and countless others. You had met so many weird and scary people as you attempted to find a new home. It only frustrated you even more since you couldn't speak to any of them. Homeless and unable to communicate, you eventually found yourself somewhere at England's house where an overly loud man took great interest in you. You... think he commented on your hair...? Maybe. He looked amused at your clothes (which you proudly wore! The eldest woman at your island had made them especially for you, plus they were so pretty!) and how you spoke. It was at this point you learned to keep your mouth shut, especially when he laughed at your language. He eventually took you away across the ocean with a short, bushy-browed man who constantly yelled at him and here you were, in a large building sitting alone. Before he had left you, he pointed to a room then disappeared into it.

That was not a summary but you get the gist. You were once an island and now you'd soon be nothing. Again, depressing. That sounds like a good word.

“Italien, kommen nicht!”

“Ma Germania, voglio andare con voi!” a tall, blonde man dressed in a suit stepped out of the doors and stuck his arm in. Two pairs of arms wiggled out of the opening of the door but the tall man eventually squeezed his arm out. Eventually, he lifted his leg and kicked into the opening of the door. There was a loud 'EEK!' then he slammed the door. He sighed deeply then turned around to walk off but noticed you sitting on the opposite side.

You stared. Where had you... oh wait! You remembered now! You saw that man a while back! He looked so scary but his actions weren't. However, you had ran off after he said a simple 'hello'. His language was so harsh! It was a bit frightening.

“Hallo,” he smiled lightly. Or... it looked like he was trying to put on a nice face...?

“Ethack,” you muttered hello then looked down. The man looked around then walked towards you and took a seat next to you. There was then an awkward silence.

“Das wetter ist nett, ja?” he spoke; the weather is nice, yes? You said nothing.

A bit more silence...

“Do you know English?” his language changed. His accent was clearly in the way and you almost laughed but continued to be silent.

“Conoscete italiano?” it changed again. Was he trying to figure out your language?

“Nihon? Русский? Français?” Nothing.

“Neyer zexidup maxith cha igo,” you responded; please stop talking to me.

The man looked utterly confused at your speech yet you didn't notice. At this point, you had gotten up and walked off. Once you turned a corner, you began running. He didn't scare you anymore so it wasn't that. It was the fact that he made you feel kind of funny. Like, giddy happy?

“He, zurückgekommen!” you heard his voice echo from the walls; hey, come back!

You quickly escaped through a few hallways then noticed two doors up ahead. One had a pink sign that read 'Ladies' in some weird language and a blue one that said 'Gentlemen' in the same language. Both had pictures of two stick figures. One looked straight and the other one looked like a... dress? Hm... You eventually chose the blue one because the color looked more pleasing to you. You opened the door and rushed in but not after noticing strange things on the wall. You stopped in your tracks and walked over to look at them. They looked so... weird. Do people sit in them? You were somewhat amused at how awkward it would be to sit on it. You turned to hide in one of the stalls when a meek looking man bumped into you. He seemed utterly surprised.

“Ką tu darai čia?!” he exclaimed; what are you doing in here?!

You waved your hands in front of you then ruffled his hair before exclaiming 'ifochir chozaj ejujipa jush' (you look cute scared) then hiding into a stall.

“Oh... Ar ne tai, kad šalis kad Rusija buvo išleisti savo laiką dėl naftos?” the man muttered then exited the room; isn't that the country that Russia has been spending his time on for oil?

You wiggled in your stall a bit. You were sitting on top of a toilet seat (with your feet on the toilet rim) and it felt kind of awkward. Do people use these things to go? You always dug a hole, what was wrong with that?

You twiddled with your thumbs before hearing light mutterings outside. You assumed people were passing by before the door opened.

“He, sind Sie in hier?” Silence.

“Lydra?” oh, man, how did he find out your name?! You began pulling your hair before another voice spoke in.

“I saw her in her a few moments ago, Mr. Ludwig,” that voice sounded meek and the accent seemed deep. Everyone had different accents here!

“Ah, thank you, ...Toris?”

“Yes, sir.”

No one left the room but you heard someone start walking then stopping every few seconds. It wasn't until that person got to your stall that you knew what he was doing. He was checking under the stalls to see if you were in them. Thankfully, since you were sitting on the toilet, he couldn't see your feet. But... wait. He didn't move away...

“Lydra, bitte herausgekommen. Ich bin nicht dabei, Sie zu verletzen,” his voice sounded incredibly soft; Lydra, please come out. I'm not going to hurt you.

You waited for a few moments before he gently knocked on your stall. Oh, whatever. It wasn't like you were going to get away anyway. You stood and opened the door to find the man smiling gently down at your grumpy face.

“Was tun Sie im mens Badezimmer irgendwie? Sie hätten besseres Glück gehabt, das sich im womens Zimmer verbirgt,” what were you doing hiding in the mens bathroom? You would have had better luck hiding in the womens room. You said nothing but began shuffling off. You felt like a defeated child and the smile that the meek boy gave you made you feel slightly worse. However, once you reached the door, you bolted and ran off with your arms in the air. It almost looked like you were a bit of a maniac...

It had been some twenty minutes later when the man found you again. This time, you were under a desk in a room and this time, he was accompanied by a man who appeared shorter than him and he looked like an airhead.

“Ovviamente non si sa come gestire le donne, la Germania! Ti insegno io! Guardami!” he patted the taller mans back then knelt down besides you, “ciao, bella signora. Vuoi uscire con me? I tratterà di una bella cena italiana a casa mia!” you stared; you obviously don't know how to handle women, Germany. Watch me, I'll teach you! Hello, beautiful lady. Would you like to go out with me? I will treat you to a wonderful Italian dinner at my house!

“Lei ha gli occhi molto belli. Sono così luminosa e piena di vita, ma lei sembra così depresso, come mai? È perché la Germania è grande e spaventoso?” You have very beautiful eyes. They're so bright and full of life but you seem so depressed, why is that? Is it because Germany is big and scary?


“Posso renderlo migliore. Lo curerò di destra e noi potete fare insieme le cose alla notte, che cosa dite?” I can make it better. I will treat you right and we can do things together at night, what do you say?

At the point of 'che cosa diet' he placed his hand on your shoulder and gently began rubbing it. After he said 'diet' you took the opportunity to punch him straight in the face.

“Zokar tofano apo, lech owofuz ratazil!” don't touch me, you disgusting man! You angrily stood up and glared at the man who was now waving a little white flag and holding his face. The taller man seemed taken back by your sudden outburst. You snorted then angrily walked off again and this time the taller man didn't follow you.

“Qui guyu mishu ochesh imuthiga!” you sang out in a hallway. You were utterly lost and confused. Since you had punched that one guy, you hadn't seen anyone around. It was really strange. Oh... wait.

“Интересно, что Литва сделает сегодня вечером,” I wonder what Lithuania will make tonight; you heard as you turned a corner. And there appeared... Russia on the other side of the hall. Oh, crap! You bolted back the way you came from but bumped into someone and stumbled back a bit.

“Nove, nove!” Sorry, sorry; you muttered and looked up.

“Oh, et qu'avons-nous ici ? Vous êtes tout à fait beaux, ne sont pas vous, la jeune dame,” oh, and who do we have here? You're quite beautiful, aren't you, young lady. The man had short, blonde hair and he was freaking you out every second.

“Nove, ech asad da areyo. Pi echofuziy guyurot,” sorry, I have to leave. I'm wanted elsewhere; you waved your hands in front of you again then turned to leave but he grabbed one of your wrists and pulled against him.

“Pourquoi partez-vous si bientôt ? Vous m'aimez ? Je vous aime. Je vous aime tout à fait un peu. Eh bien, quittons cet endroit et allons quelque part pour la nuit. Je sais un hôtel agréable à proximité,” Why are you leaving so soon? Don't you like me? I like you. I like you quite a bit. Come, let's leave this place and go somewhere for the night. I know a nice hotel nearby. Creepy, creepy, creepy!

“Iche!” no, you yelled in his face then began to struggle, attempting to get away.

“Oh, hello, France,” creepier... voice.

“Hello, Russia,” the man holding you placed an arm around your waist, “how did you like the meeting today? You left a bit early,” this felt so incredibly wrong.

“I didn't like it at all. I had to leave early because I couldn't stand America's constant blathering today. Oh, and who do you have there?”

“I found her just now,” he turned you around, “she's pretty, isn't she?” you stood stone faced. Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap. It's Russia. It's Russia. It's Russia. It's Russia. There was a little mental breakdown going on in your head.

“Oh, it's Lydra!” he smiled and lightly waved at you, “ratazil poh tir aw onosh!” thank you for the oil; he said the last bit in your language. He must have picked it up while he was there. The comment made you want to lash out at him but you knew how he was when he was... angry. You saw it once when he was fighting with... China, was it? It was very scary and you knew better not to provoke him.

“Ah, her name is Lydra? I've never seen her before,” the man holding you patted your head.

“Her house is above my house, right next to North Poles house.”

“Oh, so it's colder than your house?”

“...Nothing is colder than Siberia,” Russia's voice deepened and became utterly frightening.

“Right... uh... let's go... Lydra! We're going to do some sightseeing! Bye-bye, Russia!” and with that, the man holding you captive picked you up and rushed away from Russia who was silently muttering 'kol, kol, kol, kol, kol.'

“He's scary, isn't he?” the man asked as he set you down on a bench, ways away from Russia, “so, should we get that room?” he winked at you.

“Ech ifixe ethum oque poh,” I smell death on you; you muttered. He tilted his head.


“There you are!” you looked left and right. It was that one guy who took you to this place! He bounced over from no where and hugged you, “I've been looking all over for you! England and I were worried about where you went when we didn't see you on the bench! I told you to stay there, didn't I?” he looked at you with concern in his eyes. You tilted your head. What?

“You know her?” the blonde man asked.

“Yep! Found her wandering around outside of England's house! I decided to bring her here after she almost fainted after smelling England's food! I thought my food would be better. Incidentally, here!” he took out a package from his aviators coat then handed it to you, “I got this one from McDonald's!”

“You idiot, you're going to kill her with your food! Your food is so toxic, I don't know why you aren't dead yet!”

“No, it's not! I eat it all the time and I'm healthy!” he puffed out his chest to show the other man. You, on the other hand, curious as to what he gave you, began unwrapping the package to find food. It looked... quite dull and the bread holding the meat together looked flimsy. You looked up at the hyperactive man.

“Go on, eat it! It's a hamburger! I bet you're hungry, I got it especially for you!” he smiled brightly.

Curious, you stared at the sad excuse for a... whatever it was then took a small bi...


Instantly, you spit out whatever you had put in your mouth then placed the rest next to you then slid it away. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.

“Ahahaha! She doesn't like your food!” the blonde man began cracking up.

“Wha? Why? It's better than England's food!” the brown haired man appeared depressed as he picked up the burger and stared at it in confusion.

“Here, I can make you better food,” the blonde haired man took your hand into his but you instantly took it away and held it to yourself. You stood up and pushed both men away with force then walked forward and down the hall, away from both of them.

“Hey, wait!” both called out to you but you ignored them both as they tagged along beside you. Their constant chatter made your head spin.

As you turned to a corridor, you noticed a man at about your height with black hair. He was standing in front of a door and it looked like he was deciding whether or not to go in. Because of all the chatter, he noticed your little group.

“Oh, hello, America, France,” the man turned and bowed.

“Hello, Japan!” the brown haired man yelled, “what are you doing?” at this point, you attempted to continue walking off but that man grabbed your arm and held you by his side. Blasted people.

“China decided to lock himself in a room but I'm not sure why,” he pointed to the door.

“Oh, I can help!” the man let go of you and you stepped back as he approached the door then began banging on it, “China, come out! I have tea for you!”

“No, aru! Your tea is disgusting! It tastes like pure sugar!” a voice called out from behind the door.

“Ah, you can't hide forever, eh, China?” the blonde man sort of... floated his way to the door and together with America, began pounding at the door while you stood with Japan looking on.

“Hello,” Japan looked at you as he waited for a response. None came as you stared at the two men still bashing at the door.

“Kombanwa, Nihon desu,” good evening, I'm Japan; he tried again but this time in his language. Still nothing. You didn't even know he was talking to you, “um...,” it was at that point that that you realized he had been talking to you.

“Nove! Ech ratazil pohafer poh awi areyohahed pip echo,” sorry! I didn't realize you were talking to me; Japan looked confused.

“Nihon-go ga hanase masuka?” do you speak Japanese? You stared at him then looked away, “watashi ha suisoku suru,” I guess not.

“滚开!离开我!” Get away! Get away from me! A man shouted after America and France broke the door down. For a few moments, there was shuffling then France came out with a wild China-mon on his back.

“China, we have to go to Hong Kong's house. He invited us to go today,” Japan stated as the older Asian flailed and swatted the Frenchman.

“I will not, aru! I will–oh, hello, Lydra!” he paused in his flailing and waved at you. You stuck your nose up and looked the other way. You remembered how he fought with Russia back at your house. You also remembered how he helped ruin your home which caused you to flee, “aww, don't be that way, aru! What did I do to make you look so sad?” you didn't answer since you had no clue what he said.

“Oh, your name is Lydra?” Japan asked. After hearing your name you looked to the smaller Asian man and shrugged then began to walk off.

“Hey, hey! Where are you going? We have to meet with England!” the blonde man shouted. He was about to run after you but he was stopped after France shoved China to him and both began struggling to keep China calm.

Left, right, up, down, left, left, right, right. This place was huge. Oooo, wuzzat?

You had stopped and stared into a big box that had some sort of flimsy glass separating you from whatever it held inside. You had no clue what it did so you hit the glass once.


Okay, try again.


You scratched your head then took the edges of the over-sized box and began shaking it back and fourth. The items inside, however, did not budge.

“Hey! What are you doing?” you looked to where the voice was coming from and saw the sort of angry little man who had accompanied you and the blonde haired man to this place. His eye brows were biiig, “you're going to tip it over, stop it,” he smacked your hands away from the box, “what is it? Do you want a crisp?” he pointed to the box. You stared at the box, “hold on,” he moved in front of you and took out his wallet from his coat pocket then took out a piece of paper and began putting it into the box which gave it back to him. Strange.

“Bloody America, his things are bi-polar, I swear,” the box finally accepted the paper and he sighed, “what do you want?” you stared at him, “oh, right, I keep forgetting you speak a dead language or something. Right, uh... which one of these do you want?” he pointed to a few items inside the box and just to imitate him, you pointed to the exact same ones he pointed at, “well, that didn't work. I'll just pick one for you since most of America's things are really fattening,” he pressed a few things on the box then looked to the glass. You did as well then had a small panic attack after one of the items began moving. It eventually dropped down and the man bent down in front of you to retrieve it from inside the box. He opened a large flap and took out a crinkling bag, “here,” he handed it to you. You looked at it.

“They're crisps,” he opened the bag for you and took a chip out, “see? Crisps,” he ate the chip and you stared back down to the bag.

What ever happened to just catching your food?! Food came in all sorts of weird things now! Packages! Packages with pre-made food! What in the world?!

You grimaced but took one out nevertheless and ate it. ...Eh, it was alright.

“Good, bad?” the man asked but you gave him the bag, “bad, I guess. I don't blame you,” he threw the bag into a large can next to the box and began steering you away from the box, “come now, we need to find America. I need to talk to him about our relations,” he grumbled.

“Ech yoxo yek agadeh,” I want to leave; you muttered. This place was so tiring! If only your home wasn't in ruins, maybe you would be sleeping right now or maybe you'd be at NP's house making weird things in the snow. The warmer climate did weird things to your skin, too. It wasn't all dried out like it usually was so that was a plus but you often found yourself missing the cold weather. You felt your depression starting to sink in again...

“I wish I knew what you said,” the man said as you both turned a corner, “oh,” he muttered and sped up a bit.

“He, Lydra!” Hey, Lydra! It was the tall, blond man at the end of the hallway! Yay!

“Germany, have you seen America?” Bushy-brow asked.

“America... ? Oh, I saw him with France, China, and Japan on the second floor. It looked like they were trying to do something with China, I'm not sure what though,” the man looked at you briefly before Bushy-brow spoke.

“Oh, right then. Thank you,” he walked off but you stood where you were. After noticing he was the only one walking, he turned around and found you still standing where you originally were. You waved, “I'll... be back,” he shrugged, turned and walked off.

“Ich hoffe, dass Sie nicht mehr nicht böse sind,” I hope you aren't angry anymore; you shrugged then walked to the nearest door and turned the knob. It was unlocked so you peeked inside. Just a bunch of chairs. You shut the door and went to the next door.

“So, haben Sie einen sehr netten Namen. Ich mag es, ich denke, dass es Ihnen anpasst,” so you have a very nice name. I like it, I think it suits you; you peeked into another room. Desks. Ick. You shut the door and looked at the man, shrugging to whatever he said. Next door!

“Ich wünsche, dass ich mit Ihnen kommunizieren konnte,” I wish I could communicate with you; that last bit sounded depressing. You pursed your lips and opened the next door. Ooooh, just what you wanted! You turned and quickly grabbed the mans wrist and dragged him into the room. You released him once inside then ran to a wall which held a giant world map. You turned to him then began pointing to yourself then to the ceiling. You began jumping, trying to get to where your house would be but since you were so short, you grabbed the nearest chair then positioned it where you could reach Russia but you were still too short. You looked around and the man had figured out what you were doing by this time. He looked around as well then spotted a ruler sitting by one of the desks in one of the corners. He walked over, grabbed it then gave it to you. You lifted the ruler up and pointed at nothing on the map.

“Lydra,” you told him. Since your island was so small, most people didn't know about it. It had amazed you that Russia, China and Greenland even found your house since it was really just a tiny island. The man nodded then walked up to the map and motioned for the ruler. You handed it to him and he pointed to a place far away from yours.


“De.. uutsh... ichedeh,” you attempted to repeat. It was so difficult!

“Let's try... Germany. Germany,” he said.

“Jeh-r-mohn-key,” you attempted to repeat.

“Monkey?” he laughed. You gasped and your hands went up to your mouth.

“ Zokar kopux och echo!” Don't laugh at me! You cried behind your mouth.

“Es tut mir leid, dass, Es tut mir leid, dass,” I'm sorry, I'm sorry; you clicked your tongue then took the ruler out of his hands and pointed towards the North Pole.

“North Pole,” you looked at him and he nodded, “tachben,” friend.

“Tekbahn?” he repeated in confusion. You fumbled with the ruler then looked at Europe. You remember the word France earlier. After looking for a while, you found the shape of France (you had taught yourself how to recognize each country by their shapes when you were younger) and pointed at it.

“Franque?” you then pointed at Germany then back to France, “techben?”

He was unsure of what you were trying to say but he shook his head. He could only assume that you meant he had relations with France in some way. He pointed to Italy, “Italien.”

“Tachben?” you asked.

“Tekbahn?” he asked back. You thought for a moment then sat down on your chair and took his hand into yours, “Germany tachben Lydra,” you smiled and shook his had then played around with it, gently throwing it from one of your hands to the other. His hands were so big!

“Bedeutet tekbahn freund?” Does tekbahn mean friend? You continued to smile at him and repeat 'tachben' once more. You released his hand, stood up in your chair and pointed to Russia and China.

“Tachben,” you shook your head and arms, “iche tachben,” not friends; you pointed to Germany, “tachben,” then nodded your head.

Germany nodded his head. Assuming that his assumption was now correct, he pointed to Italy again, “tekbahn,” he moved behind you and moved over towards Asia then pointed to a thin island, “tekbahn,” he then took the ruler from you and pointed to the middle of no where near the North Pole, “tekbahn.”

“Yay!” you clapped your hands together then got off your chair and smiled at him, “sozg ul mupale,” let's go outside; you took his hand again and led him away from the room.

You eventually found your way out of the building (with help from Germany) and together you sat with him on a bench under a tree, still trying to communicate with each other.

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