"Unseen World" by ShadowQueen1815

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Um... I started writing this and Yamamoto just became oddly affectionate with the reader.

I'm just going to leave that alone for now.

The first five chapters I use to help set up the characters and somewhat of a background before getting into more serious stuff.

I already have this story all laid out and plan on writing at least three main arcs with some lighter chapters in between.

That's all I'm going to say for now. I'll explain more in the next chapter.

italics- means Mukuro is talking and only Tsuna and the reader can hear.
Chapter2 A Haunting

After the adventure from last night the three of you all slept together on Tsuna’s bed [1]. Nana, Tsuna’s mom, was a little worried about you three. Since you guys had turned on all the lights in the house. She brushed it off as you three just being teens.

“I told you (fn),” Gokudera gloated as you three walked to school. You were NOT in the mood to deal with him. “Ghosts are real. That boy from last night was proof enough.”

“I think the three of us smoked some weed last night and had a trippy hallucination.” Now both Tsuna and Gokudera gave you disbelief looks. You turned and glared at them “What? There is really no other explanation as to WHY all three of us saw that boy.”

“You just don’t want to admit that I was right.” Gokudera elbowed you as you glared at him.

“That’s part of it,” you muttered with a blush on your face. Gokudera’s grin widened.

“I guess that means we aren’t doing something stupid like that again?” Tsuna watched as both you and Gokudera nodded in agreement. It didn’t matter that Gokudera was right; the three of you were scared shitless last night.

As the three of you were walking Tsuna spotted Kyoko, his long time crush. If only Kyoko wasn’t so dense Tsuna and she would probably already be dating. The two were great friends but she just couldn’t get his hints. He branched off from you two and ran up to her. This left some tension between you and Gokudera.

Luckily it didn’t last too long. You entered school grounds soon after Tsuna and Kyoko and were immediately tackled by Yamamoto. Gokudera hissed at the tall boy’s sudden attack. You blinked as Yamamoto released you from his hug.

“Morning (fn), morning Gokudera,” Yamamoto happily said. He was still wearing his baseball uniform and was covered in sweat.

“Morning Yamamoto,” you said. “What’s with the hug?” He smiled goofily and took off his baseball cap.

“No reason.” You questioned Yamamoto’s actions sometimes.

“What do you want baseball freak,” Gokudera growled out. Maybe it was because Gokudera hated Yamamoto for some unexplained reason that you were friends with him. It had nothing to do with the fact that without Gokudera Yamamoto would follow you and Tsuna around like a lost dog. “Can’t you see that we’re busy?”

“Busy with what?” Yamamoto smiled and closed his eyes. “You two were just walking into school.” You wondered if Yamamoto was just being Yamamoto or if he was being sarcastic. You were leaning more towards the former. Gokudera just growled at him. “So (fn) are you coming to the baseball game this weekend?”

“I plan on it,” you replied with a smile. “Of course I’ll bring Tsuna with.” You saw Gokudera seething from the corner of your eye. “I’m sure Gokudera will also tag along with us.” You saw Gokudera walk away.

“Ah that sounds great!” Yamamoto turned his head and waved to some of his teammates as they passed. “I’ll catch you in class ok?” With that he waved goodbye and disappeared behind the school, hopefully to change and shower.

“What a nice boy.” [2]

“Yamamoto sure is. If the girls aren’t chasing after Gokudera they’re chasing after Yamamoto,” you responded.

“Do you chase after him?”

“No, Yamamoto isn’t really my type.” You started walking towards the school with soft footfalls following you.

“Kufufu~ Then what is your type?”

You froze in mid-step. You quickly turned around and were greeted by the boy from last night. Your face went pale and you dropped your bag to the ground. He just smiled at you creepily. You went to scream but his hand shot up and covered your mouth. For some reason he was solid [3]. He just laughed at your wide and fearful eyes.

“I can’t have you screaming, least I have someone who can see me come running,” the boy said as he looked behind you, like he was expecting someone to come. “So how about for now I just follow you quietly? Kufufu~”

You watched as the boy looked straight at you. You noticed that his right eye was red with the kanji for six. You watched as the kanji changed from six to one. The boy’s solid hand soon became transparent once again. He removed his hand and looked at you.

“Not that it matters, but now you’re the only one who can see me.” That wasn’t something you were hoping for. “Although that small boy that was with you last night might be able to see me,” the boy said. “Anyways this should be a fun day. Don’t you think?”


You disappeared into the building screaming bloody murder.

“So much for not screaming,” the boy said before disappearing once again.

Somehow, you have no idea how, but you managed to run into your classroom alive. You were just glad Hibari was nowhere near you when you stampeded into the room. Anyways, you arrived in the classroom panting and looking down right terrified. Your classmates turned and watch you curiously as you stumbled to your seat. Tsuna and Gokudera quickly convened at your desk.

“(fn) what happened?” Tsuna saw the terrified look at your face. He wasn’t going to like what you were going to say. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” You whimpered and Tsuna felt his face go pale.

“Woman he asked you a question,” Gokudera snapped. He went to add more but saw the look on your face. You had tears in the corner of your eyes and you were visibly shaking. Gokudera softened his expression and looked around the room. Everyone was looking at you. “This isn’t a fucking movie!” Most of the students scurried to back to their seats after Gokudera shouted. His fan girls merely swooned.

“I saw him,” you whispered. Tsuna and Gokudera both leaned in closer. “The boy from last night,” you said as you turned your head to look at Tsuna. “I saw him.”

“There’s no way,” Gokudera said. “Ghosts just haunt the place they have strong attachments to.” He glared down at you. “So there was no way that you saw him.” You figured Gokudera was trying to cheer you up. “Unless you were smoking something and just saw him.” Or he was just being an ass.

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that.” Both you and Tsuna turned your heads to the sound of the voice. The boy was sitting on the teacher’s desk with a smile in place. He waved at you two. “Kufufu~”

“AHHHHH,” both you and Tsuna screamed. Everyone turned to look at the two of you as you knocked over your desk. Gokudera only stared at you two in a questioning manner as you both attempted to run out of the room.

“What’s going on? Are we having a screaming contest?” Yamamoto laughed as he opened the door the same time you and Tsuna ran towards it. You hit his chest and Tsuna ran into your back. Good thing Yamamoto was sturdy. “Haha, (fn) are you and Tsuna playing tag?”

“I think I’ll take my leave for now.” The boy on the desk disappeared as Yamamoto turned to look at the classroom. Everyone was looking at you and Tsuna like you two had lost it.

Yamamoto blinked and laughed before looking down at both you and Tsuna. He saw the scared expressions you two had. Tsuna was shaking and you had tears falling. His smile disappeared as he looked around the room again. Gokudera was scaring the other students before making his way over to where you four were crowding.

“Tsuna what happened,” Gokudera asked.

“(fn) was right,” Tsuna said. Gokudera raised an eyebrow. “S-she did see the g-ghost.” Yamamoto looked completely clueless. “H-he was h-here.”

“That’s impossible Tsuna!” Gokudera hissed out as Yamamoto lead you back to your seat. “I would’ve seen him if he was here.” Yamamoto turned his head and looked at Gokudera.

“What,” Tsuna asked. Gokudera went to respond but the teacher came in.

“What’s with all the racket? I can hear people screaming all the way down the hallway,” he continued ranting as many students tuned him out. “Are any of you listening to me?”

“Yes,” a collective groan was heard from everyone. He glared at the students.

“Sometimes I wonder why I became a teacher.” With that class finally started.


“What’s with this atmosphere?” You didn’t know what to comment on first; Yamamoto’s question or the fact that he used atmosphere in its correct form in a sentence. Granted Yamamoto wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but he did have his moments of genius.

“Just shut up baseball freak,” Gokudera growled. “Can’t you see that Tsuna is upset?” You looked up from your untouched food to Gokudera.

“Sure worry about the person who WASN’T crying,” you snapped. Gokudera just gave you a look.

“I think it would be better if you two just don’t mention that I’m here,” the boy said.

You forgot that he was sitting next to you. As soon as lunch let out the boy reappeared and started following you. Both you and Tsuna were just too tired to run away and scream anymore. That and someone reported screaming to Hibari, so he was standing in the hallway when the lunch bell rang. So the boy was sitting next to you, which was why there was such a tense atmosphere around both you and Tsuna.

“We saw a ghost last night Yamamoto,” you said.

“Ghost,” Yamamoto repeated. “You mean those flying bed sheets?” You were kind of glad Yamamoto was a little dense.

“No you damn baseball freak! Ghosts as in dead people’s spirits,” Gokudera explained. He then reached into his bag and pulled out the same magazine he had showed you yesterday. He was soon lost in his own world explaining ghosts to Yamamoto.

“I don’t like that boy.” You turned and stared at the ghost. He was still smiling.

“Why are you following us,” you asked.

“Kufufu, ‘us’ as in plural,” he asked. He turned his attention to both you and Tsuna. “I must say I am interested in the Vongola [4] but the one I’m haunting,” he leaned in rather close to your face, “is you.”

“I would scream, but I saw Hibari on my way up here and I rather not die,” you said. The boy merely laughed and pulled away from your face. “Hey Gokudera,” you called. Said boy looked up from his magazine to glare at you. “Do you know anything about exorcising ghosts?”

“Of course I do.” He seemed offended. “Why do you ask?”

“I think that ghost-boy from last night is haunting me.” You heard the boy sigh.

“My name isn’t ghost-boy.” You saw he stand up and walk so he was standing in front of you and Tsuna. “I am Mukuro Rokudo.”

“Apparently the ghost has a name,” you said. Now Gokudera stopped glaring at you and looked around the rooftop. “He says his name is Mukuro Rokudo.”

Gokudera visibly stiffened. You exchanged looks with Tsuna as Gokudera pulled out some dynamite and looked around the rooftop. Yamamoto was too engrossed in Gokudera’s magazine to notice the bomber standing up. Mukuro just laughed.

“I’d expect nothing less from one of Reborn’s handpicked men.” Mukuro laughed once more before glancing at Tsuna. “I’m sure he’ll come himself. Kufufu~”

Next time:

Great, not only do we have to deal with a slightly crazy ghost, but a trigger happy… whatever he called himself! Not only that but strange things are happening. Can this get any worse?


[1]- Reference to Writing a Vongola Fairy Tale.
[2]- Mukuro's talking and the reader doesn't realize she's talking to him. I tend to have a lot of lines like this.
[3]- When he's solid that means EVERYONE can see him, unlike when he's transparent only you and Tsuna can see him. Mukuro can be seen by whomever he haunts.
[4]- Vongola refers to the monster slayers. Will be explained in later chapters.

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