"Unseen World" by ShadowQueen1815

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Most ideas hit me when I'm out walking. This one ran full speed at me as I was making phone calls for work. Inspiration hits anywhere huh?

Anyways, this is my attempt at a horrorish type fic. There will be blood, ghouls, and Hibari as a vampire (you know you all saw that coming from outer space).

Oh... and this is AU, alternate universe. But I tried keeping the characters from being too OOC. I think Mukuro gets a bit too OOC in chapter2. But that's chapter2, this chapter 1.

Any other random notes? None that I can think of.

So... read and review.

Disclaimer: I do not own KHR or you. Just the plot.
Chapter1 Dare

It was your own stupid fault you were in this mess to begin with. If you hadn’t made fun of Tsuna then Gokudera would never have dared you to do this. And you wouldn’t be staring at the hot, yet transparent, boy in front of you.

“Kufufu~ it’s been so long since I’ve had a guest.”


~Rewind to Five Hours Earlier~

“I failed another test,” Tsuna moaned. You glanced over at the boy next to you. He was hunched over his desk with tears running down his cheeks. He should start studying for tests inside of goofing around. He turned his head towards your desk. “How’d you do (fn)?”

“Not much better than you Tsuna,” you said as you showed him your test. Your score of fifty-two sat on top of the paper in big red ink. “But unlike you I knew most of the answers, I just wasn’t feeling so good when we took the test, which is why I bombed it,” you explained.

“Of course you would bomb a test.” You shifted your attention to the silver haired boy sitting across the room. You had no idea Gokudera had such good hearing. He got up from his seat and walked over to you two. “That’s what you get for being mean to Tsuna.”

“I would LOVE to see how your logic works.” Gokudera merely glared in your direction. You brushed it off and picked up your school bag. “Anyways let’s head home.” Tsuna stood up as well and the three of you made your way off of school grounds.

The three of you had been friends ever since you first met each other. Both you and Tsuna had grown up in the same house. No, you two weren’t related. One day your parents just dropped you off at Tsuna’s house and disappeared. You were too young to remember them anyways, so you really didn’t miss them. So basically you and Tsuna were as close as a brother and sister could be. Gokudera came into the picture when you both entered middle school.

Apparently he was from Italy. You had a feeling from the moment you met him that something was off. And it wasn’t the fact that he carried dynamite and had a weird man-crush on Tsuna, it was something… you just couldn’t quiet put your finger on. Regardless of his foul mouth and behavior he became your ‘friend’. You use the term ‘friend’ loosely around Gokudera. You two got along just as well as a cat and a dog.

Yeah… in all honesty the only reason you were friends with Gokudera was because he was friends with Tsuna.

“Woman are you listening?” You stopped staring off into space and turned to Gokudera. The three of you had stopped to get a snack. You shook your head and Gokudera groaned. Apparently he had been talking to you. “I SAID we should go to Kokuyo Health Land tonight.”

“Why,” you asked. Tsuna didn’t look too keen on the idea. Everyone knew that Kokuyo Health Land was haunted, if you believed the stories.

“I heard that if you go there and make it to the top floor there’s a spirit there that’ll grant you any wish.” Gokudera said with an excited face. After he finished talking you were staring at him with your jaw-dropped. He was fucking serious? “Maybe we could have Tsuna go and ask it to make his test score go up.”

“There’s so many things wrong with the idea that I don’t know where to start.” You three started walking back towards your and Tsuna’s house. “First off, there is NO such legend as you just said. Second, there’s no such thing as ghosts. Third, Tsuna probably already wet his pants just THINKING about going to Kokuyo Health Land.”

“Ghosts so exist,” Gokudera growled as he shook his fist at you. “It says so right here in ‘Ghosts, UFOs, and Monsters Monthly’! [1]” Gokudera shoved his tabloid magazine in your face. You looked at the cover and saw a very blurry picture of what looked like a person. “And tonight is the perfect night for us to go!”

“Why do you say that?” At this point Tsuna was lagging behind the two of you with a depressed expression on his face. He knew this wasn’t going to end well.

“Turn to page seventeen,” Gokudera told you as you guys stopped walking. You looked at the page he said before giving him a look. “Tonight is a full moon and a storm is said to be coming in later tonight. Ghosts are said to draw energy in from storms and full moons.”

“Wow Gokudera, I guess you’re right,” you started with heavy sarcasm, “for someone with a perfect GPA, you must be right about these ghosts.” Gokudera glared angrily at you. He snatched his magazine away from you.

“Well, Miss 52,” you glared at him for mentioning your test score, “how about we go there tonight and see who’s right.” A challenge from Gokudera was something you could not pass up.

“Fine Mr. Man-Crush on Tsuna, we’ll do just that.” Tsuna was crying and leaning up against a nearby wall. He knew this was going to end badly. “Tsuna and I will sneak out after dinner and meet you at the bus station.” Gokudera smirked.

“See you there.” You didn’t like the way Gokudera said that.

~Kokuyo Health Land~

“This place is falling apart,” you said. Gokudera and Tsuna both nodded their heads in agreement.

The three of you opened up the broken gate and slowly walked into the empty park. All three of you had flashlights, but the full moon made it easy enough to see without them. It wasn’t long before the three of you arrived at the main building. The sign was all rusted and parts were just barely hanging on. The building itself was in horrible shape.

Almost every window was broken and from where you stood you could see that in some places the floor had broken away. Steel beams also lay in the abandoned building. You turned on your flashlight and pointed it at the top level. The windows up there were broken as well. You also could see a dark purple curtain sway against the wind.

“This doesn’t look safe Gokudera,” Tsuna said.

“I have to agree with him,” you stated. “Where the hell did you hear that story from anyways?” You snapped turning around so your flashlight was pointing straight into Gokudera’s face.

“Ah,” he growled as he reached his hand up to block the light. “It was floating around school. Now get that out of my eyes your damn bitch.” You lowered your flashlight.

“People at our school also say that Hibari is a vampire,” you said in an annoyed tone. “You can’t believe everything you hear.”

“G-Gokudera, m-maybe w-w-we shouldn’t do t-this,” Tsuna stuttered.

“I agree with my pansy housemate, we shouldn’t be doing this.” Gokudera only glared in your direction. “Whether or not there is (or isn’t) a ghost up there is beside the point. The kids who made up that story probably almost died trying to reach the top floor.”

“If you think there’s nothing to the story then why don’t YOU go up there?” The tone in which Gokudera spoke made you turn and look at him. You sweat dropped at what he was doing. He had his flashlight pointed up at his face, casting eerie shadows across his face. “I dare you.”

“Gokudera I’m not so much of a kid that I’d go up there on a dare.” Tsuna watched the argument from the side.

“I double-dare you,” Gokudera said again.


“Triple-dare you,” Gokudera tried again.

“Do you not know the meaning of ‘no’?” Gokudera frowned and took the flashlight away from his face. “There is no way I’m going in there for a stupid dare.”

“I triple-dare you and I will throw in the following insult,” Gokudera said as he took in a deep breath, “CHICKEN!”

“Gokudera that wasn’t very mature,” Tsuna said.

“You take that back!” Tsuna stared wide eyed at you. You were glaring murderously at Gokudera and were pointing a shaky finger at him.

“What did I say,” Gokudera asked all innocent like. “All I did was call you a chicken.” Tsuna watched a tick marks appeared on your forehead. He forgot how much you hated people calling you names.

“Take it back,” you growled marching over so you both were face-to-face.

“Only if you go to the top floor and wave from the window,” Gokudera said. You looked at the curtains.

“I’ll do it.” Tsuna fell over. You wouldn’t go in on a dare alone, but with an insult? You were a little twisted. You started walking towards the building before turning around. “If I don’t see a ghost or die you owe me lunch for a week!”

“And if I’m right you have to clean my house!” Both you and Tsuna blinked at Gokudera.

“Ok… I’ll be sure I don’t see a ghost then.” And with that you entered the building.

Inside was worse than the outside. Concrete had fallen to the floor in chucks and there were gaping holes in the ceiling. You walked cautiously. The floor was littered with sharp objects and glass. You had to be careful not to fall. You found it weird that the only thing leading to the top floor was a ladder in the back room of the building.

You came across the same thing on the second floor. All the stairs were destroyed and the only way to the top floor was by a ladder. You brushed it off as the building being old. You finally made it to the top floor. You took note that it used to be a movie theatre. You looked around the ticket booths and concession stand before looking at the actual theatre.

The door was open a jar and you pushed it open a little more. Some dust lifted from the ground as you did so. You finished opening the door and stepped into the room. It was just a huge empty space. The chairs had been taken out and the area where the screen would be only had huge velvet curtains. You took a few steps into the room. There was nothing there! You smirked triumphantly before heading over to the broken windows. You pulled back the curtains and looked down.

Both Gokudera and Tsuna were still down below. You were half expecting Gokudera to leave with Tsuna. But both their flashlights flashed up to where you were. You waved. You heard Gokudera shout in protest and you giggled.

You just loved proving Gokudera wrong.

You stepped away from the window and turned around. You blinked. Was there a couch in front of the window before? You slowly walked around it and stared at it suspiciously. Maybe you missed it because it was so dark? With one last glance you made your way towards the door.


You stopped dead in your tracks. You just heard laughter. You turned your head towards the stage. Another couch was sitting there. You gulped and started walking towards the door again. You probably missed that couch earlier too because it was so dark.

“Oh, you’re leaving so soon?” You stiffened and slowly turned your body around. “Kufufu~ it’s been so long since I’ve had a guest.” Your eyes widened. Standing in front of the stage was a boy a little older than you. He had purple hair in the shape of a pineapple. But it wasn’t the hair that caused you to scream. It was the fact that you could see through him. “Was that scream really necessary?”

You were at a loss for words. There was no way this was happening! The boy had a smile on his face as he walked over to where you were frozen. Your brain was still processing everything. This boy… was transparent… so what did that mean?

“It’s been a since I’ve seen another face.” He was within arm’s length when your brain decided to start working again. “Good thing it was you.” He reached out to touch your face. You jumped back.

“W-what the f-fuck are y-you,” you stuttered. He looked a little hurt that you jumped back. Although it was hard to tell since he was still smiling.

“Kufufu~” he laughed. “My dear I am what I look like, a spirit.” You started inching your way towards the door as he took another step closer. “Are you scared?” At this point you were shaking.

“P-partly,” you responded. “B-but I-I’m al-l-so a l-little mad that G-Gokudera was r-right.” The boy laughed again. “So if you’ll excuse me,” you said as you sprinted out of the theatre. The boy merely watched you flee down the ladder before evaporating.

You made it down and out of the building in record time. Both Gokudera and Tsuna stared at you as you sat on the ground trying to catch your breath. Tsuna started questioning you about why you screamed. You had a feeling that Gokudera was smirking at your misfortune. You finally caught your breath and chanced a glance at the top floor.

“(fn), what happened?” You turned to Tsuna as he helped you stand back up. “You screamed and were in there for a long time.”

“Did you see the ghost,” Gokudera asked.

“I-I saw… something,” you whispered. Gokudera frowned, but didn’t press any further. He could tell something freaked you out and you weren’t ready to talk about it. “C-Can we j-just go home now?”

“I think that’s a good idea, right Gokudera?” Tsuna asked. The silver haired boy rubbed the back of his head.

“I guess. I need to take a shower anyways,” he said as he started walking in front of you two.

“A shower does sound nice.”

The three of you stopped walking. Gokudera was the first to turn around. Standing behind you and Tsuna was the boy from earlier. His face went pale as both you and Tsuna turned around as well.

“Why does everyone look at me like that?”


You hated the fact that Gokudera was right.

Next time:

If Gokudera was right about the ghost what else is also true? Is Hibari REALLY a vampire? And for that matter why the hell is the ghost fucking haunting us?!


[1]- I'm going to be coming up with random names for Gokudera's magazines/weird occult obsession.

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