"Tall, Deadly, and Handsome" by Wanderer

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This is nonsequential, partly because I can't connect the scenes into a normal story, partly because I'm not done writing it yet, and partly because I just feel like it.

Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, I wouldn't be going to a community college and applying for jobs at fast food places, now would I?
"I'm scared, Tom," you said quietly. He still heard you, even though he didn't look up from writing in his diary.

"What are you scared of?" he asked carelessly.

You swallowed. "The–the creature. From the Chamber." You glanced around the common room, then scooted closer to him. "I mean, everybody else in Slytherin is sorta... well... not exactly happy, but, um, satisfied about it, but I don't even know who my parents are. I know you said that since I'm in Slytherin I must be pure or at least half, but what if I... what if–"

He cut you off by snapping his diary shut. "You'll be fine." Turning to you with one of his rare, tolerant smiles, he added, "You're in Slytherin. The Heir isn't going to attack someone in his own House."

You smiled tentatively back and nodded. In spite of your fears, you believed that if Tom said you would be fine, you would. You had to be.

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