"A Reason To Stay" by TehSalade

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Disclaimer: i do not own Yu-Gi-Oh GX or the song 8th World Wonder by Kimberly Locke.

this is a story made for Korin1. Hope you like!
A Reason To Stay:

A blond girl in a Obelisk uniform walked over to a brunette girl also in a Obelisk uniform. “Hey Korin, how are you?”

Korin smiled, “Great Alexis. You and your brother?”

“Excellent, and Atticus is doing well too.” Alexis nodded, “So, you got anything special planed for next week?”

Korin blinked. “Like what?”

Alexis stared at her, “Are you telling me that you forgot about St Whites Day?”

Korin slapped her head. “Shoot! St. Whites Day, totally forgot!”

Woke up early this morning,
Made my coffee like I always do,
Then it hit me from nowhere,
Everything I feel about me and you,
The way you kiss me crazy,
Baby your so amazing,

“You’re usually the one reminding me!” Alexis grinned, “What got you caught up?”

“School work and Tutoring Jaden...” Korin sighed at his name.

“So are you getting him anything?”

Korin looked at her blond friend, “Who?”

“Jaden, are you getting Jaden anythi...?” Kori cut her off by putting a hand over her friends mouth, blushing.

“Sh...”she said nervously looking around.

“What’s so secrete about it Korin? It’s plainly obvious...well not to Jaden.” Alexis questioned.

“You know I’m shy, maybe shyer then Syrus if that’s possible.” Korin laughed at the thought. “I just...have issues telling people I like them...besides, it’s like I’m only a fan of just a friend when I’m around him.” she rubbed her arm a little bit.

“I need to tutor you on being loose around guys, other then being just friends...” Alexis implied.

“Like your any different when it comes to Chazz.” Korin pointed at her, seeing a familiar brunette nearby.

“SHUSH! My brother might hear ya!” Alexis waved her hands nervously.

“I heard, wait till Aunt Gail hears about this!”

“ATTICUS! YOU WILL NOT!” Alexis yelled running after her brother.

Korin laughed at the two. As someone walked over to Korin, “What did Atticus do now?”

Korin jumped. “Oh Zane...” she laughed, “Uh, Atticus found out who Alexis liked and now he’s paying the consequence.”

“Your fault no doubt?” Zane questioned.

Korin pouted, “it’s not my fault Atticus was standing five feet away.” Zane chuckled, “And what do you mean by “Your fault no doubt”?! I don’t blurt out everyone’s crush, just sometimes by accident.”

“Yet conveniently when a relatives are nearby.” Zane said with a small smile.

“Well great to talk to you, but before Alexis rounds on me, I need to go to Professor Chrisima’s Class...” Korin trailed off.

Zane looked disturbed. “I never heard of her before. What does she teach?”

“She’s a student teacher taking over Crowler’s class for the next month.” Korin grinned, “Well see ya later Zane!” she then took off, and went to the class.

Seven days and seven nights of thunder,
The waters rising and I’m slipping under,
I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder

Korin meet the young teacher, early twenties, had long purple hair and blue eyes, wearing a Obelisk teachers uniform. But what really shocked Korin is that she looked like a duel monster by the name of Wingweaver. She was standing at the chalkboard, and Crowler was a students desk in the front that nobody preoccupied.

“Miss Korin! You’re here early.” Crowler looked at her.

“Is it a crime to be early?” she asked confused.

“No no, not at all!” he grinned, “Chrisima! This is one of my best students Korin, smartest female Obelisk of her year!”

‘Great...he’s bluffing again to get attention.’ Korin sighed.

The woman turned to smile at Korin, “Nice to meet you Korin. I’m Professor Chrisima, the student teacher, I’ll be taking over for a while.” she said in a sweet voice.

“Same here.”Korin nodded and took her place at her desk. ‘I hate being put on the spot.’ soon the classroom filled up and Korin smiled at the boy beside her. “Hey Jaden...Syrus.”

“Oh hi Korin!”Jaden grinned.

“Hi!” Syrus piped.

Korin laughed, “I see you two are having a nice day.”

“Well you know St. Whites Day is coming up, and we don’t know what to get for the girls we like.” Jaden proclaimed.

Korin blushed and frowned. “Then aren’t you supposed to be in a bad mood?”

Jaden also frowned. “Now that you mention it, it does make more sense...”

“You don’t make sense Jay.” Syrus stated shaking his head, “So Korin, you getting something for someone?” Syrus said as though he was hinting at something, and he glance at Jaden.

Korin just stared at him, ‘Am I that obvious?’ she thought. “I think I am...”

“Really who?”Jaden asked completely oblivious to what was happening.

Korin blushed once more, “Now, I really can’t risk you guys telling him can’t I?”

I guess that I’m just falling,
Deeper into something I’ve never known, yeah,
But the way that I’m feeling,
Makes me realize that it can’t be wrong,
Your love’s like the summer rain,
Washing my doubts away,

“Attention class my name is Professor Chrisima and I’ll be your instructor for the next month...” most of the boys fawned over her except for Jaden and Syrus. Korin looked behind her and saw Chazz drooling.

“Chazz, Alexis is watching you.” Korin hissed, as it was the truth, only she was glaring.

Automatically he sat up and looked serious. ‘I can’t help it! Purple hair!’ Chazz thought. ‘Wait...Alexis is watching me...then did Korin just tell me Alexis likes me?’ he blushed at the small hints. Korin gave him.

“Mr, Princeton, mind telling me what’s the difference between a Ritual Summon and a Fusion Summon?”

“Huh what?” Chazz came back to earth.

“The difference between a Ritual and a Fusion summon, Mr Chazz, or were you too busy staring at someone?” Professor Chrisima glanced at Alexis.

“No, I just didn’t hear you the first time,” Chazz blushed ‘I’m so going to get Korin for that!’ he thought, “A Ritual consists of sacrifices that equal total number of stars of the ritual monster, and the fusion monster consists of two or more fused monsters to create another.

“Miss Korin, would you like to state a couple of examples of this?”

Korin blinked at the Purple haired teacher, “For the Ritual Monster Crab Turtle, you need to have Turtle Oath, and offer monsters whom stars are equal to or more then eight. And for The Fusion Monster Giltia The D. Knight, you need to fuse Guardian Of The Labyrinth, and Protector Of The Throne.”

“Very good Miss Korin...” then Chrisima went on. And Korin went onto trying to wake Jaden up.

Seven days and seven nights of thunder,
The waters rising and I’m slipping under,
I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder

A few days later Korin was walking to Chancellor Shepard’s office, someone was there to see her, and she had to go see them, she opened to find, her father there. “Hey dad!”

“Hello Korin,” he smiled. The two of them were alone.

“What are you doing here?” Korin asked confused, her father was partners with Pegasus in Industrial Illusions, and they hadn’t seen each other since Korin came to Duel Academy.

“I’ll put it blunt,” the slightly graying old man stated grinning, “my boss wants you to work for him as his secretary since you are the brilliant child in the family.”

Korin sighed, “That’s great dad...”

“And I told him you’d take it. Your leaving this place in four days.”

“WHAT?!” Korin exclaimed shocked, it was in four days was St. Whites Day, four days she’d finally work up the courage to tell Jaden she had a crush on him, four days to find out if he returned the feelings. “I can’t! You can’t make me do that!”

“Sorry, unless you can give me a good reason for you to stay, you’ll be coming with me. Good day Korin.”he nodded at his daughter like she was already working for him.

It’s only been a week,

But it’s coming over me,
It’s making me believe,
That you’re the one for me...yeah...

Four Days Later:

Korin finally told Alexis what happened, since then Korin hadn’t really spoken to any one. “That’s horrible! And Today! Don’t go!” Alexis teared up.

Korin’s eyes widened, “Don’t cry Alexis. I won’t go!”

“What about Jaden?” she then asked.

Korin sighed, “I don’t know...I just have to think about it.” Korin left to go think at the cliff, over looking the ocean holding Jadens gift..

With Jaden:

Jaden bit his lip, pacing the room, holding a locket that a picture of Him and Korin in it. He had just hung up with Alexis and knew what was going on with Korin, Jaden liked her too much to let her go, he looked for her everywhere.

It was dusk when Jaden finally found Korin on the cliff. “There you are!” Jaden panted.

Korin turned around shocked, “Jaden? Why are you here?”

“Could asked the same.” he grinned, making her smile. “But I was looking for you to give you this.” he put the necklace around her neck, and Korin blushed.

She smiled opening it and finding the pictures, “Thank’s...ah here...” Korin muttered, handing his.

He took the cloth off of it and found it was a piece of Chocolate in the shape of the Flamed Wingman two feet tall. “Sweet thanks...” he laughed, but then became serious. “Korin...there’s something I want to tell you.” Korin only nodded, “Alexis told me what happened and I didn’t want you to go before I told you that I love you.”

Korin only grinned, “I love you too Jaden!” she exclaimed throwing her arms around him. And gave him a kiss, only and innocent peck on the lips though. Jaden kept a good hold on Korin just holding her.

Seven days and seven nights of thunder,
The waters rising and I’m slipping under,
I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder

“So what are you going to tell your dad?”Jaden asked.

“That he can leave alone,” Korin smiled at her new boyfriend, “you are a good enough reason to stay here for.”

Jaden laughed, and held up his chocolate. “Want some?”

“I gave it to you Jaden, are you saying you don’t want it?” Korin pouted in a joking matter.

“No! I mean it’s like two feet tall! I can’t eat that much.” Jaden said sweat dropping.

“I guess.” Korin smiled, as then went back up the Academy and separated to go to their own Dorms, biding each other good night.

Seven days and seven nights of thunder,
The waters rising and I’m slipping under,
I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder

Seven days and seven nights of thunder,
The waters rising and I’m slipping under,
I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder

Seven days and seven nights of thunder,
The waters rising and I’m slipping under, yeah...
I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder
Hey yeah hey oh yeah....

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