"Huge Homophone Dictionary" by Kerrigan Sheehan

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What is a homophone?
Homophones are groups of two or more words that sound alike but are spelled differently.

Why make a guide?
Because your spell check won't notice if you use the wrong one, and because one of the most commonly repeated mistakes that leads to stories not being validated (and authors not being validated) is mistaken homophones. One of the site moderators even has a site avatar highlighting several homophones (and abbreviations) that are commonly mistaken.

Why do homophones exist?
A major reason is that English takes words from several foreign languages. A word coming from French may sound like a word coming from German, but they may not be spelled the same or related in meaning

What is included in this list?
A large selection of homophones.

What is NOT included in this list?
Several abbreviations that sound like words, some variances in American and British spelling, two-word homophones (erase and a race), and words that only sound alike due to a regional accent (farther and father).

Help! I can't find something. Where is it?
I've only listed things under the first homophone alphabetically in order to keep the list from being more than twice as long as it already is.

Where do these words come from?
I used four lists online and several online and offline dictionaries.

You're missing one! How can I suggest it?
Go to my profile and click "Contact Author." It will send me an email. Please include both/all of the words with definitions.

What are the chapter titles?
Official US Military Alphabet, also known as radio code. I used it because a single-letter chapter title is a little too short to be easily clickable.

PLEASE NOTE: This story is rated "All" since it's a guide to use. BE AWARE - there are some homophones that are less than nice words, and they are included. That's why it bears a strong language warning. It's not very strong and they're not used in a context with intent to offend, just intent to define so you don't accidentally misspell the other word.
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